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Microsoft KB Archive/151020

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Article ID: 151020

Article Last Modified on 1/9/2007


  • Microsoft Office 97 Service Pack 2

This article was previously published under Q151020


Microsoft Office 97 Service Release 2 (SR-2) is a free update to Office 97. Office 97 SR-2 contains a series of recent fixes and is designed to make it easier for you to deploy Office 97. This article contains a list of the articles that discuss the fixes in Office 97 SR-2.

NOTE: The Microsoft Office 97 SR-2 Patch requires that you first install SR-1. To obtain SR-1, please see the following Microsoft Web site:

For more information about SR-1, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

172995 OFF97: List of Fixed Problems in Office 97 for Windows, SR-1

To help determine which version of Microsoft Office 97 you have installed, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

249974 OFF97: How to Determine Whether SR-2 Is Installed


For information about obtaining the Office 97 Service Release 2, or for general information about SR-2, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

151261 OFF97: How to Obtain and Install MS Office 97 SR-2

192874 OFF97: An Overview of Microsoft Office 97 SR-2

For information about Year 2000 issues and SR-2, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

233537 OFF97: Year 2000 Related Problems Corrected in Office 97 SR-2

NOTE: If you have difficulty installing SR-2, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

194581 OFF97: Error Message: SR-2 Patch Cannot Be Applied to Your Computer

Summary List for Microsoft Office 97 for Windows, SR-2

Microsoft Access

178650 ACC97: Dual Processor Computer Hangs When Running Query

170028 ACC97: Can't Run SETUP.EXE /y /r on NTFS

171855 ACC97: Access Violation with Multiple Queries in Progress

175705 ACC: "Out Of Memory" Error After Printing Subform on Windows NT

179695 ACC97: "Microsoft Access can't open the Zoom box" Error Message

186577 ACC97: Form May Not Refresh with a Short Refresh Interval

186470 ACC97: "Overflow" Error When Outputting Report to RTF Format

191883 ACC: Data Changes Are Saved to the Incorrect Record

191743 ACC97: '2004': Out of Memory Error when Running Query

191916 ACC97: No Common Point to Synchronize Replicas after Year 2000

192008 ACC97: Erratic Intellimouse Scrolling in Forms and Tables

172733 Updated Version of Microsoft Jet 3.5 Available on MSL

Microsoft Excel

151064 XL97: "Microsoft Excel Cannot Access..." Opening File from Web

180159 XL: Dates Inserted by Recorded Macro May Be in Wrong Century

182999 XL97: Chart Data Labels Linked to Formulas Are Not Updated

186452 XL97: Some Formulas Not Refreshed with Data Table in Workbook

186685 XL97: Custom Function Is Not Updated with Intersection Operator

184260 XL97: Formula Is Not Recalculated After Paste Special Operation

186386 XL97: Defined Name Formula Is Not Updated After Sort

186394 XL97: Formulas Not Refreshed After Data Consolidation

186395 XL97: Formulas with Range-Style Cell Reference Are Not Updated

186370 XL97: ROW or COLUMN Formula Is Not Updated After Cut and Paste

187698 Query97: MSQuery Uses 1900 Date When Two Digits Are Used for Year

172322 XL97: Run-Time Error 40009 When You Run DAO Macro

10111 XL97: Characters Lost Saving to Excel 5.0/95 File Format

144508 XL: Using Calculate Method May Not Calculate Certain Formulas

154134 XL97: Functions in Filled Formulas May Not Be Recalculated

168650 XL97: "Not Enough Memory" Error When You Add Chart to Workbook

174043 XL97: Destructor for ActiveX Control Is Not Called on Exit

174218 XL97: Word Object Displayed Differently in Excel 97

174219 XL97: WordArt Object Displayed Differently in Excel 97

175050 XL97: Recalculating Displays Values from Another Workbook

175356 XL97: Microsoft Graph Object Displayed Differently in Excel 97

179028 XL97: Excel Object Is Not Closed After Running Macro

137427 XL97: Question Marks Appear After Deactivating Worksheet Object

171339 XL97: Some Values Not Recalculated When Using Multiple Formulas

71315 XL97: Run-time Error Using Location Method to Change Chart

150686 XL97: Moving Text Box on Chart Causes Chart to Grow

129793 Excel Displays Only First Column in Embedded Worksheet

108032 XL97: Page Fault or Violation Clicking Options on the Tools Menu

184900 XL97: Errors Activating Embedded Object Containing PivotTable

185017 XL97: "File Not Found" Error Activating Excel Object

176242 XL97 : IPF occurs in Application event on BeforeClose

176252 XL97: Application Error Updating OLE Link

176251 XL97: WorkBookBeforeClose Event Fires Unexpectedly

136761 XL97: Memory Errors Appear When You Calculate a Custom Function

173121 XL97: Data Returned from Only One Table Using Query Wizard

173521 XL97: Microsoft Query 97 Does Not Support User and System DSNs

173522 XL97: Query Wizard Creates Improper Alias in SQL Syntax

158895 XL97: Invalid Page Fault After Closing Last Open Workbook

Microsoft PowerPoint

191599 PPT97: PowerPoint Saves Year in Three-Digit Format

145435 PPT97: European Currency Symbol Doesn't Print with PCL Printer

145522 PPT97: European Currency Symbol Doesn't Print w/PostScript

145960 PPT97: Imported EPS Graphics Have Poor Print, Display Quality

163834 PPT97: European Currency Symbol Doesn't Print After Cut/Paste

144375 PPT97: "Unable to Save File" Error Opening PPT 4 Formatted File

144532 PPT97: Saving PowerPoint Files on Banyan Vines Is Very Slow

144992 PPT97: Dimensions of Custom Slide Not Correct

186870 PPT97: Red X Appears After Using PowerPoint Add-in or Macro

186871 PPT97: Other Notes Pages Change After Editing Notes Page

186878 PPT97: Error Opening File Containing Macintosh EPS Image

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 98 was released after SR-2. If you have Outlook 98, please see the following article before you install SR-2:

191952 OL98: How to Install Office 97 SR-2 Without Removing Outlook 98

The fixes that are included in Microsoft Outlook SR-2 are listed in a separate summary article. For additional information, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

177412 Summary of Changes in Outlook Version 8.04

NOTE: The version of Outlook that is included in Office SR-2 is version 8.04. Outlook SR-2 also includes all the changes in Microsoft Outlook version 8.03. In addition, each of the following problems is corrected in Outlook 8.04:

  • MS Mail extensions no longer cause a page fault when you use the Address Book in Outlook.
  • The Time Zone dialog box uses Microsoft Windows NT permissions.
  • A new Changed By field is available for items.
  • Deleted resources are removed from the Location field for meeting items.
  • Advanced Find recognizes invalid dates in a search.
  • Improved performance for imported Schedule+ calendar data.
  • Improved error message in Schedule+ import caused by network traffic.
  • Use Schedule+ as Primary Calendar option opens Schedule+ meeting request in a full window.
  • September/October appointments display correct times for all European time zones.
  • Correct time zone is applied to all appointments during Schedule+ import.
  • Improved temporary file handling during Schedule+ import.
  • Registered custom appointment form no longer triggers macro warning.
  • Improved user interface for right-click operations in custom forms.
  • Posting Outlook items to Outlook from Visual Basic is more efficient.
  • Printing events are passed to client extensions.
  • Accelerator keys for the Copy and Paste commands are passed to client extensions.
  • Consistent passing of the Copy command to client extensions.
  • Drag events are passed to client extensions.
  • cc:Mail message import allows for messages larger than 20 kilobytes.
  • Outlook Address Book can display names by "last name, first name".
  • One additional syntax for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) addresses is supported.
  • Rules Wizard supports quiet mode installation.
  • Tab stop settings are retained on a per-message basis.
  • New registry key is available to turn off message information bar updates.
  • Improved internal handling of 8.3 file names for attachments.
  • Telephony API (TAPI) command for suspended dialing is recognized.
  • "Par Personne Responsable" view fix for French Outlook is included.
  • Double-byte character field name improvement for Japanese Outlook is included.

197237 OL97: Year 2000 Dates Are Imported and Exported Incorrectly

Microsoft Office

108729 OFF97: Color Shift Occurs When Printing in Windows 98

10022 OFF97: EPS File Is Not Printed or Is Printed Incorrectly in NT

188080 OFF97: Installing IE 3.02a and Ie302y2k.exe Included in SR-2

144930 OFF97: Size of TIFF Picture Is Incorrect When Inserted

151068 OFF97: Lines Drawn Incorrectly on Imported Graphics

166096 OFF97: Some Features Not Functional When System Policies Enabled

186261 OFF97: Two-Digit Years in Properties Dialog in 20th Century

186369 OFF97: Large Increase in Document File Size After Inserting JPEG

150491 WD97: Screen Flickers Constantly After Pasting Excel Chart

182073 WD97: Picture Becomes Red "X" When Mac Word 98 File Saved in 97

151047 PPT97: Excel Chart Does Not Refresh Properly After Update

Microsoft Word

153194 WD97: Extended Characters Are Corrupt After Editing MacWord Document

146506 WD97: Save As Command Fails to Release Document (Can't Open Original File in a Program Other Than Word)

142670 WD97: ConvertNumberToText Method Fails

187998 WD97: Word Stops Responding (Hangs) When You Click AutoText

130149 WD97: "Out of Memory" When Document Saved in Word 95 Format

140470 WD97: Saving a Document as HTML Causes Table Formatting Changes

140645 WD97: Grammar Checker Runs Continuously (Screen Flickers)

141464 WD97: Title Bar of Embedded Word Document Missing Document Name

145044 WD97: Document Corrupt After Editing Word 2.0 Document

146529 WD97: High Network Traffic When You Check Spelling (Novell)

163367 WD97: "Network or File Permission Error" Opening Document

164333 WD97: Word Appears to Hang When You Search Large Address Book

170032 WD97: Multiple-Heading Numbering Converted to Plain Text

173456 WD97: Error with Dutch, French, German, or Spanish Grammar Check

173547 WD: Error Msg: "Word Cannot Open the Document"

197300 WD97: Save As Word 6.0/95 Loses Attached Template

174162 WD97: Windows NT 4.0: "Saving the AutoRecovery File Is Postponed"

174304 WD97: ODMA Save As Command Does Not Close the Previous Document

174994 WD97: Autoexec Macro Runs Twice When Reference Is Added

177052 WD97: Application Error Printing from Shortcut Menu in Explorer

177519 WD: Comments Lost When Word 2.x File Converted to Word 97

179310 WD97: Error or Unexpected Quit When You Type Complex Sentence

179435 WD97: Error: "Cannot Access the File" After File Closed (ODMA)

183070 WD: Embedded OLE Objects Are Changed to Pictures After Save As

186762 WD97: Advanced Power Management Causes Data Loss

186763 WD97: Undesired Characters When You Open HTML Document in Word

186845 WD97: Picture Wrapping Changes from No Wrap to Around Wrap

186846 WD97: New Information in Help About for New English Thesaurus

186847 WD97: Unicode Characters Converted Incorrectly

189439 WD: Document Fails to Open "Cannot Open The Existing <Square>"

161238 WD97: EPS Images Are Printed Full Size Rather Than Cropped

179883 WD97: Error Saving Document in Word 6.0/95 Format

192706 WD97: Year 2000 Date Parsing Improvements in SR-2

Word 97 Import Converter for Word 6.0 or Word 7.0

144542 WD: Outline Number Takes on Hidden Attribute of Paragraph

146045 WD95: Outline Number Brackets Gone in Imported Word 97 Document

160931 WD: "Error! Style Not Defined" When Printing File

170030 WD95: ListNum Fields Missing from Imported Word 97 Document

170037 WD95: Character Spacing Converted Incorrectly

170041 WD95: Multiple Numbered Lists Change to One Single Numbered List

170901 WD95: Section Field Number Format Converted to Roman Numeral

173198 WD95: Indentation Changed in Imported Word 97 File

144528 WD95: Imported Word 97 Document: All Cap Letters Change to Mixed

174122 WD95: Outline Numbering Incorrect in Imported Word 97 Document

174997 WD95: Extra Tab Inserted in Multilevel Numbered Paragraphs

175540 WD: Text Lost Opening Document Containing Unicode Characters

181241 WD95: Text Box Fills/Lines Wrong in Imported Word 97 Document

181242 WD95: Text Boxes Disappear When You Open Word 97 Document

183071 WD: Z-Order of Drawing Objects Is Lost During Conversion

186899 WD95: Callout Boxes and Arrows Missing or Incorrect

186900 WD95: Error Message Opening a Document with Hyperlinks

186901 WD: Object Not Updated If 97 Document Opened in Earlier Version

186902 WD95: Positive Sloped Lines Change to Negative Sloped Lines

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