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PowerPoint Articles Available by E-Mail: Programming


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 97 for Windows


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SUBJECT: Q119591

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Q157850 PPT97: Macro Recorder Does Not Record Undo or Redo Actions
Q158502 PPT: Macro Menus and Visual Basic Editor Require an Open File
Q158891 PPT: Using Macros Stored in Templates
Q158896 PPT: How to Add a Macro to a Toolbar
Q158913 PPT: Sample Macro Code To Visit Every Open Slide

Q159365 PPT: Sample Code To Add the Path and File Name to Each Slide
Q161123 PPT: Sample Code to Determine the Current View
Q161135 PPT: Sample Code to Extract Text from an Organization Chart
Q161202 PPT: Sample Code to Retrieve or Set Slide Size
Q161390 PPT: Sample Code to Display the Selection Type

Q161392 PPT: Sample Code to Name a Slide
Q161394 VBA: Sample Code to Retrieve the Current User Name
Q161485 PPT: Sample Code to Find Slides that Don't Follow Slide Master
Q161596 PPT97: Run-Time Error When Opening Shortcuts Programmatically
Q161597 PPT: Sample Code to Print All Open Presentations

Q161621 PPT: Sample VB Code to Manipulate Command Bars
Q161627 PPT: CreateObject Does Not Create New PowerPoint Session
Q161637 PPT97: F1 Key May Not Start Help When in the Visual Basic Editor
Q161661 PPT: Sample Code to Copy Slides to Another Presentation
Q161695 PPT: Error Importing Form Into the Visual Basic Editor

Q161717 PPT97: Code to Display the Number of Slides or Shapes Selected
Q161720 PPT97: Sample Code to Open a Web Site in Internet Explorer
Q161974 PPT97: How to Record a Macro using PowerPoint 97
Q161989 PPT: Sample VB Code to Retrieve Summary Properties
Q162090 PPT: Sample Code to Reset Action Settings

Q162101 PPT: Sample Code to Create a Basic Organization Chart
Q162102 PPT: Introduction to Macro Programming in PowerPoint 97 and 98
Q162121 PPT: Sample Code to Animate All Graph 8.0 Objects
Q162175 PPT: Sample VB Code to Reverse Order of Slides
Q162180 PPT: Sample Code to Assign a Random Animation to all Objects

Q162231 PPT97: Macro to Export PowerPoint Slides as Graphics
Q162236 PPT97: Sample Code to Rotate 3D Shapes During a Slide Show
Q162237 PPT97: Sample Code to Save a PowerPoint Presentation as RTF
Q162238 PPT97: Code for Moving Objects On Screen During a Slide Show
Q162247 PPT: Sample Code to Center a Selection of Objects

Q162328 PPT97: Macro May Stop Running After Slide Show Ends
Q162352 PPT97: How to Use the WindowState Property
Q162385 PPT: How to Use the EntryEffect Property
Q162498 PPT97: Sample Code to Add a Media Object to a Running Slide Show
Q162555 PPT97: How to use the Presentations.Open Method

Q162612 PPT: Sample VB Code that Inserts Title Slide and Title Text
Q162706 PPT: Sample Code to Determine the Number of Open Presentations
Q162708 PPT97: Cannot Set Save Picture Preview Programmatically
Q162709 PPT: How to Use the AddLine Method
Q162783 PPT97: Sample VB Code to Insert a Background Image

Q162816 PPT97: Sample VB Code to Save a Presentation in Multiple Formats
Q162817 PPT97: How To Use the SaveAs Method
Q162856 PPT97: Macro Recorder Doesn't Record Changes to Options Dialog
Q162857 PPT: Code to Change "White Areas" of Graphic to Transparent
Q162959 PPT: Sample Code to Get PowerPoint's Build Number

Q163113 PPT: Sample Code to List Available Add-Ins
Q163114 PPT97: Typing Is Slow When Recording a Macro
Q163145 PPT97: How to Use the AddPicture Method
Q163146 PPT: Run-Time Error Using the AddPicture Method
Q163188 PPT: Sample VB Code to Create a Graph on a Slide

Q163194 PPT: Sample VB Code to Retrieve Current Slide Number
Q163195 PPT: Sample Code to Copy Slide to Different Presentation
Q163268 PPT: Sample Code to Change the Zoom Percentage
Q163301 PPT: Sample VB Code to Check for Open Presentation
Q163302 PPT: Sample VB Code to Retrieve the Title of a Graph

Q163434 PPT: Sample VB Code to Get Selected Text
Q163461 PPT: How to Create a PowerPoint 97 Add-In
Q163530 PPT: Sample VB Code to Count Graph 97 Objects on Current Slide
Q163531 PPT: Code to Count the Placeholders on the Current Slide
Q163532 PPT: For Each Loop Doesn't Find All Shapes on a Slide

Q163566 PPT: Sample VB Code to Group Objects Together
Q163611 PPT: Sample Code to Retrieve the Fonts Used in a Presentation
Q163612 PPT: Sample VB Code to Make the Selected Text Bold
Q163692 PPT: Code Displays Each Word of Selection in Message Box
Q163694 PPT: Sample Code to Apply Small Caps Formatting to Selection

Q163781 PPT: Sample Code Displays Message Box With AutoShape Type Name
Q163856 PPT97: Tag Name Always Returned As Upper Case String
Q163857 PPT: Sample VB Code Adds Multiple New Slides to Presentation
Q164582 PPT97: Sample VB Code Uses DAO to Create Presentation
Q164583 PPT: Sample VB Code to Retrieve the Path to PowerPoint

Q164735 PPT97: Sample VB Code to Obtain Window Handle
Q164939 PPT97: Paste Special Not Available in PowerPoint Object Model
Q165080 PPT97: How to Activate a Media Object From a Macro Button
Q165216 PPT97: Sample VB Code Retrieves Total Number of Custom Shows
Q165217 PPT: Sample VB Code to Create a Custom Slide Show

Q165218 PPT: Sample VB Code to Delete a Custom Slide Show
Q165369 PPT97: Sample VB Code Changes Source of Multiple Linked Objects
Q165795 PPT: Sample VB Code to Create Shape Using FreeForm Tool
Q165903 PPT: Sample VB Code to Turn Bullets On or Off
Q165964 PPT97: Macro Recorder Doesn't Record Code Moving Command Bars

Q166100 PPT97: Sample VB Code to Control Window Redraw
Q166176 PPT97: Main Street Demo Uses VBA for Interactive Slide Show
Q166328 PPT97: Sample Code to Change Source of Linked Excel Worksheet
Q166818 PPT: Unable to Change the ActivePrinter Property With VBA
Q166859 PPT: Sample VB Code to Print Current Slide from Slide Show

Q168409 PPT97: How To Manipulate ActiveX Controls Through VBA Macros
Q168495 PPT: Sample Code to Reset the Builds on a Slide
Q168530 PPT97: Cannot Display Built-in Dialog Boxes Using Object Model
Q168597 PPT97: Sample VB Code That Detects When a Slide Show Ends
Q168649 PPT: Sample VBA Code to Insert an Image Full Size and Centered

Q168768 PPT97: Assigning Word Styles to the PowerPoint Slide Master
Q171383 PPT97: Graph8 Process Remains in Memory After Macro Ends
Q171571 PPT: Sample Code to Print Slide Numbers for a Custom Show
Q172369 PPT97: Viewer Quit Method Does Not Close Viewer
Q172440 PPT97: NewShow Method Doesn't Start Slide Show If Viewer Running

Q172836 PPT: Sample Code to Change the Chart Type of a Graph
Q173126 PPT: Using LeftMargin or FirstMargin Yields Unexpected Results
Q173288 PPT: Sample Code to Update Links in a Graph Datasheet
Q173707 OFF97: How to Run Sample Code from Knowledge Base Articles

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