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Bookshelf 1998: Testing CD-ROM Drive for File Access

PSS ID Number: Q173068 Article last modified on 10-15-1997




The information in this article applies to:

  • == Microsoft Bookshelf 98 for Windows ==


Because of physical read limitations of some CD-ROM drives, you may be unable to read some of the files and folders on the Microsoft Bookshelf 98 compact disc. This article lists those files and supplies a method to test your CD-ROM drive.


The CD-ROM drive may have difficulty reading the final folder, listed below, from the Bookshelf 98 CD-ROM:

Folder Location On Disc —— —————-

Books-635 MB

To test for specific drive-capacity limitations, try to access the following files:

Files Location On Disc —– —————-

Books.idx 634-635 MB Books.idx 565-634 MB Books057661a.avi 528-530 MB

The Bookshelf 98 compact disc contains 635 MB of data. The final file on the CD-ROM is Books.idx.

Testing Your CD-ROM Drive

To test the integrity of files that you have copied from your CD-ROM drive to your hard disk drive, compare the files using the MS-DOS File Compare program (Fc.exe). This test can be used to determine if the CD-ROM subsystem is functioning properly at the device driver or hardware level(s).

The Fc.exe utility is a useful method for testing problems related to general protection (GP) faults or other critical errors (such as read errors or out of memory messages) that may occur when you use CD-ROM drives with Windows programs.

Attempt to copy one of the following files to the hard disk drive:

Files Location On Disc —– —————-

Books.idx 634-635 MB Books.idx 565-634 MB Books057661a.avi 528-530 MB

For more information about how to perform this task in Windows, see your Windows printed documentation or online Help.

If the following error message appears

CDR101: Not Ready

the CD-ROM player cannot read the disc at the specified location.

If the file does copy, test the file’s integrity by using Fc.exe with the /B (binary) switch. For example, to compare the Zip.idx file on the CD-ROM to the version of the Zip.idx file you copied to your hard drive, type the following at the MS-DOS command prompt, and then press ENTER

fc /b d:.idx c:.idx

where D is the letter of your CD-ROM drive, and C is the letter of your hard disk drive.

If you receive errors, the CD-ROM drive is having problems reading the compact disc at that location.

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