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FIX: Memo Field Corruption Occurs with Code Page Differences

ID: Q107520

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, version 2.5a
  • Microsoft FoxPro for MS-DOS, version 2.5a


When a table is tagged with a code page other than the current working code page, data in a memo field is lost if the memo file is reorganized.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in FoxPro version 2.5a for MS-DOS and FoxPro 2.5a for Windows. This problem was corrected in FoxPro 2.5b for MS-DOS and FoxPro 2.5b for Windows.


Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. Make sure CPZERO.PRG is in your FoxPro directory. If you are using FoxPro for Windows, use 850 as the code page parameter for CPZERO; use 1252 for FoxPro for MS-DOS.
  2. In the Command window, type the following: '

           SET SAFETY OFF
           CREATE TABLE test (xxx m)
           DO SYS(2004)+"\CPZERO" WITH "TEST.DBF",850  && or 1252
           APPEND BLANK
           MODIFY MEMO xxx 
  3. In the memo window, type: '

  4. Press CTRL+W to close the memo field.
  5. In the Command window, issue the following command: '

           APPEND BLANK 
  6. In the Command window, issue the following command: '

           MODIFY MEMO 
  7. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
  8. In the Command window, issue the following command: '

  9. In the Command window, issue the following commands: '

           MODIFY MEMO XXX
  10. In the Browse window, move to record 2. The information in the memo field will be gone.

Additional query words: FoxDos FoxWin buglist2.50a fixlist2.50b codepage

Keywords          : FxprgIntl 
Version           : 2.50a | 2.50a
Platform          : MS-DOS WINDOWS 
Issue type        : 

Last Reviewed: August 24, 1999
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