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Article ID: 168868

Article Last Modified on 5/15/1999


  • Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection

This article was previously published under Q168868


The Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection, is a diverse assortment of ten exciting puzzle games. Each game is designed to give you hours of playing fun.

This article provides a list of the minimum system requirements to run The Puzzle Collection and a description of each game.


The following are the minimum system requirements to run The Puzzle Collection:

  • 486/66 MHz processor
  • Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
  • 8 MB of RAM (12 MB for NT)
  • Local or PCI-Bus SVGA video card (640x480 minimum, 256 color)
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • 2x CD-ROM drive
  • 28 MB Hard disk space for full installation, 2 MB if running from the CD-ROM
  • Windows compatible sound card (for music and effects).

The following is a description of the games:


The game of untwisting ropes. The player controls a shuttle that untangles colored ropes in alternating directions.

Mixed Genetics

The game of breeding silly looking animals. The player attempts to cure bizarre mutations by combining trios of creatures with common characteristics.

Rat Poker

The player manipulates various configurations of traps in order to arrange Lemming-like multi-colored rats into poker hands. As the game progresses, the variety of rats and possible hands increases.

Finty Flush

A game of dropping columns of balls into four-by-four grids. By sliding the columns back and forth and manipulating the four grids, the player attempts to pack each grid with balls of the same color.

Color Collision

The player controls a varicolored flying shawl, trying to touch circles of the same color. By timing the touches properly, the player can collect various bonuses.

Jewel Chase

The player controls Pluh, a purple creature who walks around a multi- colored board gathering gems and coins. Pluh always jumps to a tile of the same color it's already on.


The player places 5-block pieces on a square grid, attempting to form horizontal or vertical lines. Various sport-theme bonuses and obstacles appear on the field, hindering progress.

Spring Weekend

By rotating hexagonal configurations, the player attempts to match the board to the objective. As the levels increase, the configurations become more varied and difficult.


By controlling the position and type of flute, the player charms snakes out of their pots. The rising snakes intercept the falling pot lids, which are trying to shut them in.

Muddled Casino

A challenging, abstract puzzle game where the player attempts to move a playing card to the grid exit without knocking other cards off the grid. Cards can only be moved in groups, which are determined by pairs of symbols at the edges of the board.

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