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Configuring for LU 6.2 through a 3174 APPN network node

Article ID: 107569

Article Last Modified on 2/22/2007


  • Microsoft SNA Server 2.0
  • Microsoft SNA Server 2.1
  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0
  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft SNA Server 4.0
  • Microsoft SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 Service Pack 1

This article was previously published under Q107569


This document provides the configuration parameters required on an IBM 3174 controller acting as an APPN Network Node, supporting a downstream SNA Server (APPN LEN Node) over 802.2. The link between the 3174 and the host or peer system may be any link type supported by the 3174. To support PU2.1 attached devices with independent LU6.2, the 3174 must be running microcode support level "C" or greater.


SNA Server can access a host or peer system through an IBM 3174 APPN Network Node. In this configuration, SNA Server is configured with an 802.2 connection (as a PU 2.1 LEN node), which may include independent APPC LU support, communicating through an adjacent IBM 3174 configured as an APPN Network Node.

On the SNA Server machine, do the following:

  1. Run SNA Server Setup and add an 802.2 link service.

    NOTE: Link Services are added using SNA Server Manager in SNA Server version 3.0 and later.
  2. Run SNA Server Admin/Manager and configure the local SNA Server name:
    • Network Name: Must match parameter #501 in the 3174 configuration.
    • Control Point Name: Must match the CPNAME parameter (Node type #1), configured in the NETWORK RESOURCES and ASSOCIATED LUs in the 3174.
    In SNA Server 3.0 and later, the network name and control point can be set either globally as in SNA Server version 2.x or they can be set for each connection in the connection properties dialog box.
  3. Add a Local APPC LU with the following options:
    • LU 6.2 type: Select Independent to support multiple (parallel) sessions.
    • LU Alias: Must match the Local LU name used by the Local APPC transaction program (refer to the product documentation).
    • Network Name: Must match parameter #501 in the 3174 configuration.
    • LU Name: In the 3174 configuration, this must match one of the 3174 LUNAMES that is configured off the CPNAME configured on behalf of SNA Server. The 3174 supports up to 4 LUNAMES (for LEN nodes) off one CPNAME.
    • Choose Enable Automatic Partnering if you want SNA Server to automatically partner this APPC LU with all remote APPC LUs in the SNA Server configuration.
    • Choose "Member of Default Outgoing Local APPC LU Pool" only if the local APPC transaction program does not specifies a local APPC LU, and you want this LU to be automatically used (this is not used by most programs).
  4. Configure the 802.2 connection (associated with the 802.2 link service) using the following properties:
    • Remote End: Peer System NOTE: Remote End: Host system must be configured if the connection also supports 3270 devices. This setting forces SNA Server to have a secondary link role, while "Peer system" allows SNA Server to negotiate the link role to be either primary or secondary. Either role will support independent LU6.2 sessions.
    • Activation: (As desired by the administrator--default for 802.2 connections is On Server Startup.)
    • Allowed Directions: Outgoing and Incoming should be selected.
  5. Set the following additional parameters:
    • Remote Network Address: Enter the network card interface address of the 3174. This is set in Response 900 in the 3174 customization program.
    • Local Node ID: not used--leave to default.
    • Remote Node Name:
      • Network Name: Must match parameter #501 in the 3174 configuration
      • Control Point Name: Must match parameter #511 in the 3174 configuration.
      • Remote Node ID: not needed--leave blank.
    • The Advanced settings can be left at the default settings (if remote SAP = 04).
  6. Focus on the 802.2 connection and create all required LUs off the connection, which can include both 3270 LUs and remote APPC LUs. To configure a Remote APPC LU off the connection, enter the following information in the APPC Remote LU Properties dialog box:
    • LU Alias: Name used by the Local APPC transaction program (refer to product documentation).
    • Network Name: Remote VTAM NETID (which usually matches #501 in the 3174 configuration).
    • LU Name: Remote APPC LU name configured in VTAM (LU macro name in VTAM).
    • Uninterpreted LU Name: Usually the same as the LU Name.
    • Check Supports Parallel Sessions if you want to support multiple sessions.
    • Check Enable Automatic Partnering if you want SNA Server to automatically partner this APPC LU with all other Local LUs configured.
    • Implicit Incoming Mode: Not necessary.
  7. Configure an APPC Mode, and partner the Local and Remote APPC LUs with the Mode:
    • In the Local or Remote APPC LU dialog box, zoom on the Partners button. If the Local and Remote LUs are not already partnered with the desired APPC mode name, zoom on the Modes button.
    • To create a new Mode, enter the new Mode name over an existing Mode. This Mode name must match the "DLOGMOD" entry in the Remote APPC LU macro in VTAM.
    • Partner your Local APPC LU and Remote APPC LU with this new mode, if they are not already partnered together.
  8. Optional: Configure pools of LUs in the LU Pools dialog box of SNA Server Admin, if you want to create pools of 3270 LUs for your users.
  9. Assign LUs and/or LU Pools to the appropriate users and groups. This is not necessary for APPC, though is required for user access to 3270 sessions.
  10. Save the configuration, and then restart SNA Server.

On the IBM 3174 machine, do the following:

  1. Using the 3174 configuration utility, configure downstream devices in Panel 940. Enter the SNA Server network card (MAC) address in this panel. (You can find the network card address of the SNA Server machine by entering "NET CONFIG WKSTA" from the command line of the Windows NT machine).
  2. Configure the SNA Server control point name in the NETWORK RESOURCES option, as well as the Local APPC LU names as "LUNAMES" in the ASSOCIATED LUs section for the control point.
  3. Complete the 3174 configuration and reload it according to 3174 procedures.

For CICS and VTAM information for LU6.2, see the SNA server Administration Guide (SY57265-09/94) page 111.

Also note the configuration questions for the 3174 change from level to level of 3174 microcode. Be sure to use the correct 3174 planning guide for the microcode installed in the 3174.

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