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TSR to Force Creation of Temporary Files in Current Directory

Article ID: 104595

Article Last Modified on 10/31/2006

This article was previously published under Q104595


Some programs (such as Clipper '87) create temporary files using a standard MS-DOS function (int 21h function 5A).

MS-DOS function 5A by default tries to create temporary files in the root directory of the current drive. On LAN Manager 2.x networks, this means that if the current drive is redirected to a network share, the user must have Create and Delete permissions on that share.

Using the HOOK5A Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) utility alleviates this requirement by forcing Function 5A to create temporary files in the current directory.

HOOK5A can be found in the Software/Data Library by searching on the keyword HOOK5A, the Q number of this article, or S14343. HOOK5A was archived using the PKware file-compression utility.

The entry in the Software/Data Library includes the following files:

   Filename       Description
   --------       -----------
   HOOK5A.COM     MS-DOS TSR program
   README.TXT     Short explanation of the program


Load HOOK5A before or after the NET START RDR command in your AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Note: As with any other TSR, if you load HOOK5A after you start the workstation (NET START RDR), you will no longer be able to stop the workstation software.

Additional query words: 2.20

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