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Methods to Save the NORMAL.DOT File with Low Disk Space


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0


Word 6.0 may not be able to save changes to NORMAL.DOT if there is not enough disk space to perform the save. By default, Word does not prompt to save changes to the NORMAL.DOT; instead, Word saves the changes automatically at the end of each Word session. Below are the two scenarios that will occur depending on whether you have the save option "Prompt to Save" selected.


By default, NORMAL.DOT is automatically saved at the end of every session. If you would rather be prompted, choose Options from the Tools menu, choose the Save tab, and select "Prompt to Save"

"Prompt to Save" Option On

When "Prompt to Save" is selected and you make changes made to the NORMAL.DOT file, you get behavior consistent with Word 2.x:

  1. From the File menu, choose Exit.
  2. When prompted to save changes to NORMAL.DOT, choose Yes.
  3. Word will respond with the following message:

    Changes have been made that affect
    the global template, NORMAL.DOT.
    Do you want to save those changes?

    Choose OK.

  4. If you have low disk space, Word will report:

    Word cannot save or create this file.
    Make sure the disk is not write
    protected (<pathname>:\NORMAL.DOT)

    Choose OK.

  5. Word 6.0 will still be running. You can free up disk space by switching to File Manager, or you can exit without saving changes by choosing No to the Save NORMAL.DOT prompt.

"Prompt to Save" Option Off

When "Prompt to Save" is not selected and you make changes to the NORMAL.DOT file, the following occurs:

  1. From the File menu, choose Exit.
  2. If you have low disk space, Word will report:

    The disk is full trying to write to C:
    Free some space on this drive or save the
    document on a different disk.

    Choose OK.

  3. The Save As dialog is then displayed.

    If you cannot save the NORMAL.DOT file, you can either switch to File Manager (by pressing ALT+TAB or CTRL+ESC) to free disk space, or you can cancel the File Save As dialog box, and Word will exit without saving changes to NORMAL.DOT.

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