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PRB: Win32 SDK and VC++ NT Help Files Are Incompatible PSS ID Number: Q104378 Article last modified on 07-27-1994



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Win32 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows NT version 3.1

The Win32 API help file that accompany the Win32 SDK (that is, API32WH.HLP) are incompatible with Windows Help files from the Visual C++ 32-bit edition.


Choosing the Search Plus button from within Visual C++ for Windows NT Windows Help with a copy of a help file from the Win32 SDK produces a “Missing or Old Index” error.


The version of API32WH.HLP for Visual C++ for Windows NT is indexed with several other help files to make it easy to search for terms and keywords in several files at once. The Visual C++ Setup program writes the name of the new index file into the Windows NT registry, and this name is different than the name of the index file included with the Win32 SDK. If you subsequently open API32WH.HLP from the Win32 SDK and use the full-text search feature (the Find button), you will receive an error message about an old or missing index file.


If you have previously installed the Win32 SDK for Windows NT, after installing Visual C++ for Windows NT, you should use only the version of the Win32 application programming interface (API) help file (API32WH.HLP) installed with Visual C++ for Windows NT. The Setup program installs this file by default in the subdirectory under the directory that you have chosen for Visual C++, or in a help subdirectory that you explicitly choose.

For more information about moving from the Win32 SDK to Visual C++ for Windows NT, see the MIGRATE.HLP help file.

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