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Article ID: 107459

Article Last Modified on 1/18/2007


  • Microsoft Works 3.0 Multimedia Edition
  • Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 95 for Macintosh

This article was previously published under Q107459


When you choose the Find Information button on the toolbar or the Find Information option from the Edit menu, the Microsoft Encarta button in the Find Information dialog box may be unavailable (dimmed).


Integration of Works and Encarta is made possible by the ENCARAPI.DLL file.

When you install Encarta, you are given the option of running Encarta in "fast" or "slow" mode. The fast mode loads all necessary files on the hard drive, including the ENCARAPI.DLL file. If you chose the slow mode, the ENCARAPI.DLL remains on the Encarta CD and the button is unavailable unless the Encarta CD-ROM is in your CD-ROM drive.

Works looks for the ENCARAPI.DLL when a Word Processor document is opened. If the ENCARAPI.DLL is not on the system it can be added using one of the following methods:

Encarta 1994

Method 1:

Copy ENCARAPI.DLL from the \ENCARTA directory of the Encarta 1994 CD-ROM to the Windows SYSTEM directory.

Method 2:

Decompress ENCARAPI.DL_ from the \MSWORKS subdirectory of the Works 3.0 CD- ROM and place it in the Windows SYSTEM subdirectory.

Encarta 1995

Decompress ENCARAPI.DL_ from the \ENCARTA\ENCARAPI directory of Encarta 1995 CD-ROM to the Windows SYSTEM directory.

Decompressing Works or Encarta files

To decompress a file, exit to DOS, change to the directory containing DECOMP.EXE, and issue the DECOMP command using the following syntax:

DECOMP -f [compressed file path] [decompressed file path]

For example, if your Works disk is in CD-ROM drive D, and your Windows directory is C:\WINDOWS, type the following at the MS-DOS command prompt and press ENTER:


The -f parameter makes sure that if there is an existing copy of the file, it will be replaced with the version you are decompressing.

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