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PRB: "Variable CPSRNAME Not Found" in SetupWizard

ID: Q104260

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro Distribution Kit for Windows, versions 2.5 and 2.5a


The error message "Variable CPSRNAME not found" will appear if compression is interrupted while the SetupWizard is running.


To correct this problem:

1. From the File menu, choose Open.

2. In the FOXPROW\WIZARD subdirectory will be the SETUP.PJX project.

   Select this file and choose the Open button.

3. Select the DKSETUP program (it will have a dot next to it), and

   choose the Edit button.

4. When this program opens, choose Find from the Edit menu. In the

   Look For box, type "cpsrname" (without the quotation marks), and
   press ENTER.

   You will find the line:

      DELETE FILE (addbs(m.g_cprsdir) + cpsrname)

5. Change "cpsrname" to read "cprsname" (without the quotation marks). 6. Close the DKSETUP program and rebuild the application.

Additional reference words: FoxWin 2.50 2.50a DK compress errmsg err msg KBCategory: kbsetup kbprg kberrmsg kbprb KBSubcategory: FxtoolDk

Last Reviewed: June 27, 1995
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