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WFWG 3.11: Hardware Compatibility List - Network Cards

Article ID: 107375

Article Last Modified on 9/24/1999


  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11

This article was previously published under Q107375


This article lists network interface cards (NICs) that have been tested by Microsoft and certified to be compatible with Windows for Workgroups 3.11. The list is alphabetical by manufacturer. Microsoft will add additional information to this article as it becomes available.


Company                 Network Card

Accton Technology       EtherCombo-16 (EN1640)
Accton Technology       EtherPair-16 (EN1641)
Accton Technology       EtherCoax-16 (EN1642)
Accton Technology       EtherCombo-16 (EN1650)
Accton Technology       EtherPair-16 (EN1651)
Accton Technology       EtherCoax-16 (EN1652)
Accton Technology       EtherDuo-16 (EN1656)
Allied Telesis          AT-1500T
Allied Telesis          AT-1500BT
Allied Telesis          AT-1500FT
Allied Telesis          AT-1700T
Allied Telesis          AT-1700BT
Allied Telesis          AT-1700FT
Alta Research           EtherCombo-16 T/C
AMD                     AM2100
AMD                     PCnet-ISA Single Chip Ethernet Controller
AMI                     Series 65 EISA LAN Card
Apricot                 XEN-LS 486SX-20 w/ i82592
Apricot                 LS PRO w/ i82596
Apricot                 LS 386SX-20 w/ i82592
Cabletron               E2010-X
Cabletron               E2112
Cabletron               E3010-X
Cabletron               E3112-X
Cabletron               T2015
Cabletron               T3015
Chips N Tech            MK561
Compaq                  32-bit NetFlex Controller
Compaq                  32-bit DualSpeed Token Ring
Compex                  ENET16/U
Cresendo Communications C321M
DCA                     IRMATrac Token-Ring/Convertible 16/4
DEC                     DEC EtherWORKS LC
DEC                     DEC EtherWORKS MC
DEC                     DEC EtherWORKS Turbo
DEC                     DEPCA
DEC                     WaveLAN AT
D-Link Systems          DE220CT
Gateway Communications  G/Ethernet 16 Combo
Hewlett-Packard         HP EtherTwist MCA Adapter (HP27246)
Hewlett-Packard         HP Ethertwist 8 TP (HP27245)
Hewlett-Packard         HP Ethertwist 16 TP (HP27247)
Hewlett-Packard         PC LAN Adapter/16+ TP (HP27247B)
Hewlett-Packard         Ethertwist EISA LAN Adapter/32 (HP27248)
Hewlett-Packard         PC LAN Adapter/16+ TL (HP27252A)
Hewlett-Packard         HP Ethertwist 8 TL (PC27250A)
IBM                     Ethernet Cards
IBM                     PCMCIA Ethernet Credit Card
IBM                     Token Ring
IBM                     Token Ring  /A
IBM                     Token Ring  II
IBM                     Token Ring 4/16
IBM                     Token Ring 4/16 A
IBM                     Token Ring 16/4 Adapter II
IBM                     Token-Ring 16/4 LANstreamer Server Adapter/A
ICL                     Etherteam 16
ICL                     Etherteam 16i
Intel Corp.             EtherExpress 16
Intel Corp.             EtherExpress 16TP
Intel Corp.             EtherExpress 16 TPE
Intel Corp.             EtherExpress 16C
Intel Corp.             EtherExpress MCA
Intel Corp.             EtherExpress MCA TP
Intel Corp.             EtherExpress TPE Hub
Intel Corp.             Token Express MCA 16/4
Intel Corp.             Token Express EISA 32
Intel Corp.             TokenExpress EISA 16/4
Intel Corp.             TokenExpress ISA 16/4
Intel Corp.             Token Express 16s
Madge Networks          Smart 16/4 XT Ringnode
Madge Networks          Smart 16/4 AT Ringnode
Madge Networks          Smart 16/4 EISA Ringnode
Madge Networks          Smart 16/4 MC Ringnode
National Semiconductor  EtherNODE *16AT
National Semiconductor  AT/LANTIC EtherNODE 16*AT3
National Semiconductor  PCMCIA Ethernet
National Semiconductor  Sonic EISA (DP83932EB)
National Semiconductor  TROPIC Token Ring
NCR                     StarLAN 16/4 Token-Ring MC NAU
NCR Systems BV          WaveLAN/AT
NCR Systems BV          WaveLAN/MC
Novell                  NE1000
Novell                  NE2000
Novell                  NE2000T
Novell                  NE2000 Plus
Novell                  NE/2
Olicom                  16 bit ISA 16/4
Olicom                  16 bit EISA 16/4
Olicom                  32-bit EISA Server Adapter
Olicom                  16 bit MCA 16/4
Proteon                 P1346
Proteon                 P1347
Proteon                 P1390
Proteon                 P1392
Proteon                 P1840
Proteon                 P1892
Proteon                 P1990
Proxim                  RangeLAN Wireless
PureData                PDI508+
PureData                PDI516+
PureData                PDI8023-8
PureData                PDI8023-16
PureData                PDI8023+ 16CAT
PureData                PDuC8023
PureData                PDI9025-16 4
PureData                PDE9025-32 16/4
PureData                PDuC9025 16/4
PureData                PDI90211
PureData                PDuC90211
PureData                PDI7023BT
PureData                PDI7023 Combo
Racal-Datacom           Interlan AT
Racal-Datacom           NI5210
Racal-Datacom           NI6510
Racal-Datacom           InterLAN EtherBlaster
Racal-Datacom           NI9210
Standard Microsystems   PC130E
Standard Microsystems   PC130
Standard Microsystems   PC270E
Standard Microsystems   PC550W
Standard Microsystems   PC600W
Standard Microsystems   PC650WS
Standard Microsystems   Ethernet 3016
Standard Microsystems   SMC 8003EP
Standard Microsystems   SMC 8003EPC
Standard Microsystems   SMC 8003E/A
Standard Microsystems   SMC 8013EPC
Standard Microsystems   SMC 8013EWC
Standard Microsystems   SMC 8013WC
Standard Microsystems   PC9000
Thomas Conrad           TC6145
Thomas Conrad           TC6245
Thomas Conrad           TC4045
3Com Corporation        EtherLink II/16 TP (3C505-16-TP)
3Com Corporation        EtherLink III (3C509)
3Com Corporation        EtherLink III EISA (3C579)
3Com Corporation        EtherLink/MC32 (3C527)
3Com Corporation        EtherLink MC (3C523)
3Com Corporation        TokenLink III 16/4 MCA (3C629)
3Com Corporation        TokenLink III 16/4 ISA (3C619)
Tiara                   10Base-T LanCard/E*AT
Tulip Computers         TNCC-16 CAT
Ungermann-Bass          NICps/2
Ungermann-Bass          NIUpc (PC2030)
Ungermann-Bass          NIUps (PC3030)
Ungermann-Bass          NIUps/EOTP (PC3035)
Ungermann-Bass          NIUpc/EOTP (PC4035)
Ungermann-Bass          PC5000
Xircom                  PE-1
Xircom                  PE-2
Zenith Data Systems     Z.Note 325L Notebook PC

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