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WFWG 3.11: Hardware Compatibility List - Computers

Article ID: 107373

Article Last Modified on 9/23/1999


  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11

This article was previously published under Q107373


This article contains a list of computer systems that have been tested and found to be compatible with Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Microsoft will add additional information to this article as it becomes available.


System Name

Acer Altos 7000/FT66TY
Acer Power 425s
Acer Power 433
Acer Power 433s
Acer Power 433V
Acer Power 450d
Acer Power 466d
Acer/Altos 7000
ACTech ACTion EISA 486DX-50
ACTech ACTion EISA 486DX/2-66
ACTech ACTion ISA 486DX-33
ACTech ACTion ISA 486DX-50
ACTech ACTion ISA 486DX/2-50
ACTech ACTion ISA 486DX/2-66
ACTech ACTion ISA 486SX-25
ACTech ACTion VLB 486DX-33
ACTech ACTion VLB 486DX/2-50
ACTech ACTion VLB 486DX2-66
ACTech ACTion VLB 486DX50
ACTech ACTion VLB 486SX-25
ADS 486 VESA Upgradeable
Apricot LS Pro 386SX-33
Apricot XEN LS II
Apricot XEN LS II 486SX/33
Apricot XEN PC 486DX/2-66
AST Bravo LC 4/33s
AST Bravo LC2 4/33
AST Bravo LC2 4/50d
AST Bravo LC2 4/66d
AST Bravo LC2 425s
AST Bravo LP 4/25s
AST Bravo LP 4/33
AST Bravo LP 4/66d
AST Premmia MTE 4/33
AST Premmia MTE 4/66d
Chaplet NBDE
Compaq ProLinea MT CDS (486DX2/66MHz)
Compaq Deskpro 3/25i
Compaq Deskpro 386/25M
Compaq Deskpro 386/33M
Compaq Deskpro 4/25is
Compaq Deskpro 4/33i
Compaq Deskpro 4/33is
Compaq Deskpro 4/66i
Compaq Deskpro 486/33M
Compaq Deskpro 486s/16M
Compaq Deskpro 486s/25M
Compaq Deskpro 486s/33M
Compaq Deskpro 5/60M
Compaq Deskpro 5/66M
Compaq Deskpro 50M
Compaq Deskpro 66M
Compaq Presario 425
Compaq Presario 625
Compaq Presario 633
Compaq Presario 833 CDS
Compaq Presario 850
Compaq Presario 850 CDS
Compaq Presario 866
Compaq ProLinea 3/25zs
Compaq ProLinea 4/25s
Compaq ProLinea 4/33
Compaq ProLinea 4/50
Compaq ProLinea 4/66
Compaq ProLinea CDS
Compaq ProLinea MT 4/33s
Compaq ProLinea MT 4/50
Compaq ProLinea MT 4/66
Compaq ProLinea MT CDS (486SX/33MHz)
Computer Sales Pro 486DX2\66
Computer Sales Pro 486DX33
Computer Sales Pro 486DX50
Computer Sales Pro 486SX25
Daewoo CPC 2600 Desktop
Daewoo CPC 2700U Desktop
Daewoo CPC 2900 Mini Tower
Daewoo Green PC 2500
DEC PC 433dx MT
DECpc 333sx LP
DECpc 425sx LP
DECpc 433 ST
DECpc 433dx LP
DECpc 433dx MTE
DECpc 433sx LP
DECpc 450 ST
DECpc 450d2 LP
DECpc 450d2 MT
DECpc 452 ST
DECpc 466 ST
DECpc 466d2 MT
DECpc 466d2 MTE
DECpc 560 ST
DECpc LPv 425sx
DECpc LPv 433dx
DECpc LPv 433sx
DECpc LPv 450d2
DECpc LPv 466d2
DECpc LPv 466d2 LP
DECpc LPx 433dx
DECpc LPx 433dx
DECpc LPx 433sx
DECpc LPx 433sx
DECpc LPx 450d2
DECpc LPx 466d2
Eagle Rohan
Eagle Test
Expo Tech 321E Notebook
Expo Tech 322 Notebook
Expo Tech 386SX/3 Desktop
Expo Tech 386SX/3 Ultra Slim
Expo Tech 486 DX/2 Desktop (w/LBVGA)
Expo Tech 486DX/2 Desktop (w/VLBus)
Expo Tech 486DX/3 Desktop
Expo Tech 486DX/3 Desktop (w/LBVGA)
Expo Tech 486DX/3 Desktop (w/VLBus)
Expo Tech 486DX/3 Tower
Expo Tech 486DX/3 Ultra SLim
Expo Tech 486DX2/4 Desktop
Expo Tech 486DX2/4 Desktop (w/LBVGA)
Expo Tech 486DX2/4 Tower
Expo Tech 486DX2/4 Tower (w/VLBus)
Expo Tech 486DX2/6 Desktop
Expo Tech 486DX2/6 Tower
Expo Tech 486DX2/6 Tower (w/VLBus)
Expo Tech 486DX2/66 Deskto (w/VLBUS)
Expo Tech 486SX/3 Deskto p(w/LBVGA)
Expo Tech 486SX/3 Desktop (w/VLBus)
Expo Tech 486SX/3 Tower
Expo Tech 486SX/3 Tower (w/VLBus)
Expo Tech 486SX/3 Ultra Slim (w/LVBGA)
Expo Tech 486SX/4 Deskto (w/VLBus)
Expo Tech 486SX/4 Desktop
Expo Tech 486SX/4 Desktop (w/LBVGA)
Expo Tech 486SX/4 Tower
Expo Tech 486SX/4 Tower (w/VLBus)
Expo Tech 486SX/4 Ultra Slim(w/LBVGA)
Expo Tech LT 421 Notebook
First International Leo 486-JA
First International Leo-486 KVD
First International Leo-VAC-V
Fountain Tech UMC 486 DX2-66
Fountain Technology 486DX2/50
Fountain Technology 486DX2/66
Fountain Technology 486DX33
Fountain Technology 486DX50
Fountain Technology 486SX25
Fujitsu S-4066
Fujitsu S-366
Fujitsu S-466
GoldStar GS 425SXE
GoldStar GS 486ID66C/66Mhz
GoldStar GS466DXE
GoldStar GS466ID 25C 25Mhz
ICL C4/33B
Intercomp DIGIT 486SLC/25
Intercomp Friends 486DX/33
Intercomp Master 486DX2/66
Intercomp Planet 486DX/33
Intercomp Planet II 486 DX2/66
Intercomp Target 486DX/50
IPC Dynasty HE 486DX-33C
IPC Dynasty HE 486DX2-50C
IPC Dynasty HE 486DX2-66c
IPC Dynasty HE 486SX-25C
IPC Dynasty LE 486DX-33C
IPC Dynasty LE 486DX2-50C
IPC Dynasty LE 486DX2-66C
IPC Dynasty SE 486DX-33C
IPC Dynasty SE 486DX2-50C
IPC Dynasty SE 486DX2-66C
IPC Dynasty SE 486SX-25C
IPC Dynsty LE 486SX-25C
KT 486/33 VL-BUS
KT 486/33 VL-BUS/3S
KT 486/50 VL-BUS
Micro Byte Lyrebird 455
Mind 386DX40 ISA
Mind 486 DX-33E
Mind 486 SX-25
Mind 486DX-266 EISA
Mind 486DX250
Mind 486DX266
Mind 486DX50
Mind 486DX50 EISA
Mind 486SX25
NCR 3333-B22
Olivetti M3-30/P
Olivetti M300-15 SX 25 Mhz
Olivetti M300-30
Olivetti M4-40
Olivetti M4-46
Olivetti M4-60
Olivetti M4-64 DX33
Olivetti M4-65
Olivetti M4-82 (KPC 450)
Olivetti M400-60
Olivetti M480-10 486SX25
Olivetti M480-20AT
Olivetti M6-420
Olivetti M6-450 DX2-50Mhz
Olivetti M6-460
Olivetti M6-520
Olivetti M6-540
Olivetti M6-560
Olivetti M6-620 Pentium
Packard Bell  486DX/33
Packard Bell 1110
Packard Bell 1120
Packard Bell 1150(+)
Packard Bell 2066 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell 400DX-33
Packard Bell 400DX-33
Packard Bell 400DX2/50
Packard Bell 400DX2/66
Packard Bell 400SX-25
Packard Bell 400T
Packard Bell 410SX/25
Packard Bell 410SX/33
Packard Bell 420DX/33
Packard Bell 420DX2/66
Packard Bell 420SX/25
Packard Bell 420SX/33
Packard Bell 470
Packard Bell 486CDM(+)
Packard Bell 486SX/25
Packard Bell 486T50
Packard Bell 495
Packard Bell 515E
Packard Bell 525E
Packard Bell 545E
Packard Bell 550(*)
Packard Bell 560
Packard Bell 565E
Packard Bell Axcel 1033
Packard Bell Axcel 105
Packard Bell Axcel 1066(*)
Packard Bell Axcel 130
Packard Bell Axcel 2005(+)
Packard Bell Axcel 2015(+)
Packard Bell Axcel 2033 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Axcel 205(8)
Packard Bell Axcel 230
Packard Bell Axcel 405
Packard Bell Axcel 405(*)
Packard Bell Axcel 405H
Packard Bell Axcel 430(*)
Packard Bell Axcel 460
Packard Bell Axcel 486A66(*)
Packard Bell Axcel 550
Packard Bell Axcel 550MT/J
Packard Bell Axcel 850(*)
Packard Bell Axcel Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Executive 486/33G
Packard Bell Executive 486/33J
Packard Bell Executive 486SX-EC
Packard Bell Force 1066(*)
Packard Bell Force 107
Packard Bell Force 110
Packard Bell Force 1135
Packard Bell Force 1137
Packard Bell Force 117
Packard Bell Force 200
Packard Bell Force 2010(+)
Packard Bell Force 2020(+)
Packard Bell Force 2040 Minitower (+)
Packard Bell Force 2233 Minitower
Packard Bell Force 2376
Packard Bell Force 2376F(*)
Packard Bell Force 2386 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Force 250(*)
Packard Bell Force 405
Packard Bell Force 425
Packard Bell Force 486/33G
Packard Bell Force 486/33J
Packard Bell Force 486/33JW
Packard Bell Force 486CDM-1/TV(+)
Packard Bell Force 486MT50J
Packard Bell Force 486SX/25
Packard Bell Force 486SX/25G
Packard Bell Force 486SX/25W
Packard Bell Force 48825
Packard Bell Force 515S
Packard Bell Force 515S Plus
Packard Bell Force 525
Packard Bell Force 525B
Packard Bell Force 525S
Packard Bell Force 545
Packard Bell Force 545B
Packard Bell Force 545S
Packard Bell Force 565
Packard Bell Force 565
Packard Bell Force 565S
Packard Bell Force 600
Packard Bell Force 600B
Packard Bell Force 600S
Packard Bell Force 715 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Force T66(*)
Packard Bell Legend 102 Elite
Packard Bell Legend 102H
Packard Bell Legend 1134 Elite (*)
Packard Bell Legend 1135
Packard Bell Legend 1136(*)
Packard Bell Legend 1137
Packard Bell Legend 115
Packard Bell Legend 1166(*)
Packard Bell Legend 1176(*)
Packard Bell Legend 120
Packard Bell Legend 125
Packard Bell Legend 126 Elite ((*)
Packard Bell Legend 127(*)
Packard Bell Legend 128
Packard Bell Legend 135(*)
Packard Bell Legend 135H(*)
Packard Bell Legend 140(*)
Packard Bell Legend 1900(+)
Packard Bell Legend 1910(+)
Packard Bell Legend 2000(+)
Packard Bell Legend 2001 (+)
Packard Bell Legend 2002 Elite (+)
Packard Bell Legend 2011 Supreme (+)
Packard Bell Legend 2025(+)
Packard Bell Legend 207(*)
Packard Bell Legend 2133 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 2135 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 2176 Elite MT(*)
Packard Bell Legend 2276 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 2266 Minintower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 2270 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 2300 Minitower (+)
Packard Bell Legend 233(*)
Packard Bell Legend 234 Elite (*)
Packard Bell Legend 245
Packard Bell Legend 33T Supreme Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 486CDM-1/TV(+)
Packard Bell Legend 486T/50(*)
Packard Bell Legend 625
Packard Bell Legend 660
Packard Bell Legend 660 ELITE (*)
Packard Bell Legend 660H
Packard Bell Legend 66D Supreme(*)
Packard Bell Legend 66D Supreme(*)
Packard Bell Legend 66T Supreme (*)
Packard Bell Legend 670(*)
Packard Bell Legend 695 Supreme
Packard Bell Legend 700
Packard Bell Legend 700 Elite (*)
Packard Bell Legend 740(*)
Packard Bell Legend 747 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 750 SUPREME
Packard Bell Legend 760 Supreme
Packard Bell Legend 770
Packard Bell Legend 770 ELITE(*)
Packard Bell Legend 780 Supreme (*)
Packard Bell Legend 780(*)
Packard Bell Legend 790
Packard Bell Legend 800 SUPREME(*)
Packard Bell Legend 800 Supreme/50(*)
Packard Bell Legend 800+ SUPREME(*)
Packard Bell Legend 840 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 845 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 848 Minitower (*)
Packard Bell Legend 925G
Packard Bell Legend 925G Elite
Packard Bell Legend 925J
Packard Bell Legend 933G
Packard Bell Legend 933G ELITE
Packard Bell Legend 933J
Packard Bell Legend 933J ELITE
Packard Bell Legend 933J+
Packard Bell Legend 950 ELITE(*)
Packard Bell Legend 950(*)
Packard Bell Legend 950J ELITE
Packard Bell Legend M950(*)
Packard Bell Legend MT950J
Packard Bell Legend T66(*)
Packard Bell PackMate 2050(+)
Packard Bell PackMate 486/33(*)
Packard Bell PackMate 486/33G
Packard Bell PackMate 486/33J
Packard Bell PackMate 48625
Packard Bell PackMate 486SX/25G
Packard Bell PackMate 733 C MT (*()
Packard Bell PackMate X225
Packard Bell PackMate X230
Packard Bell PackMate X233
Packard Bell PackMate X240(*)
Packard Bell PackMate X250(*)
Packard Bell PackMate X250Y(*)
Packard Bell PackMate XT266(*)
Panasonic CF1000
Panasonic CF1000A
Pionex 486DX2/50
Pionex 486DX2/66
Pionex 486DX33
Pionex 486DX33
Pionex 486SX25
Quantex 486DX2/50
Quantex 486DX2/66
Quantex 486DX50
Quantex 486SX25
Reply Turbo Processor System Upgrades
Sanyo MBC 19 NC
Seanix ASI 9000 9dx266vm8I
Seanix ASI 9000 9dx50vm4I
Siemens Nixdorf PCD-4G
Siemens Nixdorf PCD-4Hsx
Siemens Nixdorf PCE-4C
Siemens Nixdorf PCE-4L
Siemens Nixdorf PCE-4LSX
Siemens Nixdorf PCE-4T
Siemens Nixdorf PCE-4T/66
Siemens Nixdorf PCE-5s
Toshiba 6600C
Toshiba T1850C
Toshiba T1900C
Toshiba T4400C
Toshiba T4500C
Toshiba T4600C
Toshiba T6400SXC
TriGem 486 DX2/66ME
TriGem 4DX2/66ML
Unidata PD466
Unisys MPI 4163
Unisys MPI 42562
Unisys PW 2 Advantage MPI 43331
Unisys PW2 Advamtage 46662
Unisys PW2 Advantage 42532
Unisys PW2 Advantage 45061
Unisys PW2 Advantage 46634
Unisys PW2 Advantage 46663
Unisys PW2 Advantage MIP 43363
Unisys PW2 Advantage MPE 56061
Unisys Unity PDI 4335
Unisys Unity PSI 3333
Unisys Unity XDE 4666
Video Tech 486SX/3 Desktop (w/LBVGA)
Video Tech Laser 386 SX/3 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 386 SX/3 Ultra Slim
Video Tech Laser 386/3 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 386/3 Tower
Video Tech Laser 386SX/3 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 386SX/3 Ultra Slim
Video Tech Laser 486 DX/3 Desktop w/LBVGA
Video Tech Laser 486 DX/3 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486 DX/6 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486 DX2/4 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 486 DX2/4 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486 DX2/6 Desktop w/ LBVGA
Video Tech Laser 486 SX/3 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 486 SX/3 Desktop w/ LBVGA
Video Tech Laser 486 SX/3 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486 SX/3 Ultra Slim
Video Tech Laser 486 SX/4 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 486 SX/4 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486DX/2 Deskto p(w/LBVGA)
Video Tech Laser 486DX/3 Desktop (w/VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486DX/3 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486DX/3 Tower (W/VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486DX/3 Ultra Slim (w/LBVGA)
Video Tech Laser 486DX/4 Tower (w/VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486DX2 Deskto (w/LBVGA)
Video Tech Laser 486DX2/4 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 486DX2/4 Desktop (w/LBVGA)
Video Tech Laser 486DX2/4 Desktop (w/VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486DX2/4 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486DX2/6 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 486DX2/6 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486DX2/6 Tower (w/VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486DX2/66 Desktop (w/VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486SX.3 Desktop (w/LBVGA)
Video Tech Laser 486sx.3 Tower (w/VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486SX/3 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 486SX/3 Desktop (w/VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486SX/3 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486SX/3 Ultra Slim (w/LBVGA)
Video Tech Laser 486SX/4 Desktop
Video Tech Laser 486SX/4 Desktop (VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486SX/4 Desktop (w/LBVGA)
Video Tech Laser 486SX/4 Tower
Video Tech Laser 486SX/4 Tower (w/VLBus)
Video Tech Laser 486SX/4 Ultr Slim (w/LBVGA)
Video Tech Laser a486DX/3 Desktop
Video Tech Laser LT 321E Notebook
Video Tech Laser LT 421 Notebook
Video Tech Laser SX/4 Desktop w/LBVGA
Video Tech Laser LT 322 Notebook
Viglen Contender 4DX33
Viglen EXC ISA
Viglen Genie
WCWS&S Multi Media VESA 486DX
Wyse Decision 486se
Wyse Decision 486si
Wyse Series 3000i Model 350
Wyse Series 6000i Model 650
Zymos AXXESS 486DX2-66
Zymos AXXESS 486DX33

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