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Viewer's .BMK and .ANN Files

Article ID: 107170

Article Last Modified on 10/14/2003


  • Microsoft Multimedia Viewer Publishing Toolkit 2.0

This article was previously published under Q107170


The formats of the .ANN and .BMK files used by the Microsoft Multimedia Viewer version 2.0 are not documented.

When a user adds annotations to a title using Viewer's Annotate dialog box, the annotations are stored in the file FILENAME.ANN in the Windows directory, where FILENAME is the filename of the .MVB file. Viewer cannot access the annotations if the .ANN file is moved out of the Windows directory.

Bookmarks are saved to and retrieved from the VIEWER.BMK file. This file must also reside in the Windows directory.


The only interface that Viewer provides to the annotations is the Annotate() command. This command brings up the Annotate dialog box. Viewer does not provide a way to programmatically determine whether a topic has annotations, nor does it provide a way to retrieve the annotations for a topic. Viewer also does not allow the paper clip annotation bitmap to be customized.

The bookmark facility can be accessed only via the BookmarkDefine() and BookmarkMore() commands. The BookmarkDefine() command displays the Define dialog box where the user can enter bookmarks. The BookmarkMore() command displays a dialog box with a list of all the bookmarks defined in the title. Viewer does not provide a way to programmatically retrieve a list of all the bookmarks defined in the title, or to determine whether a given topic has a bookmark. There is also no way to obtain a list of the topics that have bookmarks.

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