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Microsoft Support Network: Priority Support for U.S. & Canada PSS ID Number: Q104266 Article last modified on 10-01-1993 PSS database name: PSS

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Microsoft Support Network: Priority Support for United States and Canada (October 1, 1993) =============================================================

Priority Support puts customers in touch with Microsoft Support whenever they need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether the focus is on information systems management, development, help desk or general usage, Priority Support offers a range of options designed to meet those needs. Priority Support customers also can access a broad range of around-the-clock electronic information services.

Priority Support offers:

  • Choices. You can choose either annual or per-incident support. Annual support is ideal for customers desiring an ongoing relationship with Microsoft support; customers preferring incremental, individually accessed support can choose from a variety of per- incident options. Three separate options are available, based on how the customer is using Microsoft products: Priority Comprehensive, Priority Development with Desktop, and Priority Desktop.

  • 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Helping to ensure key issues are addressed in a timely manner, Microsoft support is available anytime of the day or night.

  • Toll-free telephone access. Priority Support provides unlimited telephone access through an 800 number for all Priority Support annual customers and for customers accessing Priority Support with a credit card.

  • Prompt issue management. Priority Support offers an issue-management process in which all appropriate Microsoft resources are applied to resolve customer issues promptly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Access by phone or electronically. Customers can access Priority Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either through an 800 number or with Microsoft OnLine software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The latter option provides quick and confidential electronic communications with Microsoft support engineers, including the ability to send and retrieve information. NOTE: Microsoft OnLine is not available for Priority Desktop.

  • Pricing. Pricing varies according to the option chosen:

    1. Priority Comprehensive support for users of Microsoft’s Advanced Systems products and all other Microsoft products is priced as follows:

      • Annual subscription for $7,500
      • 10-pack of incidents for $995
      • $150 per incident. Either call (800) 936-5900 and use your credit card or call (900) 555-2100.
    2. Priority Development with Desktop for development issues, desktop applications, and personal operating systems is priced as follows:

      • Annual subscription for $1,495
      • 10 Pack of incidents at $750
      • 900 number, (900) 555-2300, $2.00/minute, $95 cap per incident
      • Credit card, (800) 936-5800, $95 per incident
    3. Priority Desktop for users of desktop applications and personal operating systems is priced as follows:

      • Annual subscription for $195
      • 900 number, (900) 555-2000, $2.00/minute, $25 cap per incident
      • Credit card, (800) 936-5700, $25 per incident
  • Canadian Pricing and Service Information. Call (800) 668-7975 for information on pricing and services offered in Canada.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1993.