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MS-DOS 6 or 6.2 Setup and ROM-Based Virus Detection PSS ID Number: Q104910 Article last modified on 11-01-1993 PSS database name: O_MSDOS

6.00 6.20


The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft MS-DOS operating system versions 6.0 and 6.2


The MS-DOS 6 or 6.2 Setup program may fail during creation of the Uninstall disk after the FAT.DAT file is written to the Uninstall disk.

NOTE: You may also see this error when you use Fdisk to rewrite the master boot record (MBR).


The ROM BIOS in many computers can be configured to automatically scan the boot sector for viruses. ROM BIOS chip sets that are known to provide this feature include various versions of the following:

  • American Megatrends International (AMI) BIOS dated 1992 and 1993
  • Award BIOS version 3.2 or later
  • Microid Research BIOS (in particular, the versions in Brother models BCN3-386DX/33C and BCN5-386DX/33C)

If the boot sector virus-detection feature is enabled, the MS-DOS 6 or 6.2 Setup program fails when it attempts to write to the boot sector. The BIOS may then report an error message stating that a possible virus has been detected. The specific error message for each computer is dependent on the BIOS, however, it will probably be similar to the following:

  • Virus-protection software has been activated–system halted (MR BIOS)


  • Boot sector write error! Possible virus! Do you want to continue Y/N? (AMI BIOS)


  • Illegal write to boot sector attempted, Y to continue, A to abort (Award BIOS)


To work around this problem, run the CMOS setup for the computer and disable the option to protect the boot sector from viruses. After this option has been disabled, you can restart your computer and safely run MS-DOS 6 Setup. The boot sector virus-detection feature can then be reenabled after installation is complete.


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