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Article ID: 107585

Article Last Modified on 9/26/2003


  • Microsoft Works 2.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Works 2.0a

This article was previously published under Q107585

2.x WINDOWS kbbuglist kbfixlist


If you copy and paste a group of records that include hidden records from the Database list view into the Spreadsheet, the resulting records will include blank rows at the bottom of the highlighted area, which represent the hidden records.

If you are pasting these records into an existing spreadsheet, the blank rows may override existing data in the Spreadsheet module.

Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Works versions 2.0 and 2.0a. This problem was corrected in Works version 3.0.


  1. Count the number of records included in the range that will be copied to the Spreadsheet (include any hidden records).
  2. In the Database (list view), highlight the desired records (this may include hidden records).
  3. From the Edit menu, choose Copy.
  4. In the Spreadsheet, insert the same number of blank rows as the total number of records copied (including the number of hidden records).
  5. Click the cell that will represent the first field of the first record from the Database.
  6. From the Edit menu, choose Paste.

The blank rows at the bottom of the pasted range will represent the hidden records. You can then delete these extra rows after pasting the information into the Spreadsheet.


  1. Open an existing Database file.
  2. In list view, highlight records 2 and 3.
  3. From the Select menu, choose Hide Record.
  4. Highlight records 1 and 4.
  5. From the Edit menu, choose Copy.
  6. Create a new Spreadsheet file.
  7. From the Edit menu, choose Paste. Notice that the highlighted area includes four rows, but only the two records of data have been pasted into the Spreadsheet.

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