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FIX: Cannot Make Server-Server RPCs in Non-trusted Mode

Article ID: 104957

Article Last Modified on 3/25/2000


  • Microsoft Open Database Connectivity 1.0

This article was previously published under Q104957

BUG# ODBCSS: 2774 (1.01.2920)


Using the ODBC SQL Server driver version 1.01.2920 or earlier, it is not possible to perform server to server RPC's in non-trusted mode. As a result, users of Microsoft Access or Microsoft Visual Basic version 3.0 for Windows cannot perform server to server RPCs on SQL Servers.

Server to Server RPC refers to:

A client logs on to a server called server1. It then issues a procedure call of the form:

exec server2.pubs.dbo.testproc

This causes server1 to log onto server2 and execute the procedure testproc owned by the dbo of the pubs database. Thus, testproc is executed remotely on server2.

In SQL Server, server to server RPCs can be done in 2 modes: trusted and non-trusted. In trusted mode, the remote server (server2 in the example above) accepts remote logins from other servers without verifying the login. Untrusted mode specifies that server2 should verify passwords before accepting remote logins.

Using the ODBC SQL Server driver version 1.01.2820 or earlier, it is not possible to execute server to server RPC's in non-trusted mode. Attempting to do so will produce the error message:

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Login to site <remote- servername> failed.
szSqlState = "S0002", *pfNativeError = 7221


Use trusted mode RPCs.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in SQL Server Driver version 1.01.2820 or earlier. This problem has been fixed in SQL Server Driver version 1.02.3231, which ships with SQL Server version 4.2 for Windows NT. The driver may also be obtained from your primary support provider.

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