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"User's Guide 2," version 4.0, page 278
"User's Guide 2," version 4.0, page 278
Additional query words: 4.00a
Additional query words: 4.00a

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Directory for Linked File or Directory List Box Not Updated

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel for Windows, versions 4.0, 4.0a


The directory text item that displays the directory name for a linked File or Directory list box does not update when the dialog box is created in the Dialog Editor.


Below is a dialog box table created in the Dialog Editor with a Linked File or Directory list box:

   A1:Item  B1:X     C1:Y    D1:Width  E1:Height  F1:Text     G1:Init/Res
   A2:      B2:      C2:     D2:348    E2:124     F2:         G2:
   A3:6     B3:10    C3:6    D3:160    E3:        F3:         G3:
   A4:18    B4:10    C4:26   D4:160    E4:84      F4:         G4:
   A5:19    B5:178   C5:26   D5:160    E5:84      F5:         G5:
   A6: 20   B6:178   C6:9    D6:160    E6:12      F6:Text     G6:
   A7:1     B7:46    C7:118  D7:88     E7:        F7:OK       G7:
   A8:2     B8:215   C8:116  D8:88     E8:        F8: Cancel  G8: 

When you use this combination of items (shown in the Item column) only the name of the current directory is displayed, and it does not update when a new directory is selected.

To work around this problem, change the item number in cell A6 from 20 to 5.


"User's Guide 2," version 4.0, page 278

Additional query words: 4.00a

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