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CD-ROM Extras for Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows 95


The CD-ROM Extras for Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade includes files that are included in the CD-ROM version of Windows 95 but not in the floppy disk version. If you have the CD-ROM version of Windows 95, you do not need these files.

The CD-ROM Extras for Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade files are available in two ways:

  • By using the Microsoft Windows 95 Supplemental Offers order form in the back of the "Introducing Microsoft Windows 95" manual.
  • By downloading from online services. For a complete list of these online services, please view the Extra.txt file in the Windows folder on your hard disk, or see the "How to Download CD-ROM Extras from Online Services" section later in this article.

If you download a supplemental file from an online service, place the file on a floppy disk or in a temporary folder on your hard disk, and then run it by double-clicking the file. These are compressed, self-extracting files that expand the files they contain.

After you extract the files, view the Readme.txt file for specific installation instructions.

NOTE: In some cases, you must run the self-extracting file in a specific folder. If this is the case, you will be prompted to do so when you double-click the file.


The following table lists the files that are available, their sizes, and the methods you can use to obtain them.

Component                   Filename      Size        on Diskette Online
   Character Map            Chrmap.exe    1,028,063   yes         yes
   Mouse Pointers           Mousep.exe       31,530   yes         yes
   Net Watcher              Netwch.exe       48,309   yes         yes
   Online User's Guide      Uguide.exe      687,214   yes         yes
   Quick View               Quikvu.exe      601,305   yes         yes
   System Monitor           Sysmn.exe        56,913   yes         yes
   Windows 95 Tour          Tour95.exe      498,038   yes         yes
Multilanguage Support       Lang.exe      1,331,300   no          yes 

   CD Player                Cdply.exe        68,250   yes         yes
   Jungle Sound Scheme      Jungle.exe    2,368,638   no          yes
   Musica Sound Scheme      Musica.exe      148,009   no          yes
   Robotz Sound Scheme      Robotz.exe    1,349,797   no          yes
   Sample Sounds            Media.exe       214,854   no          yes
   Utopia Sound Scheme      Utopia.exe      462,482   no          yes

Admin\Apptools Folder
   Long Filename Backup     Lfnb.exe         30,535   yes         yes
   MS-DOS Environment
      Variables             Envars.exe       44,542   yes         yes
   Password List Editor     Pwedit.exe       30,115   yes         yes
   SLIP & Scripting Support
      for Dial-Up
      Networking            Dscrpt.exe       57,292   yes         yes 

   System Policy Editor     Policy.exe       86,542   yes         yes

Admin\Nettools Folder
   Network Monitor Agent    Netmon.exe      121,295   yes         yes
   Print Agent for NetWare  Prtagt.exe       28,604   yes         yes
   Remote Registry Service  Remote.exe       44,190   yes         yes
   Remote Procedure Call
      (RPC) Print Provider  Rpcpp.exe        37,340   yes         yes
   Simple Network
      Management Protocol
      (SNMP) Agent          Snmpzp.exe       67,715   yes         yes

Funstuff\Pictures Folder
   Clouds Desktop Wallpaper Clouds.exe      126,443   yes         yes
   Windows 95 Logo
      Desktop Wallpaper     Winbmp.exe      167,135   yes         yes

Funstuff\Videos Folder
   Welcome to Windows 95    Welcm1.exe    2,970,060   no          yes
   Welcome to Windows 95    Welcm2.exe    2,534,281   no          yes
   Welcome to Windows 95    Welcm3.exe    3,076,595   no          yes

Other Folder
   Changing Code Page       Cpzip.exe       294,954   no          yes
   Chat                     Chat.exe         46,283   yes         yes
   Clipbook Viewer          Clipbk.exe       62,086   yes         yes
   Microsoft Diagnostics    Msdzip.exe      180,946   yes         yes
   Minitel Support for
      HyperTerminal         Mintel.exe       41,216   no          yes
   Old MS-DOS Utilities     Olddos.exe      856,220   yes         yes
      MS-DOS Backup Utility Msback.exe      571,707   yes         yes
   Word Viewer              Wordvu.exe    2,234,880   no          yes 

Other\Misc Folder
   Configuration Backup     Cfgbk.exe        47,002   yes         yes
   Emergency Recovery
      Utility               Eruzip.exe       65,186   yes         yes
   Enhanced Print
      Troubleshooter        Eptszp.exe      105,020   yes         yes
   Log File Viewer          Logvu.exe        24,879   yes         yes 

How to Download CD-ROM Extras from Online Services

The following files are available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:


[GRAPHIC: ]Download Chrmap.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Mousep.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Netwch.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Uguide.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Quikvu.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Sysmn.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Tour95.exe now]

Multilanguage Support

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Lang.exe now]


[GRAPHIC: ]Download Cdply.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Jungle.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Musica.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Robotz.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Media.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Utopia.exe now]

Admin\Apptools Folder

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Envars.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Pwedit.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Dscrpt.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Policy.exe now]

Admin\Nettools Folder

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Netmon.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Prtagt.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Remote.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Rpcpp.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Snmpzp.exe now]

Funstuff\Pictures Folder

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Clouds.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Winbmp.exe now]

Funstuff\Videos Folder

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Welcm1.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Welcm2.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Welcm3.exe now]

Other Folder

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Cpzip.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Chat.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Clipbk.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Msdzip.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Mintel.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Olddos.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Msback.exe now]

Other\Misc Folder

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Cfgbk.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Eruzip.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Eptszp.exe now]

[GRAPHIC: ]Download Logvu.exe now]

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