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Description of Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows 95 OEM Service Release, version 2


This article describes Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 (OSR2).


Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 is version 950b of Windows 95. An OEM Service Release is an updated version of a product for PC manufacturers (OEMs) to preinstall on new PCs. Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 (OSR2) is not available for download.

This product is Windows 95. It contains some new hardware support and programs, but at its core it is Windows 95. The purpose is to allow PC manufacturers (OEMs) to install an integrated Windows 95 product that contains the latest available individual updates and supports recent advances in hardware that requires core operating system support.

The retail version of Windows 95 is designed to upgrade Windows 3.x PCs. The primary contents of this service release are intended to support new hardware. As such, it will be sold with the PCs that have these new hardware capabilities. The only major feature that does not require specific hardware support is the new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

NOTE: A retail Windows 95 (version 950) installation cannot be upgraded with Windows 95 OSR2.

At this time, there are no plans to make these features available in a step- up, service pack, or upgrade kit for Windows 95.

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0, and the individual updates that are widely applicable to a general audience will be available for free downloads from the Internet.

Microsoft reserves the right to revise and change these plans without notice.

Support Boundaries

Windows 95 OSR2 is a product preinstalled on OEM computers. The OEM is the primary support provider for this product and any warranty support for it will be handled by their support organizations and governed by the OEMs support policies. Microsoft will provide fee-based support. Any issues with this product concerning Y2K will be handled free of charge by Microsoft.

Any modifications made to Windows 95 OSR2 by the OEM will not be supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft Technical Support Desktop Systems does not support OEMs, or OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) issues. OEMs are supported at an OEM account level only.

Microsoft Premier Desktop Systems supports the full functionality and usability of OSR2 as shipped by Microsoft to the OEM. Any modifications made to Windows 95 OSR2 by the OEM will be supported by the OEM. Installation of OSR2 is supported by Microsoft OEM support at an OEM level. On a reasonable effort basis, Premier Desktop Systems will support installation and setup of OSR2 as a troubleshooting step. Batch installs and netsetup are not supported by OSR2 and will not be supported by Premier Desktop Systems support.

OSR2 is an OEM version only and allows OEMs to install an integrated Windows 95 product that supports the latest PC hardware. Windows 95 OSR2 is not licensed and not supported for installations on PCs that were not delivered by the manufacturer with Windows 95 OSR2 preinstalled, even if those PCs are covered by a Windows 95 license or maintenance agreement.


The following new enhancements are included with Windows 95 OSR2:

File System:

  • FAT32 file system
  • Real- and protected-mode tools for FAT32: (FDISK, Format, ScanDisk, and Defrag)
  • Updated drive properties (to indicate whether a drive is FAT32)
  • ScanDisk autolaunch
  • DriveSpace 3, including the Compression tab for the drive properties and Compression Agent from Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95)
  • CDFS enhancements


  • Internet Explorer 3.0
  • Microsoft Internet Mail and News
  • Internet Connect Wizard
  • NetMeeting
  • Microsoft Peer Web Server

IOS (disk subsystem):

  • Drive spin down support (see "Power Management" section)
  • 120 MB floptical support
  • IDE busmastering support
  • Removable IDE media support


  • Control Panel Display tool enhancements
  • OpenGL support and screen savers


  • DirectX 2.0
  • ActiveMovie

Online Services:

  • AOL, CompuServe, and WOW clients included in a desktop folder
  • MSN, the Microsoft Network, client software version 1.3


  • Updated Vredir.vxd file
  • NDIS 4.0
  • NDIS 4.0 miniport drivers
  • TCP/IP supports multiple DNS configurations


  • PCCard32
  • Enhanced socket services

Power Management:

  • APM 1.2 support: wake on ring, Control Panel power properties, and multiple-battery status
  • Support for drive spin down on computers that do not support APM
  • PCMCIA modem power management - improved power savings when idle

Printing and Faxing:

  • Lpt.vxd: Support for Iomega devices
  • Updated Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4 driver (grayscale fonts)
  • WANG Imaging Program and Fax Viewer with TWAIN32 support

Dial-Up Networking:

  • Unimodem/V
  • New user interface, including dialing configuration options in Dial-Up Networking folder and built-in scripting
  • New modem .inf files
  • New TAPI dial codes

Wireless Communications:

  • IrDa LAN - support for LAN access point

Microsoft Exchange/Windows Messaging

  • Windows NT 4.0 messaging system client
  • Renamed from Microsoft Exchange to Windows Messaging System
  • MAPI 1.0b
  • Performance improvements: Faster MailTo on 8-MB computers


  • Daylight Savings Time and time zone updates
  • Updated user interface for hardware profiles

For more information about the updates listed in this article, see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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