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When DBLSPACE /UNCOMPRESS Removes DBLSPACE.BIN PSS ID Number: Q103556 Article last modified on 11-02-1993 PSS database name: O_MSDOS



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft MS-DOS operating system version 6.2

The DBLSPACE /UNCOMPRESS command removes DBLSPACE.BIN from memory after it has uncompressed the last mounted compressed volume file (CVF). If you have more than one mounted CVF and you uncompress one of them, DoubleSpace leaves DBLSPACE.BIN in memory.

DoubleSpace removes DBLSPACE.BIN from memory by deleting DBLSPACE.INI and DBLSPACE.BIN from the root directory of your startup drive and then removing any references to DBLSPACE.SYS in the CONFIG.SYS file.

If you have CVFs that are not mounted, DoubleSpace still removes DBLSPACE.BIN from memory and deletes the DBLSPACE.INI file after uncompressing the last mounted CVF.

To mount one of the remaining CVFs, you must copy DBLSPACE.BIN from the directory containing your MS-DOS files (typically C:) to the root directory of drive C and create a DBLSPACE.INI file.

For more information on creating a new DBLSPACE.INI file, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

create and dblspace.ini and alternative

NOTE: If you run MemMaker after you install DoubleSpace and then later remove DoubleSpace, run MemMaker after you remove DoubleSpace to optimize your memory use.

Additional reference words: 6.20 decompress double space

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1993.