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IGZ: What are Sysops and How to Become One

PSS ID Number: Q174366 Article last modified on 04-30-1998




The information in this article applies to:

  • == Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone, version 4.0 ==


Sysops (system operators) help Internet Gaming Zone users with problems, including conflicts between members that might involve offensive language or harassment. But it’s fun, too–sysops are there to help make the Zone a tension-free environment where people can enjoy the games and the company. (As in the real world, healthy competition and needless conflict are not the same thing!). Although they have the authority to remove players from ZoneMatch rooms, they don’t normally have to do so.


The Internet Gaming Zone is looking for people with:

  1. A love of games so intense they don’t hear when Mom’s calling them for dinner.
  2. Proven customer service background and/or experience–could be the nearby burger joint!
  3. Keen understanding of Internet Technology and ability to forget what time it is when you’re on the ’Net.
  4. Technical expertise in PC hardware and Windows 95–know how things run and keep ’em going.
  5. Responsibility toward time and commitment requirements–we’re depending on you, remember!
  6. Previous experience as a chat host or as a sysop on an online service.

Sorry, but you must be over 18 (something to look forward to!). As a Zone Host Sysop, you’ll be expected to:

  • Spend scheduled and unscheduled time in each supported community. Activities may include monitoring and enforcement, and participation in special event chats and online staff meetings. You’ll be part of the action!
  • Actively monitor at least three forums or communities concurrently during a given shift–no chance to get bored.
  • Help stimulate gaming activity and membership growth in Zone communities. Share with others how much fun you can have in the Zone!
  • Participate in regular training and evaluation sessions with other volunteers. We’ll keep you on your toes (no need to wear ballet shoes, though) and up to date.
  • Exhibit strong leadership ability (helps in case you want to run for office someday or manage a Fortune 500 company).
  • Display excellent communication and writing skills[ASCII 151]more great skills you can take with you.
  • Deliver outstanding customer service. We wouldn’t be a Microsoft product if we didn’t!

NOTE: This is not a paid position. But you’ll have the satisfaction of helping your fellow gamers and all the fun you can handle!

If you match those criteria and want in, send an E-mail message to


and tell us why! Make sure to state which games you’re interested in hosting, include a detailed outline of your background, experience, and gaming interests, which days/times (and time zone–should be the one you live in, not the one you wish you lived in!) you would be available to host, and most importantly – your Zone Name. (We don’t need last book read or favorite pizza topping…although these are worthy facts, too!) We must have this information to review your application and consider you as a sysop. We will evaluate and train selected candidates as MVPs (Most Valuable Players), and will promote successful MVPs to sysops. Good luck, and have fun!

Every month, we get hundreds of sysop applications, so please be patient if you don’t hear from us right away. We are expanding our program slowly, and many candidates are currently being evaluated as MVPs. We also go through our candidate list periodically and select a few responses that meet our room and coverage requirements.

To maximize your chances of becoming an MVP, increase your visibility by helping out your fellow gamers. In other words, get out there and play! A Host may notice your contribution and bring your name to our attention.

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