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PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Printing

ID: Q162306

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 97 for Windows


This article shows you how to obtain support information from the Microsoft Knowledge Base by e-mail or by fax. If you are currently viewing this article on the World Wide Web, this information may not pertain to you.


The "Article Listing" section of this article includes a subset of Knowledge Base articles about printing. Use the instructions in the "Ordering Articles by E-Mail or by Fax" section of this article to order items from this list.

Note that because Microsoft Technical Support is constantly adding new information to the Knowledge Base, not all articles are listed here. For this reason, you may want to look on the Web to find the information you are looking for. Microsoft Technical Support on the Web is located at the following address on the World Wide Web:


Ordering an Article by E-Mail

To have an article from the list sent to you in e-mail, send a message to "" (without the quotation marks), and use the Article ID in the subject line of the message, as in the following example:

     SUBJECT: Q119591

For more information about how to order an article by e-mail, send an e- mail message to the following e-mail address:

Ordering an Article over the Phone and Having It Sent to a Fax Machine

To have an article sent to a fax machine, use the Microsoft FastTips System. Microsoft FastTips is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a touch-tone telephone. To order items from this article list, first note the five- to six-digit number of the Article ID shown for each item, and then follow these steps:

1. Dial the toll-free FastTips number:

      (800) 936-4100

2. When prompted, select the appropriate number for the product you are

   using (for example, for Microsoft Word, select 2).

3. When prompted, select the version of the product that you are using.

4. From the "FastTips Main Menu," select 1 to place a FastTips catalog


5. At the "to order items from your catalog" prompt, select 1.

6. When prompted with the "at the tone, enter the item ID number followed

   by the pound key" message, enter the Article ID number from the
   following list and press # (use the numbers following "Q," but do not
   include "Q").

      NOTE: You can order up to five items at a time.

7. When prompted, select the fax option and enter your three-digit area

   code and seven-digit fax number.

8. When you're finished ordering, hang up.

If you have problems receiving a fax, please call the FastTips Hotline at (425) 635-3199.



Q190094     PPT97:  Text Shadows Don't Print Properly to PCL Printers
Q189961     PPT97: Printing Slides or Notes Pages in Reverse Order
Q189938     PPT97: 3-D Pie Chart is Displayed, Printed with Poor Quality
Q189702     PPT97: Some Filled Objects on Embedded Slides Don't Print Properly
Q189640     PPT97: "Not Enough Printer Memory Available" Trying to Print File

Q190393     PPT97: Shadow Missing from Text Printed on Black & White Printer
Q190389     PPT97: Object w/White Text, Black Background Prints Solid Black
Q190388     PPT97: Turning off Background Printing Increases Print Speed
Q190386     PPT97: Unexpected Font Substitution by Some Printer Drivers
Q190377     PPT97: Fonts in Font List Contain Question Marks

Q190374     PPT97:"Not Enough Memory--See User's Guide" Printing to HP 1200c
Q190373     PPT97: White Shadows Overlay Text with HP LaserJet 4
Q190372     PPT97: Text in Microsoft Excel Table Shifted Up in Slide Printout
Q190336     PPT97: Handout Page Numbers Always Start at One
Q190334     PPT97: Graph Patterns Not Printed in PowerPoint Presentation

Q190327     PPT97: Orange Text Prints Yellow on HP DeskJet 1200c
Q190325     PPT97: Color Text in Shaded Objects Doesn't Print HP 1600c
Q190324     PPT97: How To Print Shadowed Text to PCL Printers
Q157162     PPT97: Slides With Automatic Animation Timing Print Incorrectly
Q190321     PPT97: Palatino Font Prints Squished From Windows 95

Q190319     PPT: Invisible Shapes Print With Borders in Black and White

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