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Microsoft KB Archive/103779

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Excel: List of Help Topics in EXCELHLP.HLP File for Excel 4.0a

Last reviewed: May 22, 1997
Article ID: Q103779

4.00a WINDOWS kbusage The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Excel for Windows, version 4.0a

The following list contains the topic numbers and descriptions for each topic available in the EXCELHLP.HLP file. These topics can be used in conjunction with customer dialog boxes that are equipped with Help buttons, or can be called with the HELP() function in Microsoft Excel.

Topic    Description
1        Locked cells cannot be changed.
2        Database range not defined.
3        Criteria range not defined.
4        Extract range not defined.
5        Database range is not valid.
6        Criteria range is not valid.
7        Extract range is not valid.
8        Data type is not valid.
9        Selection is not valid.
10       Recorder is not valid.
11       Recorder is not defined.
12       [Entry] is too long.
13       Formula is too long.
14       Text is too long.
15       Number format is too long.
16       Formula is not valid.
17       Name in formula is unclear.
18       Error in formula.
19       Function is not valid.
20       Parentheses do not match.
21       [Incorrect number of] arguments.
22       Error in Formula: Missing operand.
23       That name is not valid.
24       Cannot enter an external reference to a chart.
25       Cannot enter an external reference to a workbook.
26       Name is not defined.
27       Number format is not valid.
28       Selection too large.
29       Cannot paste that macro formula onto a worksheet.
30       Cannot resolve circular references.
31       Cannot use a workbook reference to documents not in a
32       Series order must be an integer between 0 and 255.
33       Series must contain at least one value.
34       Formula must refer to a single cell or result in a text
35       External Reference is not valid.
36       Reference is not valid. Cannot enter a multiple cell
         reference for the Series Title.
37       Reference is not valid. Reference for Categories and Values
         must be a row or column.
38       Reference is not valid. Reference must be a simple external
         reference to a worksheet.
39       Reference is not valid. Reference must be to an open
40       Cannot do that command on nonadjacent selections.
41       Cannot access file.
42       Cannot access directory.
43       Cannot access [document].
44       Cannot open or save any more documents.
45       Disk is full.
46       Unable to read file.
47       Filename is not valid.
48       Cannot access read-only document.
49       [External Copy or SYLK]: file format is not valid.
50       Replace existing [document]?
51       Cannot save to an open document.
52       Revert to saved [document]?
53       Revert to saved secondary sheets?
54       Document is not completely saved.
55       Delete file [filename]?
56       Maximum number of data series per chart is 255.
57       Maximum number of data points in a data series is 4000.
58       Negative or zero values cannot be plotted correctly on log
59       Did not encounter RETURN() or HALT() on macro sheet.
60       Reference must be to a macro sheet.
61       Invalid register id, or function not registered yet.
62       Error printing on [printer].
63       No point number is specified.
64       No series number is specified.
65       Tick mark intervals must be greater than 0.
66       That gallery option does not exist.
67       Cannot print chart in draft quality.
68       Cannot add any more custom formats.
69       [Document] is Read-Only.
70       [Document] is currently in use. Open as Read-Only?
71       Sort key is not valid.
72       Cannot change part of an array.
73       Cannot change part of a table.
75       Cannot delete built-in format.
76       Cannot save to that name. Another document is linked to a
         document with that name.
77       Value must be a number.
78       Minor unit must be less than major unit.
79       Maximum axis value must be greater than minimum axis value.
80       Unit of log scale must be at least 10.
81       [Name] is not a valid name.
82       Replace existing definition of [name]?
83       Number is not valid.
84       Integer is not valid.
85       That name already exists.
86       No match.
87       No references found.
88       Could not find matching data.
89       Could not find matching data to delete.
90       Could not find matching data to replace.
91       Shortcut key must be a letter.
92       Column width must be between 0 and 255.
93       Row height must be between 0 and 409.
94       [Range] is not defined.
95       Recording failed.
96       Recorder range is full.
97       Cannot open the Clipboard.
98       Cannot empty the Clipboard.
99       Too complex to record.
100      Cannot shift nonblank cells off sheet.
101      Cannot shift objects off sheet.
102      Fixed objects will move.
103      Cannot link to a chart.
104      Change DDE/OLE link failed.
105      Number must be greater than or equal to zero.
106      Cannot paste data.
107      Cannot insert object.
108      Cannot open printer driver.
109      File error: data may have been lost.
110      File error: some number formats may have been lost.
111      File may contain nondisplayable text and formats from the Far
112      A document with the name [name] is already open.
113      Update references to unopened documents?
114      [Copy or cut] and paste areas are different shapes.
115      Cannot paste a table onto a macro sheet.
116      Some custom formats will not fit on the destination sheet.
117      Cannot find [document].
118      Cannot access [document].
119      Cannot save [filename] because the volume is locked.
120      Matching records will be permanently deleted.
121      Incorrect password.
122      Cannot open a dependent document that contains references to
         different sheets with the same name.
123      Use existing definition of [name]?
124      Name cannot resemble a reference.
125      Name cannot be the same as built-in name.
126      Name already exists on destination sheet.
127      Data on the Clipboard is not the same size and shape as the
         selected area. Paste anyway?
128      No link to paste.
129      Unable to paste link.
130      No match in current cell.
131      Cell with looping function should not contain anything else.
132      Save changes in [document]?
133      Save [workbook] and all bound sheets?
134      Reference must be to a single cell.
135      Select cells in one column only.
136      Error in parse line.
137      Cannot find data source.
138      Reference is not valid.
139      Input cell reference is not valid.
140      Destination reference is not valid.
141      Consolidation reference is not valid.
142      Invalid document for consolidation.
143      Data will permanently lose accuracy.
144      Document is already protected.
145      Data_Form is not correct.
146      Cannot justify cells containing numbers or formulas.
147      Text will extend below range.
148      Error in dialog box at [cell]. [Message]
149      Existing categories will be permanently deleted.
150      Displayed record will be deleted permanently.
151      Cannot extend database.
152      Chart is protected and cannot be changed.
153      No cells found.
154      Cannot open normal Multiplan document.
155      Total number of file errors: [number]
156      Cannot read record [reference]. Continue reporting each
157      Cannot write record [reference]. Continue reporting each
158      Cannot convert 3-D reference: [reference].
159      A high-low-close stock chart must contain three series.
160      A volume-high-low-close stock chart must contain four series.
161      An open-high-low-close stock chart must contain four series.
162      A volume-open-high-low-close stock chart must contain five
163      References in series formulas must be external references to
164      Redefine [stylename] based on selected cells?
165      Macro with name [name] already exists. Overwrite?
166      Cannot create Global Macro Sheet.
167      Save changes to Global Macro Sheet?
168      Global Macro Sheet in the startup directory must stay open
         for recording.
169      Cannot save Global Macro Sheet in the startup directory. You
         may save it elsewhere now and move it to the startup
         directory later.
170      Cannot change this cell while a macro is paused.
171      Stack overflow. Note conditions and report to your DLL
172      Too many fields in the data form.
173      Cannot create data form for a database in which all columns
         are hidden.
174      Extract range is full.
175      Too many different cell formats.
176      Note will be permanently deleted.
178      Create Works graphs?
179      First document in the workbook must be a worksheet.
180      Cannot save workbook with no worksheet as a WK3 file.
181      Cannot save unbound workbook as a WK3 file.
182      Cannot save workbook with macro sheets as a WK3 file.
183      Save large Clipboard from [filename]?
184      Save [document] with references to unsaved documents?
185      Remote data not accessible. Start application [application]?
186      Cannot quit Microsoft Excel.
187      Too many external references.
188      Help reference is not valid.
189      Cannot delete [document].
190      Margins do not fit page size.
191      Number must be between [number] and [number].
192      [Name] on [document] is not defined or is too complex.
193      Merge styles that have the same names?
194      Database is hidden.
195      Cannot enter a formula in a Data Form.
196      Cannot save to that name. Document was opened as Read-Only.
197      Save changes to current series?
198      Name conflict. Rename the document you want to open.
199      Dialog box contains too many items.
200      Cannot open protected file.
201      Font name is too long.
202      Text extends beyond worksheet. Some text will be lost.
203      Command not available at cell [reference].
204      There is nothing to print in the specified pages.
205      Cannot create backup file. Save [file] without backup?
206      File format is not valid.
207      Cell must contain a value.
208      Reference must be on the active sheet.
209      Cell must contain a formula.
210      Formula in cell must result in a number.
211      Calculation is incomplete. Recalculate before saving?
212      [Document] contains incomplete calculation.
213      [Document] contains incomplete calculation. Continue
         reporting each error?
214      Operation failed. [Document] is reserved by [user].
215      Operation failed. [Document] is write reserved.
216      Confirmation password is not identical.
217      Password contains accented characters or certain punctuation
         marks which will not transfer correctly to Microsoft Excel
         for the Macintosh or Microsoft Excel for OS/2.
219      [Document] is being modified by [user]. Open as Read-Only?
220      [Document] should be opened as Read-Only unless changes to it
         need to be saved. Open as Read-Only?
221      Cell with block IF function should not contain anything else.
222      Reference is too complex.
223      Cannot use that command on a protected document.
224      Reference must be to a single cell on the active sheet.
225      Cannot find macro [name].
226      Series definition must include a [Y or Z] reference.
227      Data may be lost saving to an old file format.
228      Cannot find [macro] which has been assigned to run each time
         [document] is opened. Continuing could lead to erroneous
         results. Cancel Open?
229      Cannot find [macro] which has been assigned to run each time
         [document] is closed. Continuing could lead to erroneous
         results. Cancel Close?
230      Cannot find [name].
231      Unable to activate the source application for this embedded
232      Unable to locate the source application for this embedded
233      Database is not defined. File format cannot be used.
234      Sheet is protected with password. File format cannot be used.
235      Sheet is protected with password and formulas are displayed.
         File format cannot be used.
236      Value is too large.
237      Value is too small.
238      Unable to import file
239      Unable to combine file
240      Unable to extract file
241      Cannot import from an open file
242      Cannot extract to an open file
243      Directory does not exist.
244      Matrix must be square.
245      Matrices are incompatible for multiplication.
246      Output range extends beyond edge of worksheet.
247      Cannot split when the document has more than one window.
248      Cannot split when windows are locked.
249      Reference cannot be to a closed sheet.
250      Lotus 1-2-3 Help demonstrations cannot be recorded. Stop
         recording and continue?
251      Cannot post instructions because a worksheet is not active.
252      Cannot post instructions because worksheet objects are
         currently hidden or protected.
253      Cannot post instructions because worksheet is protected.
254      Not enough data for Graph demonstration.
255      Cannot demo with custom menus.
256      Help for Lotus 1-2-3 Users is not available in group edit
258      Missing NEXT for loop. Macro error at cell [reference].
259      Missing loop. Macro error at cell:
260      Missing IF. Macro error at cell: [reference].
261      Missing an END.IF function. Macro error at cell: [reference].
262      Cannot add another menu bar. Macro error at cell:
263      Command or menu does not exist. Macro error at cell:
264      Cannot delete built-in or active menu bars. Macro error at
         cell: [reference].
265      Cannot enable built-in commands. Macro error at cell:
266      Names cannot look like references. Macro error at cell:
267      Cannot use name that is a reference to nonadjacent cells.
268      Nonadjacent selections are not valid.
269      Cannot change linked data--[message].
270      Source worksheet is closed.
271      Data point corresponds to a formula on a hidden worksheet.
272      Data point corresponds to a formula on a macro sheet.
273      Cell in supporting worksheet is locked.
274      Cell in supporting worksheet contains nonnumeric data.
275      Category range contains nonnumeric data.
276      Stationery document is not saved in Normal Excel format.
         Opening as a nonstationery file.
277      Names in complex reference are not allowed.
278      Series formula is too long.
279      The list and decimal separators specified by the system are
         identical. Substituting [punctuation mark] for the list
280      The date and time separators specified by the system are
         identical. Substituting ':' for the time separator.
281      Text in your macro may need to be translated by hand.
283      No objects found.
284      Unable to save external link values.
285      Cannot print chart with the current scale and paper size;
         select a larger scale percentage or a smaller paper size.
286      Update embedded objects?
287      Cannot change to that name. Another document is linked to a
         document with that name.
288      Cannot bind a document with the same name as another bound
289      Cannot unbind a document with the same name as another open
290      Workbook is protected and cannot be changed.
291      Cannot use this command with a workbook or WK3 file open.
292      Document in more than one workbook. Activate workbook
         contents and try again.
293      This chart graphs data from more than one worksheet. Use the
         Chart Edit Series command to change its plot data.
294      This chart graphs constant data. Use the Chart Edit Series
         command to change its plot data.
295      This chart graphs data from an unopen worksheet. Use the File
         Links command to open the supporting document.
296      Update object [name] in [document]?
297      Cannot execute [program]. The program or one of its
         components is damaged or missing.
298      A surface chart must contain at least two series.
299      Useful only in Windows for Pen Computing environment
300      This document belongs to more than one open workbook. Create
         a copy of it to bind in this workbook?
301      Cannot read this binary file...
302      Cannot unbind a document that would result in an invalid file
303      Cannot copy a document when the copy's name would result in a
         document name conflict.
304      Cannot rename a document to the same name as another
305      Cannot include this type of document in a workbook.
306      Cannot save a document that belongs to a workbook in that
307      [Filename] was created in a previous version of Microsoft
         Excel. Do you want to update it to Microsoft Excel 4.0
308      Bound filename is invalid.
310      Cannot enter an array formula into a range of cells which are
         not all locked or unlocked.
311      Select entire rows and/or columns before choosing Options Set
         Print Titles.
315      Document is already open. Select it from the list box
316      Formula too complex to be assigned to object.
317      Delete the [name] toolbar?
318      Cannot revert to a saved WK3 file. Close the file and then
         open it.
320      A document with that name is a supporting document. Charts
         cannot be supporting documents.
321      A document with that name is a supporting document. Workbook
         tables of contents cannot be supporting documents.
322      Selection too large. Continue without Undo?
323      Document not saved.
324      Document not saved. Any previously saved copy has been
325      No source references specified for consolidation.
326      Cannot open consolidation source file [filename].
327      No data was consolidated.
328      Cannot add duplicate source reference.
329      Consolidate_Area reference is not valid.
330      Source reference overlaps destination area.
331      Cannot create links to consolidation sheet.
332      Cannot show outline symbols. No outline exists on the current
         worksheet. Create one?
333      Cannot promote. To start an outline, select the detail rows
         or columns and demote them.
334      Modify existing outline?
335      Cannot create an outline.
336      Style name is not valid.
337      Style [name] not found.
338      A group must contain two or more sheets.
339      Input and output ranges overlap.
340      The current selection already contains only visible cells.
342      Cannot use that command while in Data Entry mode.
343      Insert new page into printer
344      Cannot end macro in a menu.
345      Macro error at cell:
346      Macro interrupted at cell:
347      AutoFormat could not detect a table around the active cell.
         Select the desired range and choose the command again.
348      Continue checking at beginning of sheet?
349      Could not find main dictionary.
350      Finished spell checking [document].
351      Could not initialize spell checker.
352      Incompatible version of spell checker.
353      Custom dictionary [name] does not exist. Create?
354      Invalid [dictionary name].
355      Could not read [dictionary name].
356      Could not write [dictionary name].
357      Could not create [dictionary name].
358      Could not share [dictionary name].
359      Custom dictionary is full.
360      Could not open [dictionary name].
361      Dictionary is too large.
362      The [selected text] is spelled correctly.
363      Need to specify sheet to copy from workbook file.
364      Not a workbook file.
365      Can't find that sheet in workbook file.
366      Workbook has no bound sheets.
367      Cannot open FM? files directly. Open the corresponding WK?
368      Overwrite nonblank cells in destination?
369      Font size must be between 1 and 409 points.
370      Cannot find [linked document].
371      Cannot open Macintosh Excel 1.X chart.
372      Cannot open normal Macintosh Excel document.
374      Remote data not accessible. Start application [name]?
375      Re-establish remote links?
376      Existing remote links will be terminated.
377      Remote links to document exist. Close anyway?
378      This command controls default printer settings for all
         documents and all applications. Use Page Setup to set
         Orientation, Paper Size, and Scaling for individual
379      Current printer is either missing or bad. Please select a new
380      There are no printers installed. Please use the Printers
         Control Panel to install a printer.
381      Cannot run tutorial with Microsoft Windows for Pen Computing
382      The header or footer cannot be longer than 255 characters.
         Please delete some text, or make the formatting less
383      EXCELCBT.LIB not found. Cannot run tutorial.
384      EXCELCBT.CBT not found. Cannot run tutorial.
385      Lesson file(s) not found. Cannot run tutorial.
386      EXCELCBT directory not found.
387      Cannot run tutorial. There may be another tutorial active.
388      Too many files to mail.
389      Cannot start the Send Mail service. Please check your
         Microsoft Mail installation.
390      File is not a valid wave file.
391      Recording buffer is full.
392      Cannot load wave file.
393      Cannot open waveform output device.
394      Cannot open waveform input device.
395      Cannot play Macintosh sounds under Windows.


The Microsoft Excel help topics listed above were extracted using the following macro (run the macro from a new worksheet):

A1: HELP_TOPICS A2: =FOR("Message",1,395) A3: =HELP("excelhlp.hlp!"&Message) A4: =SEND.KEYS("%EC+{END}+{DOWN}%C") A5: =FORMULA(Message,OFFSET(!A1,Message,0)) A6: =PASTE(OFFSET(!B1,Message,0)) A7: =NEXT() A8: =RETURN()


"Function Reference," version 4.0, pages 217-218 "User's Guide 2," version 4.0, pages 291-292

KBCategory: kbusage


Additional reference words: 4.00a
Keywords : kbusage
Version : 4.00a
Platform : WINDOWS

Last reviewed: May 22, 1997
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