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= <span id="KB103600"></span>How Menu Events Are Handled by Windows &amp; Macintosh =
= <span id="KB103600"></span>How Menu Events Are Handled by Windows & Macintosh =

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How Menu Events Are Handled by Windows & Macintosh

Article ID: 103600

Article Last Modified on 10/15/2003


  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft FoxPro 2.6a Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q103600


When a menu popup is active, the operating environment's (Windows or Macintosh) event manager handles all events. This means that FoxPro will not be able to "see" certain events, such as ON KEY LABEL commands, so some code transported from FoxPro for MS-DOS may no longer work. For example, the following procedure will cause a wait window to display in FoxPro for MS-DOS but not in FoxPro for Windows:

  1. From the Command window, issue the follow command:


  2. Click any menu pad and leave the menu popup in the open state.
  3. When you press F8, the wait window will not appear in FoxPro for Windows because the key press was intercepted by the Windows event manager, not by FoxPro for Windows.

Note that the same behavior occurs for user-defined menus; it is not restricted only to the system menu.

NOTE: This behavior occurs in FoxPro for Macintosh when a menu popup is opened by using the shortcut key combination, for example pressing COMMAND+N to open the File, New menu dialog box.

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