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Difference Between Word and Windows TrueType Font Files


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, version 6.0


The file size of the TrueType font files (.TTF) supplied with Word for MS-DOS is larger than the file size of the corresponding TrueType font files supplied with Microsoft Windows operating system version 3.1. This is because the Word .TTF files include support for additional character sets, namely the Greek, mathematics, and lower ASCII symbols Word uses to create bullets.

If you want to conserve hard disk space by using the same .TTF files in both Windows and Word, replace your Windows .TTF files with the ones supplied with Word. This article contains a list of the .TTF files supplied with both Word and Windows.

If you change the location of the TrueType fonts that Windows uses, you must update the [Fonts] section of your WIN.INI file to reflect the new location.


The following is a list of the .TTF files supplied with Word, including file size:

TrueType Font    File
Filename         Size
ARIAL.TTF        78576
ARIALB.TTF       78064
ARIALI.TTF       71468
ARIALZ.TTF       82320
COUR.TTF         85692
COURB.TTF        91796
COURI.TTF        93972
COURZ.TTF        97056
SYMBOL.TTF       64516
TIMES.TTF        98416
TIMESB.TTF       93748
TIMESI.TTF       91776
TIMESZ.TTF       89728
WINGDING.TTF     71052 

The following is a list of the .TTF files supplied with Windows version 3.1, including file size. These files are located in the SYSTEM subdirectory of the Windows program directory (for example, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM).

TrueType Font    File
Filename         Size
ARIAL.TTF        65692
ARIALBD.TTF      66080
ARIALBI.TTF      71880
ARIALI.TTF       61656
COUR.TTF         72356
COURBD.TTF       78564
COURBI.TTF       84436
COURI.TTF        80588
SYMBOL.TTF       64516
TIMES.TTF        83260
TIMESBD.TTF      79804
TIMESBI.TTF      76452
TIMESI.TTF       78172
WINGDING.TTF     71052 

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