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Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition Articles Available by E-Mail


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition


This article shows you how to obtain support information from the Microsoft Knowledge Base by e-mail. If you are currently viewing this article on the World Wide Web, this information may not pertain to you.


The "Article Listing" section of this article includes a subset of Knowledge Base articles about the Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition Tools. Use the instructions in the "Ordering an Article by E-Mail" section of this article to order items from this list.

Note that because Microsoft Product Support Services is constantly adding new information to the Knowledge Base, not all articles are listed here. For this reason, you may want to look on the Web to find the information you are looking for. Microsoft Product Support Services on the Web is located at the following address on the World Wide Web:

Ordering an Article by E-Mail

To have an article from the list sent to you in e-mail, send a message to "" (without the quotation marks), and use the Article ID in the subject line of the message, as in the following example:

SUBJECT: Q119591

For more information about how to order an article by e-mail, send an e-mail message to the following e-mail address: 


ODE Installation

Q162925 ADT/ODE: Setup Does Not Create Certain Shortcuts
Q162962 ODE97: New Features in MS Office 97 Developer Edition Tools
Q162965 ODE97: "Setup Error 993" Reinstalling MS ODE Tools Sampler
Q163060 ODE97: Uninstalling ODE Tools Breaks 32-bit Visual Basic Pro 4.0
Q163182 ODE97: ODE Setup Does Not Check for MS Access 97 or Office 97
Q163534 ODE97: MSDN Sampler What's New and Whats32 Help Topics Empty
Q165039 ODE97: MSDN Sampler Prompts to Create Shortcut on WIN NT 3.51

ODE Setup Wizard

Q131341 ADT/ODE: Setup Wizard Error Creating Disk Images with ADT or ODE
Q135382 ADT/ODE: File Compression Ratio Less Than Other Programs
Q150063 ADT/ODE: How to Use the Setup Wizard to Join Workgroup
Q161403 ADT/ODE: Err Running Setup If More Than 40 Registry Keys Defined
Q162884 ODE97: Troubleshooting ODE Setup Wizard Problems
Q162894 ODE97: Cannot Redistribute Office Assistant w/Runtime App
Q162934 ODE97: Setup Wizard Fails to Register New File Name Value
Q162973 ODE97: Changing the Application Name Doesn't Change Folder Name
Q163063 ODE97: Files in Compressed Setup Must Have 3-Character Extension
Q163106 ODE97: ODBC Desktop Database Drivers Needed by ODE Setup Wizard
Q163183 ODE97: Supporting Files for ActiveX Controls in ODE
Q163184 ODE97: ODE Setup Wizard Warning When Including ActiveX Controls
Q163535 ODE97: List of Redistributable Files for the ODE
Q164256 ODE97: ODE Setup Wizard Creates Unexpected Registry Keys
Q165630 ODE97: Files Added to the Disk Images by the ODE Setup Wizard
Q165631 ODE97: Creating Profiles for Custom Application in Setup Wizard
Q170695 ODE97: How to Resolve Path/File Access Error in Setup Wizard
Q172432 ODE97: Setup Wizard Doesn't Include Intl ActiveX Dependency DLL
Q172701 ODE97: Setup Wizard Requires ODESP2 for Updated ODBC Drivers
Q174495 ODE97: Setup Wizard Disk Images Do Not Contain Long File Names

Custom Application Installation

Q121959 ADT/ODE: ODE or ADT Application Setup Always Defaults to Drive C
Q153770 ADT/ODE: "Setup Error 997" Installing ADT or ODE Application
Q156197 ADT/ODE: Setup Repeatedly Prompts You for Disk2
Q162572 ODE97: Reinstalling Run-Time App Causes Unsuccessful Setup Error
Q162583 ODE97: Upgrading Distributed Run-Time Applications in Access 97
Q162961 ODE97: Run-Time Application Can't Find System.mdw After Setup
Q162963 ADT/ODE: Custom Run-Time Setup Does Not Install Msaexp30.dll
Q163104 ODE97: Setup Wizard: Prompts Users to Change Version Number
Q164256 ODE97: ODE Setup Wizard Creates Unexpected Registry Keys
Q165824 ADT/ODE: End Statement in Run-Time Application Causes Error
Q167662 ODE97: Uninstall Fails If Run-Time Not Shown in Component List
Q170692 ADT/ODE: Can't Redistribute Calendar Control Without ODE License
Q182606 ODE: How to Create A Shortcut On The Desktop With The ODE

Troubleshooting Run-time Errors

Q103179 ADT/ODE: Help Topic Does Not Exist Err Invoking Custom Help File
Q116386 ADT/ODE: Minimizing All Objects Sets Focus to Database Window
Q119754 ADT/ODE: Compile Error When Running ADT or ODE Application
Q127974 ADT/ODE: Error Msg: Could Not Open the File Named '<Filename>'
Q129303 ADT/ODE: OLE Controls Appear Blank in Run-Time Applications
Q141626 ADT/ODE: Invalid Page Fault in Module ACMESETUP.EXE
Q148523 ADT/ODE: Run-time Application Error with Exit Button
Q163062 ODE97: Errors Executing File After Custom Setup
Q163064 ODE97: Uninstalling Access or Office Pro 97 May Break RunTime Ap
Q163172 ODE97: Autorun Screen Appears When Adding ODE Tools Components
Q163652 ODE97: Error Msg: ISAM Unable to Register Itself in Custom App
Q163715 ODE97: ODE Help Workshop - Cancel and Close Buttons Fail
Q163717 ODE97: ODE Slider Control Doesn't Display as Expected in Preview
Q165824 ADT/ODE: End Statement in Run-Time Application Causes Error
Q167768 ODE97: Can't Open RunTime Wrkgadm.exe After Uninstalling Off 97
Q170695 ODE97: How to Resolve Path/File Access Error in Setup Wizard
Q172090 ODE97: Filter-By-Form Not Available in Run-Time Applications
Q173334 ODE97: OutputTo Action Was Canceled Error in Run-time App
Q173886 ADT/ODE: Icon Doesn't Show in Title/Taskbar of Run-Time App
Q174217 ODE: Comcat.dll Can't Register If Image Built on IE 4.0 Computer
Q174508 ODE: Run-Time Application Built on IE 4.0 Computer Breaks IE 3.x
Q174587 ODE97: Graphs in Converted Databases Appear Blank in ODE App
Q174908 ODE97: Removing MS Office Products May Unregister MS Graph
Q176556 ODE97: MSRDO20.DLL Can't Register Itself in the System Registry
Q176018 ODE97: ODE Setup Wizard Error "Setup Error 825"
Q177590 ADT/ODE: Setup Not Completed Successfully Installing Custom App

General Information

Q101374 ADT/ODE: How to Create a Custom Startup "Splash" Screen
Q103182 ADT/ODE: Function to Determine Retail or Run-Time Version
Q109337 ADT/ODE: How to Hide the Database Window Menu Bar
Q149075 ADT/ODE: How to Reference Buttons on a Custom Toolbar Control
Q162521 ACC97: Differences Between Retail and Run-Time Microsoft Access
Q162522 ADT/ODE: Distributing a Split Database Application with ODE/ADT
Q162583 ODE97: Upgrading Distributed Run-Time Applications in Access 97
Q162584 ADT/ODE: Developing a Plan to Deploy Run-Time Applications
Q162935 ADT/ODE: Final Help Workshop Training Card Does Not Close
Q163410 ODE97: Creating Run-Time Apps for MS Excel, Word, or PowerPoint
Q163939 ODE97: Help Workshop Help Topics Contents
Q165631 ODE97: Creating Profiles for Custom Application in Setup Wizard
Q166634 ACC97: Filter-by-Form Example for Run-Time Apps Available in Download Center
Q167058 ACC97: "Can't find the dynamic-link library (DLL) Mso97rt" Err
Q171958 ODE97: Tips for Creating and Compiling Your Windows Help File
Q173096 ODE97: Summary of Changes in ODE Service Pack 2 (ODESP2)
Q175491 ODE97: Step-by-Step Example of Creating/Compiling a Help File
Q177106 ACC97: Undocked/Closed Toolbars No Longer Appear in Custom App
Q177107 ACC97: Displaying Context-Sensitive Help for What'sThis Button
Q177116 ODE97: How to Create Context-Sensitive Help for an MS Access DB
Q180284 ODE97: Avoiding Common Mistakes With Distributable Runtime Apps
Q179318 ACC97: How to Simulate Office Features In An ODE Application
Q186313 ACC: Articles On Enhancing Window And Screen Display

ActiveX Controls

Q130148 ODE97: Using the Data Outline ActiveX Control Version 1.2
Q155178 ACC: Sample Function to Fill a ListView Control
Q155646 ACC: How to Use the TabStrip ActiveX Control
Q160126 ACC97: Supported ActiveX Controls for Microsoft Access 97
Q161402 ACC97: Buddy Properties for UpDown Control Don't Work in Access
Q162523 ACC97: Migrating from Data Outline Control to TreeView Control
Q162978 ACC97: "Unable to Open AVI File" Error Using Animation Control
Q163437 ACC97: ODE ActiveX Controls Will Not Change into Images
Q163511 ACC97: Treeview Control Wizard for MS Access 97 Available in Download Center
Q163717 ODE97: ODE Slider Control Doesn't Display as Expected in Preview
Q163999 ACC97: Two Examples Using the Winsock ActiveX Control
Q164241 ACC97: Custom ActiveX Control Features Supported in MS Access 97
Q165212 ACC97: Finding Information on the Web Browser Control
Q165213 ACC97: Using the ActiveX Controls Samples in the ActCtrls DB
Q165437 ACC97: MS Access 97 ActiveX Controls Sample Database in Download Center
Q165993 ACC97: Example Using TreeView Control Drag-and-Drop Capabilities
Q166291 ACC97: Visual Basic Example for CommonDialog Control Won't Work
Q166912 ACC97: Listview Control Loses Data When Changing Properties
Q166965 ACC: How to Relink Back-End Tables with Common Dialog Control
Q167064 ACC97: Tab Control Tabs Not Visible When You Print or Preview
Q167105 ACC97: Controls Disappear from Tab Control If Placed in Tab Area
Q167268 ACC97: Internet ActiveX Sample Database Available in Download Center
Q167372 ACC97: Error Double-Clicking ActiveX Control in Design View
Q167421 ACC97: Fixed Width Tab Disappears from Tab Control
Q167764 ACC97: Tab Control Not Displayed Properly When Placed on OCX
Q170248 ODE97: Some Properties of ActiveX Controls Not Supported
Q170494 ACC97: ActiveX Controls Do Not Appear in the Expression Builder
Q172167 ODE97: DOC: Code Example in NodeClick Event Help Topic Incorrect
Q172702 ODE97: Using Newer Version of Comctl32.ocx with ODE Applications
Q172859 ODE97: "You don't have a license" Error Using ActiveX Control
Q174964 ACC97: ActiveX Controls List Doesn't Show All ActiveX Controls

Replication Manager

Q158934 ACC: Cascade Deletes May Cause Err Msg in Synchronized Replica
Q158936 ACC: Recovering Data from a Nonmember of a Replica Set
Q163130 ODE97: Apply Button Dimmed When Converting DB to Design Master
Q163131 ODE97: Replication Manager Leaves Replica Set Info in Registry
Q164553 ACC97: Jet 3.5 Replication White Paper Available in Download Center
Q164784 ACC97: Unable to Remove Deleted Replica from Synchronize List
Q164785 ACC97: DB Doesn't Close and Reopen After Failed Synchronization
Q165271 ACC: Synch with Replicas Before Changing Design Master Schema
Q165830 ACC97: Problems Adding Records to Replicated Database Using ASP
Q168398 ACC97: Access 97 Replica to Regular DB Wizard Available in Download Center
Q170493 ACC97: Replica Remains in Synchronize Dialog Box After Deletion
Q170551 ADT/ODE: Transporter and Synchronizer Can't Share Log File
Q170595 ODE97: Correct Syntax for Internet Synchronization Using DAO
Q170701 ACC97: Objects Appear Replicable For Users With No Permissions
Q171949 ODE97: Can't Synchronize Over Internet to Same Internet Server
Q173002 ACC: How Replication Manager Determines Base Replica
Q173006 ACC: "File Sharing Lock Count" Error During Synchronization
Q173171 ODE97: Failed Internet Synchronization Leaves Files on Server
Q174496 ACC97: Misleading Information in IIS Readme.HTM

Source Code Control

Q162823 ACC97: SourceSafe Integration Alerts Do Not Use Office Assistant
Q162825 ACC97: Customizing Command Bar Does Not Prompt for Check-Out
Q162851 ACC97: "Couldn't find object" Error Checking Out Table/Query
Q162929 ACC97: Err Msg: "Could not create a valid file name" in VSS
Q163278 ACC97: Err Checking Out Data Object with Linked Exchange Table
Q163438 PRB: Warning Message in MS Access After Installing ODE Tools
Q163509 ACC97: Object Description Property Not Saved in SourceSafe
Q163704 ACC97: Some Access Commands Don't Prompt to Check Out VSS Module
Q164238 ACC97: Duplicate Relationships Multiply in Back-End Database
Q167592 ACC97: SourceSafe Integration Tips
Q167847 ACC97: IPF Executing VSS Add and Create Commands at Same Time
Q170984 ACC97: Results Dialog Box Remains After First Check Out

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