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List of Corrections: "Microsoft Word User's Guide"


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, versions 6.0, 6.0a, 6.0c


This article contains a list of documentation errors evident in the "Microsoft Word User's Guide" for Word version 6.0 for Windows. The errors listed are only those that impact the technical accuracy of the instructions offered. Minor typographical errors are not covered here.

Page and Location     Action          Correction
-----------------     ------          ----------

86, para 1,           Replace text    If you want Word to fix an
last sentence                         error, regardless of case,
                                      specify a lowercase entry. For
                                      example, "documetn" fixes
                                      "documetn," "Documetn," and
                                      "DOCUMETN." The entry
                                      "Documetn" fixes "Documetn"
                                      and "DOCUMETN," but not
                                      "documetn." The entry
                                      "DOCUMETN" fixes only the
                                      uppercase error.

86, para 2            Replace text    To see how the AutoCorrect
                                      feature works, make sure the
                                      Replace Text As You Type check
                                      box is selected by choosing
                                      AutoCorrect from the Tools
                                      menu. Type teh, press the
                                      SPACEBAR, and then watch Word
                                      replace it with "the."

87, "Note" section    Remove

175, Options dialog   Remove
box, "Indentation
Levels" check box

212, para 5,          Replace text    When you close the template or
last sentence                         document, or when you quit
                                      Word, you can save the
                                      template in the current
                                      version of Word. If you
                                      haven't changed the template,
                                      you can also save it in
                                      version 2.x format.

221, para 2,          Change Text:    WINWORD.OPT
sentence 3            WINWORD6.INI

255, paragraph        Remove
titled "Normal
sentence 2

388, para 1,          Replace text    These graphics will be printed
last sentence                         correctly on a PostScript
                                      printer, but they will be
                                      represented in the Word
                                      document as a rectangle
                                      containing the filename, the
                                      name of the application in
                                      which the graphic was created,
                                      and the creation date.

493, para 2 under     Add text        Make sure the "Include
the graphic,                          Subdirectories" box is
sentence 2                            checked.

498, meaning for      Replace text    Match the characters within
the character ""                      the quotation marks literally,
(quotation marks)                     including characters that can
                                      be used as search operators.
                                      For example, type "?" to
                                      indicate a question mark
                                      character instead of the
                                      question mark operator. Or
                                      type "modern dance" to
                                      indicate the phrase modern
                                      dance instead of the search
                                      expression modern AND dance
                                      (see ampersand and space
                                      operators, below).

516, "To cancel       Replace text    To cancel printing
printing" section                      - If background printing is
                                         off, do one of the
                                         In Windows, press ESC.
                                         On the Macintosh, press
                                         COMMAND+PERIOD, or press
                                       - If background printing is
                                         on, do one of the
                                         Double-click the printer
                                         icon on the status bar.
                                         Choose Print from the File
                                         menu, and then choose the
                                         Stop Print button.

517, shaded           Replace text    If you have selected the
paragraph,                            Mirror Margins check box, Word
sentences 3 and 4                     adds gutter spacing to the
                                      left margin on odd-numbered
                                      pages and to the right margin
                                      on even-numbered pages. If you
                                      have not selected Mirror
                                      Margins, Word adds gutter
                                      spacing to the left side of
                                      each page.

608-609, entire       Replace text    To convert an embedded object
section titled "To                    to a graphic
convert an embedded                    - Select the embedded object,
object to a                              and then press
graphic," including                      CTRL+SHIFT+F9 (Windows) or
the "Using the                           COMMAND+SHIFT+F9
keyboard" section                        (Macintosh).

611, "Note" section   Replace text    Word updates automatic links
                                      each time you open the Word
                                      document and each time the
                                      data in the source document
                                      changes, whereas it updates
                                      manual links only when you

613, "To update       Add text        4. Choose the Close button.
a link manually"

615, sentence 1       Replace text    3. In the source file, make
                                         the changes you want, and
                                         then save the file.

615, sentence 2       Remove text

615, step 3 under     Replace text    3. Choose the Break Link
"To lock or unlock a                     button, and then choose the
document"                                Yes button when Word asks
                                         if you want to break the

770, "Note" section   Change text     WDREADME.HLP

781, para 2,          Change text     ...between 6:30 A.M. and 5:30
sentence 1            ...between      P.M. Pacific time. In Canada,
                      6:00 A.M.      using a TT/TDD modem, dial
                      and 6:00        (905) 568-9641 between 8:30
                      P.M. Pacific    A.M. and 6:30 P.M. Eastern
                      time.          time, Monday through Friday,
                                      excluding holidays. 


Many of these errors will be corrected in future reprints of this documentation. We will post new information here as it becomes available.

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