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WD97: Some Contact List Fields Not Available to Word

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Article Last Modified on 1/19/2007


  • Microsoft Word 97 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q141874


When you use the "Use Address Book" feature in a mail merge document, only some fields from the contacts list are available to Word.


Some fields in the contacts list do not contain messaging application program interface (MAPI) properties; therefore, the converter (Wwpab.cnv) that Word uses to interpret the information from the Personal Address Book does not recognize these fields.


For additional information on using contact lists with Word, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

164401 OL97: Fields Missing Inserting a Contact into Word

167770 OL97: Field Differences Between Outlook and Word Mail Merge

The following table lists the properties supported by the converter, including which address books they can be used with. A maximum of 12 properties can be used at one time.

For additional information on how to use these properties, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

134901 How to Modify the Layout of an Address Book Entry

If a field you require is listed in this list but does not appear when you use insert address, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

164401 Fields Missing Inserting a Contact Into Word

                                                          Which address
                                                          book these
                                                          properties are
Property                     Explanation                  used with

PR_ADDRTYPE                  Addressee's electronic mail  PAB, Schedule+,
                             address type                 Outlook

PR_BEEPER_TELEPHONE_NUMBER   Addressee's beeper           PAB, Schedule+,
                             telephone number             Outlook

PR_BUSINESS_FAX_NUMBER       Addressee's business fax     Schedule+,
                             number                       Outlook

PR_CAR_TELEPHONE_NUMBER      Addressee's car telephone    Outlook

PR_CELLULAR_TELEPHONE_NUMBER Addressee's cellular         PAB, Schedule+,
                             telephone number             Outlook

PR_COMMENT                   Text included on the Notes   PAB, Schedule+
                             tab for the address entry

PR_COMPANY_NAME              Name of the addressee's      PAB, Schedule+,
                             company                      Outlook

PR_COUNTRY                   Addressee's country          PAB, Schedule+,

PR_DEPARTMENT_NAME           Name of addressee's          PAB, Schedule+,
                             department within the        Outlook

PR_DISPLAY_NAME              The name displayed in the    PAB, Schedule+,
                             Address Book dialog box      Outlook

PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS             Addressee's electronic mail  PAB , Schedule+,
                             Address                      Outlook

PR_GIVEN_NAME                Addressee's given name, or   PAB, Schedule+,
                             first name                   Outlook

PR_HOME_FAX_NUMBER           Addressee's home fax number  Outlook

PR_HOME_TELEPHONE_NUMBER     Addressee's home telephone   PAB, Schedule+,
                             number                       Outlook

PR_INITIALS                  Addressee's initials         Not Available

PR_LOCALITY                  Addressee's city or          PAB, Schedule+,
                             locality                     Outlook

PR_LOCATION                  Addressee's location         Schedule+
                             Example: "16/3000" ,room
                             3000 in building 16

PR_OFFICE_LOCATION           Addressee's office location  PAB, Schedule+,

PR_OFFICE_TELEPHONE_NUMBER   Addressee's office           PAB, Schedule+,
                             telephone number             Outlook

PR_OFFICE2_TELEPHONE_NUMBER  Addressee's second office    PAB, Schedule+,
                             telephone number             Outlook

PR_OTHER_TELEPHONE_NUMBER    Addressee's  alternate       Outlook
                             telephone number (other
                             than home or office)

PR_POSTAL_CODE               Addressee's postal code      PAB, Schedule+,

PR_PRIMARY_FAX_NUMBER        Addressee's primary fax      PAB and Outlook

PR_PRIMARY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER  Addressee's primary          PAB , Schedule+
                             telephone number

PR_RADIO_TELEPHONE_NUMBER    Addressee's radio telephone  Outlook

PR_STATE_OR_PROVINCE         Addressee's state or         PAB, Schedule+,
                             province                     Outlook

PR_STREET_ADDRESS            Addressee's street address   PAB, Schedule+,

PR_SURNAME                   Addressee's surname, or      PAB, Schedule+,
                             last name                    Outlook

PR_TITLE                     Addressee's job title        PAB, Schedule+,

The following table lists the fields that are unavailable for use in Microsoft Word.

                                                         Address book
                                                         these fields
Property                     Explanation                 are in

<PR_DISPLAY_NAME_PREFIX>     prefix  Mr., Dr., etc.      Outlook

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