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Microsoft KB Archive/139868

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Article ID: 139868

Article Last Modified on 3/29/2007


  • Microsoft Word 95 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Word 95a
  • Microsoft Word 97 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q139868


When you click New on the File menu and select any tab (such as Other Documents), the expected templates and wizards (such as the Pleading Wizard) do not appear.


When you installed Word, you performed a Typical, Custom, or Compact installation.

NOTE: If you chose Custom, you may have cleared the "Wizards, Templates, and Letters" option. Also note that not all templates and wizards are installed during the default Custom setup, and certain templates and wizards are not installed with a Typical installation. Templates and wizards are not installed at all in a Compact installation.


To install the missing wizards, templates, or letters, use the following steps:

NOTE: If you are using Windows NT 3.5x, follow steps 1-3 in the following section titled "Windows NT 3.5x".

  1. Quit Word.
  2. Click the Windows Start button, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  4. Click the Install/Uninstall tab.
  5. In the list of installed software, select either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office.
  6. Click Add/Remove.
  7. In the Setup box, click Add/Remove.
  8. If you are using Microsoft Office, select Microsoft Word and click the Change Option button. If you are using Microsoft Word Setup, skip to step 9.
  9. Select Wizards, Templates, and Letters.
  10. Click Change Options.
  11. Select those items you want to install. To install the Pleading Wizard, select More Wizards.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Click Continue.
  14. When prompted by Setup, insert the appropriate disk or compact disc.

The new component is installed.

Windows NT 3.5x

If you are running Word for Windows 95 on Windows NT 3.5x, substitute the following steps for steps 1-5 above:

  1. Quit Word.
  2. From Program Manager, click Run on the File menu.
  3. Type a:\setup. Click OK. Insert Disk 1 of the Word Setup disks. Continue with step 6 above.


Word 97

   Installed during Typical Setup        NOT installed during Typical Setup

   Faxes                                 Reports
      Contemporary Fax                      Contemporary Report
      Elegant Fax                           Elegant Report
      Professional Fax                      Professional Report
      Fax Wizard                         Legal Pleadings
   Letters                                  Pleading Wizard
      Contemporary Letter                Publications
      Elegant Letter                        Newsletter Wizard
      Professional Letter
      Letter Wizard
      Envelope Wizard
      Mailing Label Wizard
      Contemporary Memo
      Elegant Memo
      Professional Memo
      Memo Wizard
   Other Documents
      Contemporary Resume
      Elegant Resume
      Professional Resume
      Resume Wizard
      More Templates and Wizards

Word 7.0

   Installed during Typical Setup        NOT installed during Typical Setup

   Faxes                                 Forms
      Contemporary Fax                      Invoice
      Elegant Fax                           Purchase Order
      Professional Fax                      Weekly Time Sheet
      Fax Wizard                         More Wizards
   Letters                                  Agenda Wizard
      Contemporary Letter                   Award Wizard
      Elegant Letter                        Calendar Wizard
      Professional Letter                   Pleading Wizard
      Letter Wizard                      Newsletters
   Memos                                    Newsletter
      Contemporary Memo                     Newsletter Wizard
      Elegant Memo                       Press Releases
      Professional Memo                     Contemporary Press Release
      Memo Wizard                           Elegant Press Release
   Reports                                  Professional Press Release
      Contemporary Report                Publications
      Elegant Report                        Brochure
      Professional Report                   Directory
                                            Contemporary Resume
                                            Elegant Resume
                                            Professional Resume
                                            Resume Wizard
                                         Table Wizard
                                            Table Wizard
                                         Sample Letters

155945 WD97: Additional Word Templates Available in ValuPack Folder

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