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HOWTO: Set the Default Printer Programmatically in Windows 95


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Win32 Device Driver Kit (DDK) Windows 95


To set the default printer programmatically under Windows 95, use the SetPrinter() Win32 API function.

Note that the SetPrinter() API call is a valid method, but is platform-dependent and should work only on Windows 95 (it does not work on Windows NT or on a 16-bit platform).


To set or change the default printer under Windows 95, call:

SetPrinter(HANDLE hPrinter, DWORD dwLevel, LPBYTE lpbPrinter,
DWORD dwCommand) 

Obtain the hPrinter parameter from OpenPrinter() as a handle that identifies the desired printer. Set the dwLevel parameter to 5, and point lpbPrinter to the PRINTER_INFO_5 structure. Set the dwCommand parameter to 0 (zero). Fill out the PRINTER_INFO_5 structure appropriately making sure that the Attributes field has PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_DEFAULT set.

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