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PRB: RESTORE WINDOW Does Not Restore Completely

ID: Q106281

2.5x 2.6x | 2.5x 2.6x 3.00

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro for Windows, version 3.0
  • Microsoft FoxPro for MS-DOS, versions 2.5, 2.5a, and 2.5b
  • Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, versions 2.5, 2.5a, and 2.5b


A window saved with the SAVE WINDOW command in FoxPro version 2.0 for MS-DOS will display differently depending on which platform and version of FoxPro you are using when the RESTORE WINDOW command is executed.


After you issue the SAVE WINDOW and RESTORE WINDOW commands in FoxPro 2.0 for MS-DOS, the window is properly displayed along with all the objects contained in the window. However, when you execute the RESTORE WINDOW command for a window saved in FoxPro version 2.0 in other versions and platforms of FoxPro, the window does not display as it does in FoxPro 2.0.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

 1. In FoxPro version 2.0 for MS-DOS, create a new screen by choosing New
    from the File menu, selecting the Screen radio button, and choosing the
    OK button.

 2. From the Screen menu, choose Screen Layout, then select the Window
    radio button.

 3. In the Name text box, type "test" (without the quotation marks).

 4. In the Choose text box, type "m.wintest" (without the quotation

 5. Choose the OK button.

 6. From the File menu, choose Save, and save the screen as WINTEST.

 7. Create a push button with a "Done" prompt that has the following
    VALID clause:

       CREATE TABLE winsave (notes M)
       SAVE WINDOW test TO MEMO notes

 8. Generate and run the screen under FoxPro version 2.0 for MS-DOS.

 9. Close FoxPro version 2.0 for MS-DOS.

10. Start FoxPro version 2.5 for MS-DOS and issue the following commands:

       USE winsave
       RESTORE WINDOW test FROM MEMO notes

    Make sure the default directory is the same as the one in which
    WINSAVE.DBF is saved.

The window appears truncated in the upper-left corner of the screen. In FoxPro version 2.5 for Windows, the commands will execute without an error, but no window will appear or be in memory.

In FoxPro versions 2.5a and 2.5b for MS-DOS and FoxPro versions 2.5a and 2.5b for Windows, the window appears with the window name as the window title and no objects appear inside the window.

Additional reference words: VFoxWin 3.00 FoxDos FoxWin 2.50 2.50a 2.50b KBCategory: kbprg kbprb KBSubcategory: FxenvMemory

Keywords          : kbenv FxenvMemory 
Version           : 2.5x 2.6x | 2.5x 2.6x 3.00
Platform          : MS-DOS WINDOWS

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