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Patch2 - Hermes SNA Sender Will Only Load Local System Account

PSS ID Number: Q107215 Article last modified on 04-23-1996



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft SNA Server for Windows NT, version 2.0


SNA Server SNATRC.DLL fails to initialize if the Hermes SNA Sender (or any Windows 32-bit SNA application running as a Windows NT service) is started in any account other than LocalSystem.


The SNA tracing DLL now continues to initialize even if the internal call to RegisterWindowMessage fails. There are no problems with this, because pop-up dialog boxes cannot be raised directly by Windows NT services.

The SYSTEM.DLL module has been updated and is available on the MSSNA forum on CompuServe.

To install the updated module on the Windows NT machine where the Hermes SNA Sender is to run, do the following:

  1. From a command prompt, enter the following:


    This will stop all SNA Server processes on the machine (and will force off all current SNA Server users if entered at the server).

  2. Copy the patched module to the <SNARoot>directory.

  3. Restart the machine by typing the following:


Additional reference words: prodsna 2.00 KBCategory: kbnetwork KBSubcategory: ntnetserv ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1996.