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HOWTO: Simulate Multiple Cameras in a Scene

PSS ID Number: Q173628 Article last modified on 09-10-1997

IRIX:3.51,3.7; WINNT:3.51,3.7

IRIX winnt


The information in this article applies to:

  • Softimage 3D for IRIX, versions 3.51, 3.7
  • == Softimage 3D for Windows NT, versions 3.51, 3.7 ==


This article provides a method for simulating the effect of multiple cameras in a scene.


Set up a series of nulls in the location where you want the camera and/or the interest at the different frames during your animation. Then use the DopeSheet to activate and deactivate the camera to the various nulls for the relevant frames. This will give you instant cuts.

The following is an example of camera movements only. However, the same can apply to the interest’s movements simultaneously.

  1. Get three nulls and translate them at various positions in space.
  2. Constrain the camera to all three nulls.
  3. With the camera selected, open the DopeSheet and expand the animation tracks by clicking to the left of the green bar.
  4. Select the areas where you do not want the camera to be constrained to null 1 by dragging the white box over the relevant frames.
  5. Click on DEACT in the top menu display of the DopeSheet to deactivate the selected area.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 6 above for the other two nulls.

Keep in mind that when a frame range is active (camera is constrained), there should be two deactivated nulls for the same range of frames; otherwise your camera will be constrained to two nulls at one time.


If you have any questions concerning the information contained in this article, contact by e-mail. ====================================================================== Keywords : si si3d si3dcam Version : IRIX:3.51,3.7; WINNT:3.51,3.7 Platform : IRIX winnt Issue type : kbhowto ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1997.