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INFO: Sequence Range, Infinite or Finite?

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The information in this article applies to:

  • == Softimage Eddie for IRIX, version 3.5 ==


All tools in Eddie v3.5 now have an Effects Canvas located at the bottom of the interface containing the connected Child tools (displayed as colored strips). This integrates a mini-Compose tool (Cut tool) into all tools. You can now apply a variety of time-editing operations to the connected sources (for example: stretch/squeeze, offset, trim and define in and out points and freeze frames).

With this feature, Eddie now treats sequences in all the tools the same as in the Compose tool (such as with In and Out points inserted), making the source’s range finite. In order to freeze the first and last frame, it is now necessary to uncomment the following environment variable in your .eddie file:


For more details on this, please read the READ ME FIRST leaflet included in your Eddie package (also consult the README_MAIN as of line #123).

Once this environment variable is uncommented, all inputs, regardless of the range, are considered infinite range, with exception to non- numberpadded stills (image.pic as opposed to image.1.pic, etc.) which are always considered infinite.

When a finite sequence range is desired, you can define In and Out points and holes in your sequence by adding View Calipers to the Iconstrips in the Effects Canvas. This is done with a key and mouse combination (Shift + left- , middle-, or right-click) as described in the Users Manual at pages 5-13.


  • When you use the ‘Shift+middle-click’ operation you will note that only one View Caliper appears because the two calipers are positioned at the same frame. Click and drag one of them to define a frame range for the drop in your sequence.
  • To remove a view caliper, select it (it becomes highlighted in yellow), then delete it.


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