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XL5: Cannot Size Full Page Chart

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel for Windows, version 5.0
  • Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh, version 5.0


In Microsoft Excel 5.0, when you create a chart as a new sheet, you can select one of three options on the Chart tab in the Page Setup dialog box that affect how the chart is displayed and which parts of it you can move and resize. When you select the chart area with the Use Full Page option selected, you will see black handles around the perimeter of the chart. While black handles normally imply that you can move and resize an object, you cannot resize the chart area while this option is selected. You can only resize the chart area when the black handles are joined by a dashed line around the perimeter; this is the case when you select either the Scale To Fit Page or Custom options.

The following table details how each option affects the way your chart is displayed and what you can move and size.

With this
option         The chart does this      Moving and sizing
Use Full       Fills the page within    The chart area cannot
Page           the margin settings.     be sized. Chart items
                                        must be individually
                                        sized or moved.

Scale To       Scales to fit the        The chart area can be
Fit Page       page within the          sized either vertically
               margin settings in       or horizontally but not
               terms of width           both. Chart items are
               or height                sized and moved in
               (depending on the        proportion to the
               orientation of your      chart area.

Custom         Adjusts to any size      The chart area can be
               or placement within      moved and sized
               the margin settings.     vertically and
                                        horizontally. All
                                        chart items are sized
                                        and moved in proportion
                                        to the chart area. 

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