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PRB: When Loading .PIC files for 2D Texture, “?” Texture Appear

PSS ID Number: Q172827 Article last modified on 09-05-1997

IRIX:3.51,3.7; WINDOWS NT:3.51,3.7



The information in this article applies to:

  • Softimage 3D for IRIX, versions 3.51, 3.7
  • == Softimage 3D for Windows NT, versions 3.51, 3.7 ==


When attempting to load a series of pic files for use as a texture sequence the “?” texture appears.


The sequence number for all the .pic files are padded with 0 s.


Rename all the .pic files and try it again.


If you have any questions concerning the information contained in this article, contact by e-mail.

Additional query words: si si3d si3dmat

Keywords : si si3d si3dmat Version : IRIX:3.51,3.7; WINDOWS NT:3.51,3.7 Platform : IRIX NT WINDOWS Issue type : kbprb kbtshoot kbinfo ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1997.