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Microsoft KB Archive/174189

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Article ID: 174189

Article Last Modified on 1/27/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q174189


This article is a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that are fixed in Microsoft Exchange Server version 4.0 Service Pack 5. Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.


Exchange Server 4.0 Service Pack 5 is a cumulative build of all fixes to Microsoft Exchange Server version 4.0. The bug fixes in this article are listed according to the Exchange Server 4.0 service pack in which they were first included.

Service Pack 5

145976: XCON: GWART Is Incorrect Due to Latency in Directory Replication
145986: XCON: Illegal Country Code in X400 Address Causes MTA to Hang
146143: XCON: DeferredDeliveryTime Echoed Within DeliveryReportEnvelope
146681: XFOR: DXA Improperly Appending 001 to Friendly Names in the GAL
146929: XCON: ORName Not Included in Reported IPMessageId
146993: XFOR: Quoted-Printable Encoded Messages Stay in IMC
147454: XFOR: PC MTA Message Tracking Does Not Log Message Size
149387: XFOR: MSMI Terminating with Memory Access Violation, Event ID 23
151249: XFOR: Contents of Attachments Swapped via MS Mail Connector
151373: XCON: DBCS Chars in Subject of Embedded Message not Converted
151395: XCON: MTA Terminates After Receiving Mail from Zoomit Gateway
151413: XCON: ContentReturn Requested by Default
151417: XCON: Latin-1 X.400 Bodypart Encoding Causes NDR
151431: XFOR: MSMI Stops Without Error
151669: XFOR: MSMI Stops Processing Mail
151700: XADM: 4.0 Proxy Address Generator and Scandinavian Characters
151782: XFOR: Dirsync Modifies Causing Names to Disappear from Exchange
151785: XCON: MTA Queue Blocked by NDR or Delivery Receipts
151788: XADM: "Reps-From" USN Too High for One Server
151791: XFOR: MSMI Stops Processing When Submitting Bad Address
151992: XADM: Simultaneous Move User Operations Freeze
152449: XADM: Directory Import Fails When Import File Includes DBCS
152529: XADM: Crash in Srvrmax.exe (RtlQueryInformationAcl) During Setup
153464: XFOR: Unexpected Text Attachment in Mail Received from Internet
159166: XCON: MTA Stops Responding; Event ID 2110
159188: XADM: Content Conversion Errors with Large Recipient Lists
160850: XADM: DS_E_BUSY After Directory Service Restore
161839: XFOR: IMC May Incorrectly Set Time Zone Information
166026: XADM: Malformed Message Causes AV in Information Store
166152: XFOR: Extended Chars in Attached Filenames Not Preserved on Mac
166162: XFOR: MACGATE Access Violation During Generation of Admin Msg
166165: XFOR: ISOCOR MTA May Drop Messages Sent from Exchange Server
166402: XCON: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly With 2110 and 9405 Event IDs
166540: XFOR: IMC Appears Hung with Improper DN Format
166541: XADM: Random Access Violation in Store.exe (Edb.dll)
166544: XADM: DS Terminates Unexpectedly w/ Event IDs 1186, 1129, 1171
166567: XCON: How to Enable Lowest Cost Routes Only
166586: XCON: Incoming Attachments Lost from Wang X.400 Connector
166589: XFOR: Microsoft Mail Connector Fails When Sending an Attachment
166594: XCON: Messages not Being Delivered Over the First Association
166596: XADM: Starting Information Store Generates Dr. Watson Error
166597: XFOR: Outlook Chinese SFS Client Receives NDRs on Replies
166600: XCON: Message Subject Lost When Sending to SP3 Exchange Server
166602: XCON: MTA Only AllowS 64 TCP/IP or TP4 Connections
166603: XFOR: Messages Rejected by X400 System
166604: XFOR: IMS Behind Firewall Does Not Use Second MX Record
166609: XFOR: Unprotected Global Variables in MSMI
166611: XCON: No Rerouting Needed When OU Field is Empty
166619: XCON: DR Contains only DN in Non-Replicated Exchange Environment
167132: XADM: Access Violation in Store.exe After Upgrading to SP4
168140: XCON: NDR "Invalid Parameters"
168188: XADM: Possible Loss of Mail with Move Mailbox
168189: XADM: Unable to Extract Windows NT Account List
168738: XCON: HP Openmail Users Cannot Reply to SMTP Mail
169656: XCON: MTA Fails to Start and Logs Event ID 2143
169663: XADM: User Manager for Domains Hangs During Shutdown of Server
169670: XCON: Incoming Messages from HP OpenMail Include Winmail.dat
169671: XFOR: MSMI Terminates on Bad SMTP Address
169673: XADM: Remote Procedure Call Fails When Generating Offline AB
169682: XFOR: MS Mail Connector Interchange Rejects Outlook Msgs
169688: XADM: Admin Unescapes Invalid X.400 Characters in DDA Fields
169689: XADM: Store.exe May Access Violate While Replicating PFs
169690: XCON: MTA Terminates with 2191, 2198, 2197, and 9405 Events
169691: XCON: MTA Slow to X.400 Links
169692: XADM: Exchange PAB Allows Invalid X.400 Characters In DDA Fields
169693: XADM: Private Byte Memory Leak in Store.exe
169694: XCON: Content Conversion Fails When MDBEF Formatting Disabled
169695: XCON: Invalid Originator Address When Sending to X.400
169701: XCON: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly with Event ID 2143
174036: XFOR: Exchange 5.0 IMS Won't Deliver Messages from 4.0 Server
174039: XCON: Read or Delivery Reports Show OU2 and OU3 Values
174895: XCON: Messages Are Lost When MTA Size Limit Is Exceeded
175235: XFOR: Greek Outlook Client Cannot Send Message to MS Mail User
175254: XFOR: Messages Misrouted Due to Directory Replication Latency
175545: XADM: Directory Replication Occurs Five Minutes After Startup
175578: XCON: Autoforwarded Messages Not Handled Correctly
175708: XCON: Gateway Address Routing Table Not Recalculated Correctly
175958: XFOR: NDR When You Send Msg over MS MAIL Connector
175964: XCON: MTA Stops Processing Messages and Generates Event ID 210
176045: XCON: Linear Whitespaces Removed When Unfolding MIME Headers
176132: XCON: Signed Message in DMS MTA Not Converted
176396: XCON: Long Lines of Text Cause Content Conversion Error
176440: XCON: Exchange Server MTA Blocked by Very Large Message
176518: XCON: Recalculating Routing does not Remove Deleted Routes
176622: XADM: User and Group Permissions Granted Automatically
176682: XADM: System Attendant Uses Unusually Large Amount of Memory
177251: XADM: Disabling PF Replication Status Messages on IS Startup
177308: XADM: Slow Client Logon Due to Missing Addressing Template
177464: XADM: Information Store Stops in EcCreateP1 When Starting MTA
177710: XADM: Store Stops Referencing Parent Attachment Pointer
177782: XADM: Home Server Not Updated After a Move Mailbox
177820: XCON: MTA Stops Unexpectedly When Accessing Memory
177821: XCON: Message Transfer Agent Stops Unexpectedly
177823: XADM: Incorrect RPC Operations Cause Information Store to Fail
177836: XCON: Delivery Receipts Display Fields as UNKNOWN
177862: XCON: Messages Fail Downgrade, Bounce Between X.400 Connectors
177867: XCON: NDR Not Received When Sending to Bad PAB Entry
178365: XCON: Exchange Logs Content Conversion Error 4096 or 4097
178698: XADM: Calendar Reminders Not Functioning After Move Mailbox
178699: XADM: Delegates Unable to View New Messages After Move Mailbox
178709: XFOR: Internet Mail Service Is Not Properly Encoding Messages
178821: XCON: Content Conversion Failure 4096
179049: XADM: DSAMain Stops on DSAMAIN!PutDistName
179056: XADM: Store Stops While Processing Rule for Client
179623: XADM: Store Terminates Unexpectedly in CbBinlen
179739: XCON: T.61 Body Part of Incoming Messages Not Handled Correctly
180730: XCON: Erroneous Deletion of SMTP & SNADS Routes During Routing
182478: XADM: Information Store Crashes Attempting to Deliver Message
182797: XADM: Directory Replication Stops in Low Memory Condition
182798: XADM: Routing Calculation Fails Across Entire Organization
183014: XCON: MTA Event 2050 with Badly Encoded X.400 Message
183065: XADM: Running Far East 4.0 Client and English Exchange Server
183517: XADM: Unable to Display Outlook Calendar After Move Mailbox
183604: XCON: MTA Stops Unexpectedly Shortly After You Restart It
184244: XADM: Inbound Intersite Replication Fails With No Errors Logged

Service Pack 4

146681: XADM: DXA Improperly Appending 001 to Friendly Names in the GAL
152938: XADM: Checking Knowledge Consistency Msg Freezes at 33 Percent
152949: XFOR: Read Receipt is Received Instead of Return Receipt
154719: XCON: MTA: Line Wrap When Using ISO 6937 Bodypart
154776: XCON: MTA Crashes in Otpmmain Due to Null Pointer
155379: XADM: Unable to Match Custom Recipient Due to RFC1327 Conversion
155592: XFOR: MSMI Message Tracking Does Not Log Message Size
155727: XFOR: DirSync Deletes and Modifies not Being Processed by DXA
155765: XADM: Store Crashes in Ecreleaselogonop
155790: XFOR: MT Rejects Reply From CHT Outlook Client on MS Mail PO
155896: XFOR: MTA Causes Application Exception in Oxpufret
156355: XADM: IS Incorrectly Handles a Forward Slash in DDA Value
156369: XCON: MTA Doesn't Accept IA5 in General Text Body Part
156387: XADM: JET Asserts in ISINTEG During a Check on Database
156399: XADM: JET Asserts on Heavily Used Multi-valued Columns in the DS
156415: XADM: Information Store Fails to Start with JET Error -327
156474: XADM: ISINTEG Reports Errors on Replicated NNTP News Folders
156713: XADM: KM Server Crashes Intermittently on Alpha Servers
156722: XADM: Invalid Parameters When Using X.121 Field in X.400 Address
156796: XADM: Forward Rule Causes MTA to NDR When Submitting Msg to IS
156844: XCON: Subject Line of Message is Truncated to 40 Characters
157043: XADM: Message Rerouted Between Servers and Disappears
157058: XADM: Exchange MTA Restart Fails and Logs Error 2051
157068: XADM: MTA Server Work Queue Increases Perfmon Unrealistically
157235: XCON: MTA Terminates When Receiving Mail from HP X.400 MTA
157689: XFOR: Importing Large Numbers of MHS Addresses is Very Slow
157701: XCON: MTA: Dr. Watson Report with Exception e0020002
157707: XFOR: The IMC Does Not Dial on Weekends
157994: XADM: DS Stops While Calculating the Hierarchy Table
158151: XFOR: ErrMsg: Event ID 1035 - Unable to Open or Read a Message
158379: XFOR: MSExchangeMSMI Reports Event IDs 2380 and 2446/2447
158590: XCON: Delivery Restrictions Max CPU and Slow Down Msg Delivery
158901: XADM: MDB Event 2079: Unable to Submit, Send, or Transfer Msgs
159170: XADM: Calling HRBackupGetDatabaseNames Returns Invalid Parameter
159171: XADM: Mailboxes Show Multiple Instances in Admin Resources Page
159172: XCON: Attachments from Wang Office Are Losing Filenames
159174: XADM: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly with Events 251 and 9405
159175: XFOR: Inbound Mail Failures on BinHex 4.0 Attachments
159179: XCON: Message Body Truncated
159180: XCON: Japanese Subject Is Replaced w/ Question Mark
159182: XCON: MTAs Unable to Establish X.400 Connection
159183: XADM: Err Msgs About Previously Deleted Msgs in Sync Log
159184: XADM: MTA Does Not Deliver Messages with High Directory Service Activity
159186: XCON: Mail Sent Outside Site via X.400 Takes Illogical Route
159187: XADM: French Extended Chars in Read Receipts Convert Incorrectly
159189: XFOR: DXA Drops Transaction if X400 DDA Value Contains a Slash
159192: XCON: MTA Shows High CPU Usage and Messages Not Delivered
159193: XCON: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly with Event ID 9405
159194: XCON: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly with Event ID 9405
159195: XCON: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly with Event ID 9405
159198: XFOR: Event ID 246 Attempt to Read Beyond End of Object
159285: XFOR: Japanese Text in NDR from MS-Mail Is Replaced with ?
159286: XCON: Messages Sent w/AppleSingle File Attachments Get Stuck
159290: XFOR: Data Truncated in SMTP Protocol Log
159292: XADM: $ in DDA Value Migrated Incorrectly in X.400 PAB Entry
159294: XFOR: Extra Carriage Return in Dir-Sync Message
159295: XFOR: Exchange Dir-Sync Failing with Event ID 134
159296: XADM: MTA May Log Event ID 2187 for Specific DAT Files
159299: XFOR: IMC Unable to Resolve Host Addr. Using Raptor Firewall
159300: XFOR: PCMTA Fails to Respond to NetBIOS Notification
159301: XADM: Messages Sent Over X.400 Connector Should NDR First
159303: XCON: Message Sent Without Message Body Text is not Delivered
159305: XFOR: MSMI Terminates Unexpectedly with Event ID 2335 and 2560
159307: XCON: MTA Stopping with Event ID 2143: Unrecoverable Error
159308: XFOR: DirSync Names Disappearing
159566: XCON: MTA Error 209: Submitting Domain is Inconsistent
159876: XADM: Permissions Lost During Move Mailbox Operation
160153: XGEN: Directory Import Generates Unusable Random Password
161711: XCON: Messages NDR Rather Than Being Queued for Later Delivery
161813: XFOR: SMTP Headers Visible in MSMail Clients After SP3 Install
161839: XFOR: IMC May Incorrectly Set Time Zone Information
161931: XCON: Configuring MTA TCP/IP Port # for X.400 and RPC Listens
161932: XFOR: MtaCheck Causes Access Violation Exception Error
161933: XFOR: MSMI Message Sent Time Stamp is Incorrect
161936: XCON: Wrong Mapping of Msg Priority Between MSMAIL and Exchange
161937: XCON: IMC Stops Processing Mail on Alpha Platform
161939: XFOR: Outbound Msgs not Delivered by IMC Until Queue Refresh
161940: XFOR: Message Appears Without Subject Line in All-in-One Client
161941: XADM: Corrupt Page Causes Edbutil to Access Violate
161942: XADM: Setup or Update Failing to Upgrade Admin-only Machine
161943: XFOR: RFC822 Header Includes BCC Recipients Fields
161944: XCON: Outlook Users Can't Access/Update Public Free/Busy Data
161945: XCON: MSMail Shows Blank Icon for File Attachments from Internet
161946: XCON: Free Form Name Attribute not Handled by Sprint
161947: XCON: MTA: Address Space Replication with LOCAL Address Spaces
161948: XCON: MTA NDRs Messages with Headers in P2 Part of Message
161949: XCON: MTA Unable to Start on Invalid Object
161951: XADM: WinDbg Hits Breakpoint During DN Conversion
161952: XFOR: Msgs Sent with MSMI are Malformed
161953: XFOR: Unable to Forward Schedule+ Messages
161954: XFOR: When Field Not Printed
162017: XFOR: Messages Not Being Delivered to X.400 Recipients
162680: XCON: SMTP Messages Contain Encapsulated X.400 Addresses
162841: XFOR: MSMI NDRs Dir-Sync Messages Under Certain Circumstances
163376: XADM: Invalid Message Embedded in Internet Message Causes NDR
163377: XADM: Msgs Forwarded from All-In-One have Incorrect Sent Date
163445: XADM: NDR when Forwarding Message from Dec All-In-One
163608: XADM: SQL MS Mail Messaging Breaks After Upgrading Windows NT
163689: XCON: MTA: Content Conversion Error 210
163690: XCON: MTA: Content Conversion Error 210 with ISO 6937 Bodypart
164049: XCON: MTA: Remote X.400 MTA Fails to Decode NDR from Exchange
164136: XCON: MSMail Read Receipts Missing Subject: and To: Information
164340: XADM: Importing CSV to Directory Causes GPF in MAD
164457: XFOR: IMC Returns NDR When Sending to Specified By Email Domain
164468: XFOR: Hebrew/Arabic MS Mail Message Body Corrupted
164469: XFOR: Scheduled X.400 Connector Doesn't Initiate Connection
164697: XCON: EDK Gateway Gets Directory Name Instead of Email Address
164768: XADM: DL Delivery Restriction Fails Without Name Resolution
164833: XADM: EDBUTIL and ISINTEG Fail to Complete on Corrupted Store
164834: XADM: Empty Notification-Requests Bitstring Causes Error
164835: XCON: RETIX Message Does Not Trigger Read Receipt
164836: XCON: Conditional Reroute on Single Link Bounces Back
164838: XCON: MTA Looping Between HP MTA and Exchange MTA
164841: XCON: Messages Stuck in MTA Queues
164842: XCON: Enhanced Diagnostics in MTA
164843: XADM: Enhancement to Separate Reply Address from E-mail Address
164847: XCON: Win95 Client w/Mail Service Won't Prompt for RAS Callback
164851: XFOR: Embedded Message Wrapping Incorrect With DEC All-In-One
164852: XCON: Attachments from HP OpenDesk May not Open
164853: XADM: Incorrect Spanish on Exchange Server
164854: XADM: Cannot Remotely Administer IMC or MSMCON on NT 4.0
164855: XCON: Japanese Exchange May Exhibit Subject Line of ????????
164856: XCON: MTA Fails to Pick Up DN of Servers with Similar Site Names
164858: XCON: Quarterdeck Mail Gateway May Crash or Rename Directory
164859: XFOR: Mac Attachments Over IMC are Named Message.txt
164860: XFOR: Garbled attachments between Exchange 4.0 and 5.0 IMCs
164861: XFOR: Cannot Configure French AT Server as Directory Requestor
164862: XCON: MTA Raises Exception on X.25 Connections
165093: XCON: MTA: Content Conversion Error 260 (Event ID 210)
165522: XCON: MTA Crashes Generating Event ID's 2187, 9405, 9402, 9996

Service Pack 3

146293: XADM: Auto-naming Feature Doesn't Work with Directory Import
147362: XADM: Event ID: 1016 Logged Incorrectly in Application Event Log
149847: XADM: Isinteg Reports IPM Subtree Missing From IMC Mailbox
152845: XFOR: Moving Messages Between Folders Fails to Delete Original
152903: XFOR: Mail Connector Dispatch Fails Against Postoffice on Unix
152911: XADM: FAX Cover Sheet Does Not List Recipients
152915: XFOR: Messages Inbound from IMC Include Body as Attachment
152918: XCON: MTA: Mail Delivery Slow and Disk Space Consumed
152919: XFOR: SMTP CRs Routed to Home Site Before Going Out IMC
152921: XCON: IMC May Cause WorldTalk SMTP/MIME Gateway to Stop
152922: XGEN: SMTP Addresses Don't Extract from MAC Mail to Exchange PAB
152924: XFOR: DXA Sends Invalid Replace (R) Transactions
152927: XADM: Event ID 136 Created When Importing Duplicate Alias
152928: XFOR: MTA does not Generate Requested Delivery Report
152930: XCON: IMC Might Stop if RFC 821 From Address is > 64 Characters
152939: XADM: Meeting Requests Written to Assistant's Calendar
152942: XADM: Slow Intra-site Directory Replication Between Servers
152944: XFOR: IMC Not Receiving Inbound Mail from UNIX Hosts
152945: XCON: Microsoft Exchange Server MTA Not Responding
152946: XADM: Exchange Store Stops Due to Data Corruption
152947: XCON: Err Msg: Suspected Deadlock
152948: XADM: IS Won't Stop and PerfMon Shows No Processing
152951: XCON: MTA Heap Corruption with Misconfigured TP4/TCP Connection
152952: XCON: No Read/Delivery Receipts Sending X.400 Messages
152953: XADM: SMTP Proxy Generation Fails After 21st Address
152955: XCON: MTA Prematurely Returns Messages w/NDR
152957: XADM: Non-Delivery Reports Incorrectly Returned in German
154099: XFOR: cc:Mail Migration Wizard Adds Quotes in User.pri
154301: XCON: MTA X.400 Connector Problems on Slow Links
154426: XEXT: EFD Cannot Display Initial Subject Text in Reply Item
154686: XADM: Options in Admin or User Manager May Be Overwritten
154798: XFOR: SMTP Mail Attachments not Visible in PC Mail 3.x Clients
155137: XFOR: Messages Not Deleted from IMC Inbound Queue
155522: XADM: SP2 or SP3 Server Upgrade Fails with 281 and 1171 Errors
155682: XADM: Info Store Won't transfer Some X.400 Messages to Gateway
155683: XFOR: Verification of FROM Address in SMTP Messages
155684: XFOR: IMC Support for VRFY Command
155695: XCON: Replication Over X.400 Backbone Might Fail
155812: XADM: NDR from Japanese Microsoft Exchange Server is Corrupt
155813: XADM: Simplified Chinese MS Mail Connector Corrupts Messages
155817: XADM: Chinese MIME-encoded Attachments Corrupted by IMC
155819: XADM: IMC Can't Decode Mail That Uses the EUC-KR Charset
155839: XFOR: IMC has Problems with Mail Sent from Eudora
156703: XADM: Space Character not supported for SMTP Custom Recipients
156705: XADM: Site Tear-Down Causes Public Folders to be Re-homed
156706: XCON: Messages Forwarded from DEC ALL IN ONE User Missing Date
156707: XADM: NDR's Due to Non-Printable Characters in the DDA Value
156708: XADM: Rule Forces CPU Usage Above 90%, Stops Message Delivery
156710: XFOR: Incoming SMTP Messages NDR with Invalid Argument
156711: XADM: Exchange Win95 Client with DNS Polls for New Mail
156714: XFOR: Dir-Sync Requestor Updates Not Being Updated Properly
156715: XADM: Unable to Back Up Exchange on Remote Server from NT 4.0
156716: XCON: Foreign MTA Rejects X.400 Messages
156724: XCON: Messages Cannot Be Sent to Remote MTA, Repeated Err 2171
156725: XFOR: MS Mail X.400 Gateways and Exchange X.121 Addresses
156726: XFOR: DXA does not Import X.121 Addresses Correctly
156727: XCON: WAN Drive Functionality of PC Connector and ISDN Lines
156728: XFOR: MSMI Mistakenly Returns NDR Instead of DR
156729: XFOR: Malformed Dir-Sync Transactions Cause DXA to Stop
156730: XADM: CSI Type Addresses Show Up in Exchange GAL
156963: XFOR: Korean Characters Are Corrupted by the MS Mail Connector
156996: XFOR: Postoffice Lists Disappearing from GAL
156998: XADM: To: Recipients Shown Half-size if Client is on Server
156999: XFOR: SMTP Headers Lost for DOS MS Mail Client
157000: XFOR: Korean UUENCODED Attachments Corrupted
157007: XADM: Secondary Proxy Address Replaces Target Address of CR
157008: XCON: IMC Might Use the Wrong Code Page
157010: XADM: Exception In Dsamain.exe After Network Error
157012: XFOR: Corrupted Message When Using Hebrew or Arabic
157013: XADM: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly with Event 3080 and 9405
157014: XFOR: IMC Deletes Mail in MTS-OUT if no Code Page on MIME Tab
157015: XCON: MTA Outbound Connection Refused by X.400 Host
157017: XADM: Attempting to Open Public Folder Might Return Error
157019: XADM: Changing X400 Country Code Toggles Between SE and SG
157175: XCON: MTA Service Terminates Unexpectedly
157358: XCON: Per-Domain-Bilateral-Information and Third Party Systems
157565: XCON: MTA Terminates Without Logging Event in Application Log
157684: XFOR: IMC Might Lose Inbound and Outbound Messages
157686: XCON: MTA Crashes When Logging Event 321
157691: XADM: TNS Resolution Causes Buffer Overflow
157693: XFOR: IMC Might Lose Messages if Code Pages are not Installed
157694: XFOR: Exchange Corrupts FIPS Header with MCI Mail
157695: XFOR: MTA can't Communicate with Another MTA via French X.25
157698: XCON: Exchange Fails to Allow an Incoming X.25 Connection
157699: XCON: Messages Sent to Wang Via X.400 Do Not Return Receipts
157702: XCON: MTA Stopping with Event ID 2143: Unrecoverable Error
157703: XFOR: NDRs Sending Mail Using
157941: XFOR: Attachment Moved When Sent Over MS Mail Connector

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