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ACC1x: Version 1.1 Online Help and Text Files


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Access 1.1


This article lists all the online Help and text files included with Microsoft Access version 1.1. The information in the text files is not in the printed documentation that ships with Microsoft Access.


The table below lists the filename, whether the file is installed by the Upgrade or full package, whether the file is installed in the Access directory or the Windows SYSTEM directory, and a description of the file.

Filename      Package   Directory     Description

MSA110.HLP    Upgrade   Access        What's new in 1.1?
README.TXT    Both      Access        Supplement to documentation

NOTE: Slightly different versions of the README.TXT file are installed by
the Upgrade and full Microsoft Access packages.

ANALYZER.TXT  Full      Access        Database Analyzer
ERRATA.TXT    Full      Access        Errors in documentation
ORDENTRY.TXT  Full      Access        Order entry information
ORDENTRY.HLP  Full      Access        Order entry information
PIM.HLP       Full      Access        PIM help information
MSACCESS.HLP  Full      Access        Includes 1.0 and 1.1 Help
BTRIEVE.TXT   Both      Access        Btrieve information
PERFORM.TXT   Both      Access        Enhancing performance

NOTE: the following four files are installed only when you run the ODBC
Setup program that is shipped on a separate disk with both the Upgrade and
full packages.

DRVSSRVR.HLP  Both      System        SQL Server access information
DRVORACL.HLP  Both      System        Oracle access information
ORACLE.TXT    Both      System        Oracle access information
ODBCINST.HLP  Both      System        ODBC Driver Manager install Help 

Note that if the Microsoft Access Setup program detects that you are not using the most current version of the Windows for Workgroups driver, Setup will stop and refer you to the WFWDRV.TXT file. This file is on Disk 1, and is not installed to your hard disk.

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