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Beethoven: MIDI Files Don’t Play with SoundBlaster Card PSS ID Number: Q105752 Article last modified on 10-27-1993 PSS database name: MMTitles



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Beethoven for Windows, version 1.0


When you use Beethoven with a Sound Blaster card, you may find that Beethoven behaves as if it is playing its MIDI files, yet it produces no sound. You may also find that the CANYON.MID file that ships with Windows plays with very bad sound quality.

This problem occurs if there is a mismatch between the card and driver you are using. For example, this problem will occur if you use the MIDI driver for the Sound Blaster Pro 2 model CT1600 when you actually have a CT1300 or another Sound Blaster card.


To eliminate this problem, remove the CT1600 driver (SBP2FM.DRV) and install a driver that supports your specific card. Drivers for the Sound Blaster cards are available on the Creative Labs bulletin board service. You can contact Creative Labs at the following telephone numbers:

  1. 742-6622 Technical support
  2. 742-6660 BBS - 1200/2400 baud access
  3. 742-6662 BBS - 9600/14,400 baud access
  4. 742-6664 BBS - 9600/14,400 baud access

NOTE: The correct driver to use with the CT1300 card is SBPFM.DRV.


To determine whether or not you are using the CT1600 driver, check for the following:

  • In the SYSTEM.INI file, the MIDI= setting in the [drivers] section will be set to SBP2FM.DRV.
  • In the MIDI Mapper, Name will be set to SBP2 FM and Port Name will be set to SB Pro 2 Synth.

The Sound Blaster card is manufactured by Creative Labs, a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product’s performance or reliability.

Additional reference words: multi media multimedia multi-media soundblaster

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1993.