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PRB: RPC Installation Problem


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Win32 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows NT, version 3.1


There is a problem with the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service installation. Setup searches the Windows directory for WINSOCK.DLL. If the file is found, Setup installs RPC16C3.DLL.

This is a problem if you are dual booting a machine between Windows 3.1 and Windows NT because Windows 3.1 uses an older TCP/IP interface, which is called RPC16C3X.DLL on the distribution disks. When you run Windows NT, you will want to use the newer TCP/IP interface, called RPC16C3.DLL.


If you are dual booting and using RPC, a workaround to this problem is to rename your WINSOCK.DLL file to something else, such as WINSOCK.XXX. This will cause Setup to copy the correct version of the TCP/IP dynamic-link library (DLL).

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