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How to Change Quorum Disk Designation


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition version 4.0
  • Microsoft Cluster Server


Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) maintains details about changes within the cluster by means of a quorum log file. The file is located on the disk designated as the quorum disk. When the node that owns the quorum disk fails, the surviving nodes arbitrate to take ownership of the device. In a single cluster, there can only be one quorum disk. If the device fails, it may be necessary to designate another device as the quorum disk.


The quorum disk is located on a shared SCSI bus within the cluster. If the device cannot be brought online, the Cluster service cannot start. To resolve this situation, resolve the problem preventing the device from operating properly, or designate another disk as the quorum device. This may also be a replacement drive.

Use the following procedure to help recover from this situation:

  1. If the Cluster service is running, use Control Panel on both nodes to stop the Cluster service.
  2. On one node, use the Services tool in the Control Panel to specify "-fixquorum" as the startup parameter for the Cluster service and start the service.
  3. In Cluster Administrator, right-click the cluster, and then click Properties.
  4. Select the Quorum tab, select a different quorum resource, and then click OK. If you are replacing or adding a disk for this purpose, add the necessary storage resource for this device and make sure it is online first.
  5. In Services, stop the Cluster service, and then start the Cluster service without startup parameters. After the service starts, you may start the service on the other node.

NOTE: Use of the fixquorum option causes activity with the quorum disk to be disabled -- including quorum logging. When you disable quorum logging within a cluster, changes to the cluster configuration cannot be logged. If a node goes offline during this period, recent changes may be lost if changes could not be communicated to the other node. Quorum logging should only be disabled when necessary to recover from log file corruption. This option is intended for temporary use only.

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