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PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Clean-Up Schedule Files

Article ID: 104085

Article Last Modified on 8/16/2005


  • Microsoft Schedule+ 1.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Schedule+ 1.0a

This article was previously published under Q104085


In versions 1.0 and 1.0a of Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows, when the allotted Schedule+ storage limit has expired, the following dialog box and message appear:

Clean-Up Schedule Files
There is information stored in your schedule file which is older than the limit set for discarding data. Would you like to delete it?

At this point, you have three options:

  • Create Archive Before Deleting
  • Delete


  • Do Not Delete


You have information in your Schedule+ calendar file on the server that is older than the time limit set by the Schedule+ administrator. This limit is the period of time, in months, during which all users can keep old information in their calendar files on the Mail server. This time period can be anywhere from 1 to 99 months. The default is 6 months.


You must select one of the three options available or contact your Schedule+ administrator and ask to have the Schedule storage limit raised. The Schedule+ storage limit is not indicated to Schedule+ users; only the Schedule+ administrator can view the storage limit in the Schedule+ Administration program.

If you are using Schedule+ running under Windows for Workgroups, you cannot change this setting. This time limit can only be changed in the Schedule+ Administrator program, which is not supplied with the Windows for Workgroups version of Schedule+.

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