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Microsoft Access 97 Articles Available by E-Mail: Forms


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  • Microsoft Access 97


This article shows you how to obtain support information from the Microsoft Knowledge Base by e-mail. If you are currently viewing this article on the World Wide Web, this information may not pertain to you.


The "Article Listing" section of this article includes a subset of Knowledge Base articles about Forms in Microsoft Access 97. Use the instructions in the "Ordering an Article by E-Mail" section of this article to order items from this list.

Note that because Microsoft Product Support Services is constantly adding new information to the Knowledge Base, not all articles are listed here. For this reason, you may want to look on the Web to find the information you are looking for. Microsoft Product Support Services on the Web is located at the following address on the World Wide Web:

Ordering an Article by E-Mail

To have an article from the list sent to you in e-mail, send a message to, and use the Article ID in the subject line of the message, as in the following example:

SUBJECT: Q119591

For more information about how to order an article by e-mail, send an e-mail message to the following e-mail address:


 ITEM ID               ARTICLE TITLE                      PAGES 

Q89622 ACC: How to Use a Toggle Button to Hide and Display a Subform 3

Q95014 ACC: How to Set Focus to a Subform Control Using GoToControl 2

Q95643 ACC: Example of Row Fix-Up in the Northwind Orders Form 4

Q95931 ACC: How to Use the Query-by-Form (QBF) Technique 4

Q97624 ACC: How to Synchronize Two Combo Boxes on a Form 4

Q98660 ACC: How to Create Synchronized Combo Boxes 3

Q98801 ACC: How to Print a Single Record from a Form in a Report 3

Q100132 ACC: Four Ways to Move to a Record from a Combo Box Selection 7

Q101081 ACC: Referring to a Field in the Previous or Next Record 6

Q109704 ACC: Storing Calculated Values Using ControlSource Property 4

Q112103 ACC: Troubleshooting Tips for Error Values 4

Q112747 ACC: Tips for Improving Subform Performance 2

Q135369 ACC: How to Open Multiple Instances of a Form 3

Q135546 ACC: How to Use a Multi-Select List Box to Filter a Form 4

Q136062 ACC: Query by Form (QBF) Using Dynamic QueryDef (95/97) 5

Q136123 ACC: How to Find a Record Using a Bound Control (95/97) 4

Q136126 ACC: Understanding Event Order in MS Access 95 and 97 1

Q136127 ACC: Fill Record w/Data from Prev. Record Automatically (95/97) 3

Q142472 ACC: Filter By Form Options Do Not Apply to Lookup Fields 3

Q142842 ACC: Errors Adding Record to AutoLookup Form (95/97) 5

Q145591 ACC: How to Filter a Report Using a Form's Filter 3

Q152364 ACC: Saving Filter By Selection/Form Doesn't Limit Recordset 4

Q154060 ACC: How to Test a User-Defined Filter in Filter By Form 3

Q158929 ACC: Programmatically Link or Embed an Object in a Form (95/97) 4

Q159731 ACC97: Why a Calculated Control Is Blank 1

Q159827 ACC97: Using Lightweight Objects in Microsoft Access 97 3

Q160124 ACC97: "Command Not Available" Err on Converted Switchboard Form 3

Q161007 ACC: Use NotInList Event to Add a Record to Combo Box (95/97) 5

Q161397 ACC97: Cannot Resize Web Browser Control on a Form 4

Q162538 ACC97: IPF in MSACCESS.EXE Saving Form to Different Name 3

Q163034 ACC97: Form Control Format Property Ignored when Exported to ASP 5

Q164236 ACC: Form Wizard Fails to Create Subform 3

Q164453 ACC97: Errors Converting or Importing with 754 or More Controls 3

Q164985 ACC97: Filter By Form or Selection Changes DataEntry Property 3

Q165035 ACC: Combo Box Wizard Doesn't Display Third Option w/SQL Stmt 2

Q166295 ACC97: Overlapping List Box Controls Show Through One Another 4

Q166352 ACC97: Can't Start Form Wizard in MS Excel on Data from MS Query 3

Q166353 ACC97: New MS Excel Data Does Not Appear in MS Access Form 3

Q167064 ACC97: Tab Control Tabs Not Visible When You Print or Preview 3

Q167420 ACC: Form Is Editable Even When AllowEdits Property Set to False 4

Q168302 ACC97: Time Cards Subform Not Filtered with New Records 3

Q168872 ACC97: Subform Field Linker Builder Error Creating Links 3

Q168876 ACC97: Static Hyperlink on Disabled Subform Appears Enabled 2

Q170699 ACC97: No Prompt for Parameter Value Exporting Form w/ OutputTo 3

Q170700 ACC97: Unable to Use FindFirst to Retrieve Value w/ Apostrophe 4

Q170987 ACC97: First Record of Multiple Pasted Records Appears Blank 3

Q171174 ACC97: "Publish It with MS Word" Err Exporting Report w/Subform 3

Q171177 ACC97: MS Access Changing LinkChild/Master Fields to Default 2

Q171179 ACC97: IPF Referencing ControlSource Containing Code 3

Q171222 ACC97: How to Use the Tab Control with Linked Subforms 4

Q171855 ACC97: Command Button Created with Wizard Doesn't Delete Record 3

Q172090 ODE97: Filter-By-Form Not Available in Run-Time Applications 3

Q174334 ACC97: Adding Label to Tab Control Breaks Alt-Key Page Shortcuts 2

Q174539 ACC97: Filtering for Words That Start with IS Requires Quotes 2

Q175066 ACC97: Microsoft Access 97 Sample Forms Available in Download Center 2

Q176237 ACC97: Chart Object Shrinks After Activating Microsoft Graph 3

Q178198 ACC97: Run-time error '2448' with BuildCriteria Method 3

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