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INFO: Actions That Perform an Implicit GET

Article ID: 169257

Article Last Modified on 5/1/2001


  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 4.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 4.0a
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 5.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q169257


Certain SourceSafe operations by default implicitly GET a local copy of a file. This is partially documented in the Online Help for the -G command line option


The following commands perform a GET when they are executed from the command line or the Visual SourceSafe Explorer:


This is by design. SourceSafe assumes that changes made to files in a project should be echoed to the project's working folder (directory). The GET does not happen under two conditions:

  1. If there is no working folder set for the project in the Visual SourceSafe Explorer.
  2. When you use the -G- switch on the command line.

For some of these operations, the Visual SourceSafe Explorer provides a way to override the default behavior. For more information, please refer to the User's guide and Online Help for the individual commands.

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