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Microsoft KB Archive/107896

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DisplayWrite Converter Limitations in Word 6.0 for Windows


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0


This article provides information about limitations when converting from DisplayWrite versions 4v1, 4v2, and 5.0 to Word 6.0 for Windows.

Features that are converted completely are not listed. Only features that are not converted, are not supported in Word 6.0, or require some comment are included. "Yes" means the feature exists in both products and is converted from DisplayWrite to Word 6.0. "No" means it exists in both products but is not completely converted to Word. "N/S" means the feature is not supported in Word 6.0.

Feature                 to Word 6.0    Comments
-------                 ------------   --------

Character Formatting:

  Color                 No             Converted to black text

  Font                  No             All fonts are mapped to Courier
                                       New. Sizing is approximated.

  Hyphenation           See comment    Required and optional (syllable)
                                       hyphens convert to normal hyphens.

  Character Mapping     See comment    All EBCDIC characters that have an
                                       equivalent character in Windows
                                       convert to Word 6.0. Non-supported
                                       characters convert as the "@"

  Strikethrough/        See comment    Overstrike becomes strikethrough.

  Superscript/          See comment    Superscripts and subscripts appear
  Subscript                            6 pts above and below the main text
                                       line, respectively.

  DisplayWrite          No             These font styles are converted to
  Typestyles                           Courier New font and Word's default
  4069-6139                            point size.

Paragraph Formatting:

  Hanging indents       See comment    Simulated with tabs and indents.

  Keep with next        No

  Keep lines together   No

  Space before/after    See comment    Simulated with blank lines.

  Headers/footers       No             First page headers or footers are
                                       converted to odd page headers or

  Line numbering        No

  Columns               No             DisplayWrite flowing, balanced, and
                                       flowing-balanced text columns
                                       convert to full-width, single-
                                       column document paragraphs.

Document Formatting:

  Footnotes             See comment    Custom footnote numbering converts
                                       to automatic numbering and the
                                       default separator is used.

Other Features:

  Graphics              No

  Index                 See comment    Appearance is maintained in
                                       conversion to normal text.

  Linedraw              Yes            DisplayWrite linedraw characters
                                       mapped to equivalent characters
                                       available via Word's MS LineDraw

  Merge codes/          No
  Print Merge

  Outlining             See comment    Appearance is preserved. Outlines
                                       are converted to indents.

  Page number           Yes            Page numbers are converted, but not
                                       page number formatting.

  Tables of contents    See comment    Appearance is maintained in
                                       conversion to normal text.

  User defined          No

  Voice notes           No 


The DisplayWrite converter functions in one direction only. Data may be brought into Word 6.0 from DisplayWrite files, but not saved in DisplayWrite format.

The information above is extracted from the SCNVINFO.DOC file supplied with the Word 6.0 for Windows Supplemental File Conversions Disks. For information on limitations and options when converting to and from file formats for which converters are supplied with Word, double-click the Help button on the Standard toolbar in Word, and then type readme. Press ENTER twice, click File Conversion, and view the Conversion Limitations topic.

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Last Reviewed: November 4, 2000
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