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Microsoft KB Archive/107833

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Office: Creating Custom Buttons for the Office Manager Toolbar


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Office for Windows, version 4.0


You can customize the toolbar buttons that are displayed on the Office Manager toolbar. This article describes how to format the file for the button so that the bitmap will be displayed properly.


Toolbar buttons are standard bitmap (.BMP) files in which the icon that you want to be displayed is represented twice. The icon picture is displayed once for the small and regular buttons and a second time for the large button. The overall dimensions of the file are 27 pixels wide by 42 pixels tall. This area is divided into two bitmaps, one in the upper-left corner of the bitmap with dimensions of 19 pixels wide by 17 pixels tall, and a second in the lower-left corner of the bitmap with dimensions of 27 pixels wide by 25 tall. This will leave the area in the upper-right section of the bitmap unused.

The easiest way to customize the toolbar buttons is to edit an existing toolbar button bitmap (these bitmaps are located in the MS-BTTNS subdirectory in the directory that you specified during Setup (for example, MSOFFICE\MS-BTNNS).

To edit or create the icons, you can use any graphics editor that supports the .BMP format (such as Microsoft Paintbrush or the App Studio application that comes with Microsoft Visual C ++).

The following is a graphical representation of the layout in the bitmap (the numbers represent a measurement of the number of pixels).

   |Small     |    |
   |Button    |    |
   |Picture   17   |
   |          |    |
   |               |
   |     Large     |
   |     Button    |
   25    Picture   |
   |               |
   |               |

For more information about customizing buttons in Microsoft Office, choose the Search button in Microsoft Office help, and type:

button image, editing

Additional query words: image toolface tool face mom

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Last Reviewed: November 3, 2000
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