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PSS ID Number: 107867

Article Last Modified on 6/26/2001

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft CodeView for Windows 4.1

This article was previously published under Q107867


When CodeView for Windows starts, if the command line specifies the /8 option and no 8514/A adapter is installed, CodeView displays the following message:

/8 specified with no 8514/A display adapter.

The customer may report that this option worked before upgrading to CodeView 4.1 for Windows.


In CodeView versions 4.0x for Windows, the /8 option switch worked with some "8514-like" displays and caused a general protection (GP) fault with other displays without any warning message. Code was added to CodeView version 4.1 to verify that an 8514 display is available when the /8 option switch is specified.


Due to the number of "8514-like" display adapters on the market, CodeView provides an undocumented /8+ option switch that disables the display adapter validation code. To use this option, from the Windows Program Manager select the File menu and choose run. Enter the following command (you may need to specify a path):

CVW /8+ appname.exe

Please note that on non-8514/A adapters, even adapters that are 8514-like, this switch is not guaranteed to work, and can cause corrupted screens because of the assumption that the card is a genuine 8514/A adapter.


To use the 8514/VGA configuration, specify the /8 (or /8+) option switch when starting CVW. In addition, specify the /B (black and white) option if you use a monochrome VGA adapter with CodeView.

In other words, when using a color VGA adapter, start CodeView with the following command line:

CVW /8 appname.exe

When using a monochrome VGA adapter, start CodeView with the following command line:

CVW /8 /b appname.exe

In either of these configurations, CodeView uses the 8514/a monitor for the Windows display and the VGA monitor for the debugging display.

Optionally, you can specify the /25, /43, or /50 option to specify 25, 43, or 50-line mode, respectively, on the VGA debugging screen. The 50-line mode is the default.

For more information, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

66952 Using CVW on an IBM PS/2 or Other 8514/a System

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