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List of Confirmed Bugs in Word version 6.0 for Windows


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0
  • Microsoft Windows 3.1


This article contains the list of documented problems in Word 6.0 for Windows. The list references each problem by the title and identification number (Q number) of the Microsoft Knowledge Base article that addresses the problem in detail. In addition, the list includes the first six lines of the Symptoms or Summary section of each article. For more information about a specific problem, query on the Q number for the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

For information about Word 6.0 problems that are corrected in Word 6.0a, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

fixlist6.00a and word6


Q105916 Formatting Lost Pasting Label Address Text

If you choose Envelopes And Labels from the Tools menu, select the Labels tab, cut or copy text that contains character formatting (such as underline, bold, or italic) in the Address box, and paste it in that same box, Word for Windows loses the character formatting.

Q106118 Column Selection with Merged or Deleted Cells Not Straight

When you select a column in a table that contains merged or deleted cells, the selection may appear to zigzag randomly through the columns.

Q106139 Incorrect Revisions When Comparing Modified Table Cells

When you compare two documents that contain tables using the Compare Versions option and choose to accept the revisions, incorrect revisions may be made. The problem occurs if you inserted or deleted cells and the remaining cells were shifted up or down. (To locate the Compare Versions option, choose Revisions from the Tools menu.)

Q106347 Updating Database Appears to Insert Duplicate Copy

If you insert a database as a field, make a change to the source information, and then update the database in Word for Windows, it appears that the database is duplicated in Word, but your document only contains one copy of the database.

Q106405 File Send Sends Attachments Only as Word 6.0 Documents

The Send command on the File menu attaches the current document as a Word 6.0 document in a mail message even if the file is saved in a foreign format. This problem occurs when you have the Mail As Attachment option selected in the General options dialog box. (To locate the Mail As Attachment option, choose Options from the Tools menu, and select the General tab.)

Q106450 Grammar Check Replaces Smart Quotes with Straight Quotes

The grammar checker replaces curly ("smart") quotation marks with straight quotation marks if you accept a change involving quotation marks.

Q106451 More Than 2500 Styles Causes Low Memory Error Message

The following error message may appear when you choose Style from the Format menu or choose Templates from the File menu and choose the Organizer button, even though the system has plenty of available memory:

Not enough memory to complete the operation.

Q106452 Error Opening Filename Added to Menu with Shortcut Method

When you add a filename to the File menu using the CTRL+ALT+EQUAL SIGN (on the numeric keypad) shortcut method, and you try to open the file by choosing the filename from the File menu, you get the following error message:

Word Cannot Open the Document <document name>

Q106470 Canceling AutoOpen Macro Gives Hourglass--Appears Hung

If you create a template with an AutoOpen macro and open the template by one of these methods

  • Start it from File Manager
  • Start it from an icon on the Program Manager
  • Start it from a client application

Q106639 Replace Within Selection Continues to End of Document

In Word for Windows, if you are performing a find-and-replace operation on a selection and choose Replace All after having chosen Replace or Find Next, Word will continue replacing past the selection to the end of the document.

Q106647 Paste Link Unavailable Copying Access Table from the Clipboard

The Paste Link option is not available when you choose Paste Special from the Edit menu after you copy a Microsoft Access database table to the Clipboard.

Q106648 Hanging Indents Are Not Recorded Using Format Style

When you record a macro that creates a Bullets and Numbering style, Word for Windows does not record any hanging indent formatting you define. For example, if your recorded macro creates a numbering style with the following style definition, the "Hanging 0.25"" portion of the definition is missing when you run the macro and examine the resulting style:

Q106649 Locked Master Documents Can Be Sorted by Mail Merge

Locked master documents can become sorted without any direct editing. This can happen if you use a master document as a data source for a mail merge and you set a sort criteria in the Query Options. This will sort the locked main document and may rearrange your main document to

Q106653 FindFile .SearchPath Argument Ignored with File Extension

If a file specification (for example, *.doc) is included in the .SearchPath parameter of the FileFind command, that parameter will be ignored.

Q106679 WordBasic Error Message 24 "Bad Parameter"

If you record or create a WordBasic macro that adds the Symbol font to a menu, keystroke, or toolbar, Word generates the following WordBasic error message:

WordBasic Err=24

Q107082 New CUSTOM.DIC Is Not Created in the TOOLS-PATH Directory

When the CUSTOM.DIC file is automatically created, it will not be created in the directory designated by the TOOLS-PATH= setting in the WINWORD6.INI file.

Q107083 Password Protected Documents Missing Some Information

Incomplete File information and Summary information is displayed in the File Find dialog box when the document selected in the Listed Files box has been password protected.

Q107144 Troubleshooting "Cannot Save or Create File" Error Messages

This article describes the troubleshooting procedure you should use if the following error message occurs in Word for Windows:

Error: Cannot save or create the file. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected.

Q107200 Converting Password-Protected Documents in Word for Windows

A password-protected document created in Word 6.0 for Windows and saved in Word for Windows 2.0 format will not prompt the user for a password when the document is opened in Word 2.0. The document will open without the password.

Q107225 Find File List Does Not Refresh Correctly After Deleting File

If you delete a file from the Listed Files box in the Find File dialog box after you perform a search based on Containing Text criteria, Word for Windows appears to delete that file plus all subsequent files and subdirectories in the list.

Q107349 General Protection (GP) Fault Running Word 6.0 Help

A general protection (GP) fault error may occur when you start Help in Word for Windows. Your system may hang (stop responding), requiring you to restart your computer.

Q107440 Pictures in the Text Layer Won't Display or Print

Word for Windows pictures that are in the text layer may not display or print if the Drawing Objects option is cleared. (To locate the Drawing Objects option, choose Options from the Tools menu, and select the Print tab.)

Q107504 GP Fault in the Find File Dialog Box in Preview View

In Word for Windows, a general protection (GP) fault may occur when you open the Find File dialog box if the View list is set to Preview, or if you select Preview from the View list after you open the Find File dialog box.

Q107505 "The Directory Is Not Valid" or "The Path Is Not Valid"

When you try to change an entry in the File Locations dialog box to a network drive (using the universal naming convention [UNC]), you may get one of the following error messages if that network requires a password:

Q107537 Microsoft Graph Does Not Create Custom Chart from Table

If you select numbers in a Word for Windows table and then start Microsoft Graph, a default data sheet and chart may appear instead of a custom chart

Q107557 Errors Running Setup on Diskless Network Workstation

When you run Setup and select the Workstation Installation option to install Word for Windows on a diskless network workstation, several error messages may occur:

Q107560 Dr Watson Error While Quitting Word for Windows Tutorial

If you are running Dr. Watson and quit a Word for Windows tutorial (CBT) example screen, demonstration, or QuickPreview demonstration, the Dr. Watson report screen will appear as if an error had occurred in the application. The Dr. Watson log reports an "Unknown Error in KERNAL".

Q107613 Word Flags Document As Dirty After Loading Add-In Program

In a new document, if you load an add-in program, then choose Close from the File menu, Word for Windows prompts you to save changes to the document.

Q107615 Word Hangs Sending Mail Using Lotus CC:Mail

An hourglass pointer may appear and your computer may hang (stop responding) if you choose the Address button in a New Message window after you start Lotus CC:Mail version 2.0 using the Send command on the File menu

Q107673 Windows Resources Not Restored After Quitting Tutorial

The Examples And Demos command on the Help menu may consume Windows resources. After you exit the Examples and Demos tutorials, you may have fewer Windows resources than before you ran them.

Q107734 Incorrect Registration of GRAPH.EXE During Setup

Word for Windows Setup may register the Microsoft Graph application (GRAPH.EXE) incorrectly if Microsoft Access has been installed prior to Word 6.0 for Windows. When this happens, the following error occurs when you try to run Microsoft Graph:

Q107998 Status Bar and Selinfo Return Incorrect Section Number Value

If the current selection contains the last paragraph mark in a document, the section number displayed on the status bar and the value returned by SelInfo(2) will not be correct. The status number will be correct for a flashing cursor position and selections that do not contain the last paragraph mark in the document.

Q108252 ViewFootnotes Command in Exit Macro Causes GP Fault

If your protected Word for Windows form contains an exit macro that runs the ViewFootnotes WordBasic command, a general protection (GP) fault error may occur when you press TAB to exit that FORM field.

Q108405 Word 2.x Mail Merge Document Loses Data Delimiters in Word 6.0

If you open a Word 2.x for Windows mail merge main document in Word version 6.0 for Windows, an Invalid Merge Field dialog box may appear when you perform a print merge operation or if you choose the View Merged Data button on the Mail Merge toolbar. The Invalid Merge Field dialog box displays the following error message:

Q108453 OLE 2.0 Embedded Object Prints at Low Resolution

If your Word for Windows document contains an OLE (object linking and embedding) version 2.0 embedded object that you print while it is being edited "in situ," the object may print at low resolution. ("In situ" means the application, such as Microsoft Excel, temporarily replaces the Word

Q108456 "There Is Not Enough Memory to Update This Display"

While you format a table, Word for Windows may stop processing the table editing and formatting commands, your computer may appear to hang (stop responding), or the following error message may occur:

There is not enough memory to update display

Q108500 Envelope Command Fails to Pick Up Print Merge Address Fields

In Word for Windows, if you create a print merge main document, and then choose Envelopes And Labels from the Tools menu, the envelope dialog box may appear blank rather then picking up the address merge fields (even if they are highlighted).

Q108502 Word 6.0 Setup Does Not Install New UNIDRV.DLL File

When you install Word for Windows, Setup does not automatically install the updated UNIDRV.DLL file, which is supplied with Word.

Q108689 Word Count Displays Incorrect Character Statistic

When you choose Word Count from the Tools menu in Word for Windows, the Character statistic may change from the correct number to an incorrect number.

Q108690 GP Fault Starting Equation Editor Under Windows NT

If you start Microsoft Equation Editor from Word for Windows running under Windows NT, a general protection (GP) fault error may occur in EQNEDIT.EXE. (To start Equation Editor in Word, choose Object from the Insert menu, select Microsoft Equation 1.0 or Microsoft Equation

Q105409 How To Troubleshoot Problems Using DeskJet Printers with Word

This article describes common problems you may encounter when you print from Word for Windows using a Hewlett-Packard (HP) DeskJet printer. This article contains information on troubleshooting the HP DeskJet printer driver (DESKJETC.DRV) version 4.0 and specific information on the following topics:

  • Printer is busy. Cannot print. Try again when printer is free.
  • HP DeskJet Series V2.0 error: Printer is Busy
  • General Protection (GP) fault in the DeskJet printer driver
  • The background printing option may be disabled or unavailable.
  • Second envelope may not print properly
  • Cannot install printer driver while Word 6.0 is running

Q109093 First Two List Levels Have Same Multilevel Numbering Level

When you apply multilevel list formatting using the Bullets And Numbering command on the Format menu, Word for Windows may format the first two levels of your list using the same predefined multilevel format.

Q109529 "A Valid Number Is Required"

The following error message may occur in Word for Windows when you enter a number in a protected Number FORM field:

A valid number is required.

Q109530 "Cannot Save or Create This File..." While Macro Is Running

The following error message may occur while a WordBasic macro is running in Word for Windows:

Word cannot save or create this file. Make sure the disk is not

Q109569 Updating DATABASE Field May Change Results

The contents of a DATABASE field may change when you re-sort (update) by the same criteria if the data types in one column are not consistent.

Q109868 Envelope Address Positions Don't Stay Between Documents

If you modify the envelope delivery or return address by changing the From Left or From Top settings in the Envelope Options dialog box, the change you make will not be retained between documents.

Q109881 Tabs Dialog Does Not Appear in Mail Label Setup

In Word for Windows, if you click the right mouse button to open the shortcut menu in the Create Labels dialog box (which displays while you create mailing labels using the Mail Merge Helper), choose Paragraph from the shortcut menu, and then choose the Tabs button, the Tabs dialog box does not appear.

Q110009 Picture Moved to Unexpected Location Using DisassemblePicture

The DrawDisassemblePicture command, when performed on a graphic object inside a frame in Word 6.0 for Windows, moves the frame and picture to an unexpected location.

Q110144 Drawings with Chord or Pie Wedge Shapes Display Incorrectly

If you edit a picture that contains chord arcs or non-90-degree pie wedge arcs (that is, pie wedge arcs with angles other than 90 degrees), Word for Windows changes these shapes to 90-degree arcs. In addition, Word may superimpose some arcs so it appears they are missing.

Q110145 Text Frame Positioned Left Relative to Page Not at Page Edge

If you apply Left Relative To Page frame formatting to framed text, Word for Windows may not position the frame at the edge of the page. Instead, Word may position the frame a small distance from the edge of the page (approximately .5 inch).

Q110196 GetSystemInfo$() Function Returns Incorrect Information

The Microsoft WordBasic GetSystemInfo$() function returns information about the environment in which Word is running:

   Type   Explanation 

Q110231 Heading Numbering Changes When a Cross-reference Is Inserted

After you insert a cross-reference to a heading number in a Word 6.0 for Windows document, only the last number of the heading number is displayed.

Q110301 Text File Larger Than 64K Causes ODBC Error or Hangs System

Word for Windows can use ODBC text drivers supplied by other applications to open text data files. However, text-only data files larger than 6500 characters that consist of entirely of numbers may cause the system to stop responding (hang).

Q110396 REM Command Splits Long WordBasic Commands into Two Pieces

If you have a WordBasic command that is longer than 255 characters, and you use the REM/Un-REM feature on this command, when you start the macro, the WordBasic command will be split into two paragraph.

Q110416 Name Truncated on Custom Text Toolbar Button

If you create a custom text button for a toolbar, the toolbar text may become truncated after you switch to a new video driver and restart Word for Windows.

Q110439 Last Digit in Table Cell Doesn't Print to PCL Printer

The last digit (on the right side of the cell) may be truncated when you print a table to a PCL (non-PostScript) printer from Word for Windows.

Q110444 Machine Beeps When Using Mouse Buttons with Macro Recorder On

If you start the macro recorder and then try to open a shortcut menu by clicking the right mouse button, Word for Windows beeps.

Q110445 Only Special Characters Work

When you try to search for certain characters in summary fields in the Advanced Search criteria of File Find, Word reports "No matching files found," even if files containing those characters exist in the directory.

Q110449 Edit Redo may Misplace Empty Bookmarks in Word 6.0

In Word version 6.0 for Windows, using a combination of the multiple level Undo/Redo commands may result in an empty bookmark being "redone" at the wrong place.

Q96076 SYMBOL Field Affects Word Wrapping and Nonbreaking Characters

If you use Symbol command from the Insert menu to place a symbol character in your document, one of the following problems may result:

  • A symbol character inserted next to a nonbreaking space or nonbreaking hyphen may prevent the nonbreaking space or hyphen from working as expected.

Q105642 File Find Content Displays Incorrectly Formatted Text

In Word versions 2.x for Windows, when you view the content of a document with the Find File feature, the formatting of the text may display differently than the actual formatting of the document.

Q105841 Main Document Header Prints on Envelope During Print Merge

If you add an envelope to a print merge main document that contains a header, the header prints on all but the first envelope if you select the Merge To New Document option in the Print Merge dialog box.

Q105886 GP Fault Saving to Word for Windows 2.0 File Format

If you save a Word for Windows document in the Word for Windows 2.0 file format, a general protection (GP) fault error may occur in WINWORD.EXE.

Q106135 Envelopes Do Not Manual Feed with Okidata OL-800

If you print envelopes using a manual feed on an Okidata OL-800 with Word 2.x or 6.0 for Windows, you will get the error message "envelope (COM) tray1 request" on the printer.

Q106137 GP Fault When Running Macro with "Dim Dlg As" Statement

If your WordBasic macro dimensions a built-in Word for Windows dialog box (using the Dim Dlg As statement) but does not subsequently run the GetCurValues statement, a general protection (GP) fault error may occur when you run the macro. This occurs frequently in Word version 6.0 for Windows if you run a macro in Word 6.0 that you created in Word 2.x.

Q106342 Page Setup Command Unavailable in Unprotected Section

In a multiple-section Word for Windows document that contains both protected and unprotected sections, the Page Setup command on the File menu is unavailable (dimmed) in the unprotected section.

Q106404 Borders Misalign in Framed, Indented Paragraphs

In Word for Windows, paragraphs with different indentation settings that are contained in a single frame will display with separate borders instead of showing one border around the entire frame.

Q106644 Find File Ignores Match Case for Title

In Word 2.x and 6.0 for Windows, Find File ignores the Match Case box for all fields except the Containing Text (version 6.0) or the Any Text (versions 2.x) field. Whether or not Match Case is selected, Word will find files that match what is typed in the Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, or Containing Text/Any Text fields, regardless of the case.

Q107786 Microsoft Excel Workbook May Not Activate from Object Packager

If you insert a Microsoft Excel 4.0 workbook into a Word for Windows document using the Windows Object Packager, Microsoft Excel may open and then close if you attempt to activate the workbook. A Microsoft Excel 4.0 workbook file cannot be inserted, linked, or embedded directly into a Word document.

Q107878 GetText$() Changes Section Breaks to Page Breaks

Section breaks retrieved with the macro commands GetText$ or Selection$ become page breaks when inserted into a document.

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